Woodland Lakes

Woodland lakes require making room for joy
and leaving rooms of gloom
for ruminating sadness
below reflecting forests,
where senses quickly fade toward death.

Making room for glad
baking lands of maddening sad
with wood fuels
released from trees
rooted in landscapes
emerging from seas of perpetual badness.

If positive polynomial polypaths
from woodland lakes for beauty
and repose
then so too
all notnot monomial monopaths lead to double negatives,
as time squared marches
to soft-lit tunes
and souls of woodland lakes;
where sad predicts glad
as bad follows good
as mad seeks balanced polypathic outcomes
floating on glass forested double-binding surfaces
of and with and in and under
as above lakes of woodlands.

Not truly seen
if not felt,
more fairly heard
when seeing
all this lake’s past waters
sinking up to down again
as sun spins round to set.
Woodland lakes
best heard and smelled
in tasty half-filled landscapes.


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