Sad Kindness

Neither happiness or sadness
can preclude each other’s continued personal
and economic,
and psychological,
and neurological potentiality

If only because sadness
has something to teach us
about happy health
and sad pathology,

About EarthCentric virtuous circles
competing with AnthroPrivileged vicious exploitation,

About this possibility of creative
and regenerative
v destructive
and degenerative
climate tensions,
chronic intentions
competing against
healthy win
wealthy wintegral attention

If only because MotherTrees
and other EarthFeminists
are not the only virtuous circling rings
slow-growing revolutionary spirals
capable of merging
restoring green justice Pleasures
in Eden’s MotherTree ReGenesis
of both win/win Health
and epic win/lose to lose/lose
Pathology of Extraction

Cannot preclude each other’s continued
restorative justice and green peace potentiality

If only because climate pandemic pathology
has something to social
economic win/lose distancing
teach us about happy anticipation v sad anxiety,

About win/win v win/lose ecopolitical strategy,
leftwing multiculture-valuing healthy global democracy
v rightwing monoculturing
straight white privileged
evangelistic AnthroSelf-righteousness

Sadly willing to compromise
current and future regenerations
of green resilient
global community,
co-passionately happy communication,
sacred communion.

Economic kleptocracy
hiding between anti-green libertarianism
and AnthroNationalistic Patriotism
sadly EarthBound unfreedom to commit fully
to Earth’s multiculturally
polyculturally healthy GreenPeace
and Freedom from rightwing fundamentalistic
win individualism or lose to interdependent socialism,

Ruminating unhealthy All or Nothing self-redemption stories
confusing disvalues for uniformity
with social values for unity,

Defaulting stuckness in debates
competing for military-industrialized supremacy
for resiliently strong values felt
within flowing interdependent dialogical waves
of pre-historically timeless
win/win values
for Whole EarthSystemic Patriotism

Still happily hidden
in dipolar co-arising apposition,
in-between positive wonder
and negative awe,
between economic potential
for global climate health
and local ecologically integrating,
multiculturally interdependent political wealth

Of gladness
for ecofeminist kindness
and not so many pandemic
patriarchal climates
of unhealthy
autonomously depressing
social distancing
left v right winged sadness.


Winter’s Time 2016

Winter’s time
and the livin’s not easy.
Snow plows humpin’
and my mouth is too dry.

Well, well, well, well, well
your daddy ain’t rich
and your wallet’s not cookin’.
So sleep little baby,
don’t you,
don’t you cry.

[Insert your own scat blues here. You didn’t think I was going to do all the work did you?]

One of these nightly days
We’re gonna’ rise up singin’;
We’re gonna’ spring our wings
and fly to the sky sky, sky!

And on that great gettin’ up mornin’
there ain’t nothin’ gonna’ stop us,
with Mother Earth
an Father Sun
and spinnin’ bye….

Ba-duh, ba-duh, ba-duh,


Dedicated to all the SADs, especially those working through Advent 2016, trying to keep your winterish cool about TrumpAdministration 2017.


Woodland Lakes

Woodland lakes require making room for joy
and leaving rooms of gloom
for ruminating sadness
below reflecting forests,
where senses quickly fade toward death.

Making room for glad
baking lands of maddening sad
with wood fuels
released from trees
rooted in landscapes
emerging from seas of perpetual badness.

If positive polynomial polypaths
from woodland lakes for beauty
and repose
then so too
all notnot monomial monopaths lead to double negatives,
as time squared marches
to soft-lit tunes
and souls of woodland lakes;
where sad predicts glad
as bad follows good
as mad seeks balanced polypathic outcomes
floating on glass forested double-binding surfaces
of and with and in and under
as above lakes of woodlands.

Not truly seen
if not felt,
more fairly heard
when seeing
all this lake’s past waters
sinking up to down again
as sun spins round to set.
Woodland lakes
best heard and smelled
in tasty half-filled landscapes.


Spring Rain Memories

On these warmer spring nights
we rock in our front porch swing
hearing rain gurgle through satiated soil,
dialects of liquid reflection
speaking about our day,
past days,’
future days of love,
surrendering to dark spring rain intimacy,
but a passing car
spraying wet exhausting whines of power
reminds me you are no longer here.

We speak through smiles
of how we would be
when we ruled our worlds
with less mediocrity,
yet sad you are not here
to hear
what we remember
in my head,
my body warm
against this spring wet breeze.

We hear our breaths
praising stars hidden beyond dark rain night
but resonantly singing soprano arias
while we breathe in to sing back and out together,
but you are not here,
within this future memory of us,
failure to appear
now as here with me
to feel your love
more than an echo in my porch swing mind.


Life Loving DualDark Night

Some days and nights
I am terrorized by death,
cold silo ache-echoing fear,
claustrophobic breathless dark
inevitable factness and finality
of my decomposing mortality,
and posthumous demise,
probably post-humorous as well.

What good is death
if it cannot at least absorb timeless entertainment?
even some recreational opportunities
with their concomitant issues
soaring through our DNA-syntaxed COOPERATE tissues.

On better days and nights
I am merely fearful
that I am already dying
by not choosing to live fully.

For my terrorist days and nightmares,
a message from Yin Speaks her feminist Truth,
I have earned my sadness
and depression,
my badness concomitants
gifts of Fear,
more primordial than mere anthrocentric Anger
about vanities of power.

I have earned my rights of anger
about this existential predicament,
this issue about our own inevitable mindbody mortality,
this opportunity to stretch my love of life cooperative muscles
for myself, just as I am,
incarnating all our sadness and depression
with all our competing terrors and climatic-dissonance repressions
of love-centric health
PreMillennially suboptimizing
as LeftBrain deductive-only
Yang temporal-syntax dominant
regenerative DNA-monocultural-normative trend

when we could choose more sublime poli-eco-colored Times
and Gods and Goddesses
of choice as ecoconscious light
Right PolyNomial Sacred Space as Time Her DualSelf.

Outlined in NotNot = LoseLose EcoSystemic Devolution
reverse dialectic-temporal
WinWin CounterRevolution, EcoLogic,
YinYin PermaMythic Tao’s wu wei,
++/(-,-) prime fractal Yang OVER YinYin,
CoOperative-ReGenerating TransParent DualDark
SelfOptimizing Continuous Quality Improvement Trends
predicting tellus polyalgae-rhythms,
reiterating river-trees of bilateral-neural function.

Well, anyway,
more about that whole PostMillennial History of Time
of eco-evolution as reverse double-bound revolution
co-gravitating equivalent dipolarity,
later, or earlier,
depending on whether we are already looking
into my future bicameral time travels
with Yang’s pen and right hand dominant language,
or not so much feelin’ that in your (0)-centric sad and suffering heart
of perpetual loneliness
and loss of hopefilled purpose.

But, back to politically competitive oppression
and our economic dis-ecological cognitive dissonance
about our self and other and Earth repression
of cooperative,
and yet surprisingly Trinitarian,
triple-bottom WinWin Line,
healthy economic/ecologic opportunities.

When I’m sad and depressed,
feeling repressed and or repressed,
that’s because I am not crazy
in a too-Yang dominant-deductive consciousness
now co-arising emergent political-economic global networks
of cooperative opportunities
co-echoing-conscious health and therapy vocations
bicamerally DNA with dipolar RNA syntax confluent
tipping our two eyes and ears
to hunt optimal mainframe WinWin Health
and Safety
and Equity CQI Outcomes,
new notnot impossibilities of hope,
empowered by divesting, starving,
decomposing LoseLose Devolution
MonoCultural Political-Fat
dissonantly, yet transparently, dipolar,
OverDrafting Earth’s EcoNormic Balance,
defined as love of health outcomes
equitable to full DNA/RNA spectrum of polycultured life.

It’s hard to hunt this bicameral balance
when my well-earned sadness
about self and other depression
oppressive repression,
stress of chronic dissonance
sparking global autistic-overpopulation
DNA-dissonating ecto/endo symbiotic
co-empathic political and economic feedback messages,

It’s time to turn increasing DNA rabidity around
to find more cooperative and grace-filled
WinWin healthy gifts and eco-normic opportunities.

It’s time to find each other
and give full-voiced co-empathic hope.
Hearing voices may be less crazy
and more polypathically functional
than not listening to our own voices
of permacultural and ecological healthy-reasons
for our seasons
of sadness and gladness
as LoseLose AND WinWin
as losing to win ecosystemic “healthy” balance
for Earth, and therefore RNA,
and therefore DNA’s further,
more cooperative
and graceful kinda’ endosymbiotic
positive-trending WinWin,
continuously reiterative positive Beloved
choosing both Internal with External
EcoCentric Voices.

Speaking of ecocentric,
Richard Dawkins speaks in my dominant Left mindbody voice
investing systemic, bionic, robotic analogies
for our shared exegetical consciousness
of evolutionary survival
as anthro-logically required,
and, if not continuing evolution,
then how would a robot
trend climatic devolution?

should that become anything
to do with LoseLose hierarchical-monocultural,
so that each EgoPlayer must choose
either Win or Lose
and is prohibited by Ego’s bicamerally self-blinding restraint,
repression, sadness,
suffering LeftBrain dominant environmental nurture,
temporarily blind to double-binding regenerative resonant  Both/And resolutions
ubiquitously copresent in fractal and double-octave functions and frequencies
of light as energy and sound and feeling and taste and touch…
to always prefer choosing Win to CoWin,
regenerating-revolving EcoRNA/DNA
confluently double-bound (0)-soul centric
political with economic and rational
Left-Right bicameral balancing
love as synergetic life.

When my mindbody will let me choose
more self-with-other,
wu wei life,
that is choosing empathic love,
so it helps to always try to choose it,
one CoPresent Conscious Moment
within timelessly unfolding grace of Time.

I don’t know about future or past,
but I do know I am at least sometimes
bicamerally eco-present
co-arising EcoGravitator
transparently and primally rooting
in P=N(NP)
ecosystemic dipolar-temporal neural
OCQI PermaCultural Integrity, or at least intent,
and diapraxis-trend,
of DNA-Love Left loves Healthy RNA Right
Regenerating C+,+/(-,-) Codex
(0)-soul 4D equivalent-fractal
co-empathic synergetic ecosystemic embryo,

Loving EgoMe as EcoOur and Earth’s future cooperative investments
more than past’s competitively monocultured poli-economic

Let’s see
probably a walk outdoors at 20-degrees windchill
while writing poetry in front of warm wood stove,
enjoying morning’s excellent bright late-February
glazing glare on snowy white exterior
from this interior RightBrain Balancing view
of love as health,
maybe some breathing and stretch,
less kickin’ ass,
with just a little open crack of one window
west and one east,
to embrace daytime co-empathic atmospheres,

Interior as Exterior polyculturing dipolar ecoconsciousness
of Time’s CoArising Dialects
for past with future diapraxis
and syntax,
rhythm with rhyming reasons,
like seasons of life
with dark as warm wisdom
to cold freezing dissonance of sad repressive

Point of Origin/Birth of LanguageLeft:
That whole LeftBrain DNA-language evolutioning branch research project,
emerging from Elder RNA-embryonic (0)-souled
polypathic health of Sun’s ReGeneration.

Results so far
project global DNA/RNA health-trend confirmed,
time to revolve Earth’s Ship
more cooperatively with polyculturally ecological outcomes
for minimizing climatic loss
of populations through ecosystemic disaster scenarios
for future DNA evaporate as N/A ReGenerative Potentiators.

Time to square root our Yin-nutrient flow,
thereby balancing our LeftBrain BiCameral Temporal-Neural
DNA/RNA Normative ThermoDynamic,
PermaCultural Trending Balance;
more resonant full-octave harmonies
of political past functions with eco-nomial regenerative positive futures.

To Be Present WINWIN polyculturing love
equal to NotNot become trapped
in either/or double-binding Win/Lose EgoCentric
unbalanced thinking
when ecoconsciousness of breathing balanced left with right,
this moment as all of time,
is all function time employed to recreate this Ego,
and the only function I regret to leave behind
so richly dense incarnated
beloved bicameral EgoMind.

What a fascinating ride,
surfing co-gravitating times and landscapes,
noticing tweeks and squeaks
terrified of climatic crimes against Earth’s future children,
speaking to PostMillennial WinWin regenerators.


Work and Play

Suffering and depression,
repression and suppression,
are monocultural yet environmental work;

While interdependent mania,
sublimation and enlightenment,
comprehensive consciousness,
are polycultural play.

They mutually inform,
ecologically balance,
mind with heart with lung’s full breath economy,
with healthy appetites for eco-optimizing values
across all senses,
blending beauty with knowledge,
taste with touch,
heartache with heart-full nest.


Celestial Courtship

Grace absorbs Western sun

beneath her dark fertility

to return with gratitude

when dawn embraces her,

yet again.


While Sky God watches us

watching Him

watching within

as she takes his measure

and He hers,

and this evening’s morning revolves

our Eternal Day.

Once more.


I asked her

knowing full well she can not,

must not, just not, talk,

what she would want more of

or less of

or is this question backward?


I want him more and always

to rediscover him

and therein myself


to what he wants is,

must be,

to never need to speak.

The answer to his wish

rises from your Easter,

radiating spectral crown,

to shine together West with East.


We seem to die

to fly together.



We seem to worry

about flying apart.

Less mindfully.


Laced Grace arrives too late each winter

and fades away too sad.

Her other Love needs more right now.

Sublime purgation, to recall with hope,

It’s just her time of year.