Fundamentals Revisited

If it is a premise of fundamentalists,
whether Christian or Islamic or Devil Worshipers,
that Reason is bad, faith is good,
what could anyone reasonably say
that could not be unfaithful to good?

However, as I recall,
there is that oft-quoted Christian maxim
of Paul the Apostle:
faith without works is dead.
So there is good faith,
which works,
and bad faith,
which doesn’t.

So, if reason is bad
and good faith is discerned through good works,
then good work could only be unreasonable.
Yet I so doubt that a Carpenter from Nazareth,
or anyone who is trying to build anything positive
with cooperative and healthy intent,
would consider good outcomes unreasonable.

Why isn’t it more fundamental to believe that good faith produces good reason,
while bad faith leads to poor reason?
with poor, unredemptive outcomes,
ghettos of mystically terrified and terrifying despair
and anarchy of distrusts leading toward more ballistically active hatreds.

Why would any messiah worth the title teach otherwise?
Why isn’t this fundamental to Christianity?
Or, maybe it is but we have our language backwards.

Politically and economically cooperative and multiculturally inclusive Christians
are the hard working good faith fundamental
Basic Messianic Christians.
And, the pseudo-fundamentalist more rabid Evangelicals
are exercising their radically unreasonable absence of good co-messianic faith.

It amazes me about myself and those I love
that we have patiently tolerated this about face,
from “you will know them by their love”
to you will know them by their supremacist hate for other religions and cultures,
their self-congratulatory antipathy for communitarian political and economic beliefs,
their active mistrust of other racial and language characteristics,
other gender identities and proclivities and internal truths of good faith being
and integrative becoming.

If good faith without good works is radically dead,
then well-reasoned, healthy co-empathic trusting faith
is fundamental to ‘Earth’s multiculturing good faith systems,
like fertile seeds and eggs
growing into adult polypathic maturity.



2 thoughts on “Fundamentals Revisited

  1. Janet Tanner says:

    Jerry; This is one of your best pieces ever. I am going to have it framed as it puts into words what I believe. I am going to a graduation and send off party for my niece Audrey on Sunday. She is leaving for Scotland and the University of Edinburgh in Sept. and I am going to print it off to go in her card. I just got finished watching a couple of the speeches, including President O’bama’s and Tim Kaine from last night and they echoed the sentiments you wrote about in your piece. It was great to see you yesterday.



  2. Thanks so much. Good to see you and your poison ivy as well. Hope you like the REAR piece almost as much, although I have my doubts about that. Keep the fundamental faith as trust in regenerativity.


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