Children of ReGenesis

EcoPolitical Sons and Daughters and refining GrandChildren,
now becoming Second Generation PostMillennials,
are unprecedented in Earth’s history
of humane-breeding-breathing-self/conscious evolution/revolution.

Timelessly ambivalent
not only within their 4D Reverse/RealTime MindBody WinWin
EcoPolitical Cooperative
social/Nutritional Health Network to de-pathologize currently dissonant

But also ambivalently unprecedented
as our first maturing babies who will never feel or know
a climate healthy-wealthing future dream of MostLoved Hope,
paradise promise more optimally CQI-gold (0) RNA standard
more better than their too Monoculturally LeftBrain Dominant
PreMillennial Elders.

Now dying out,
out into our grandchildren’s
Great MultiCulturally Exegetical/eisegetical Cloud/Climate
of Regenesis UnUnKnowing,
deep learning polypaths toward past/future regenerate healing.


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