Cooperative Therapeutic Analysis

I’m sure it was Rob Brezsny, again,
who first pointed out to me
that Western psychoanalysts give priority to pathologies within family relationships,
while Eastern analysts, more embedded in philosophies of interdependence,
begin with what nurturing health dynamics we can find
within those same family relationships,
for it is these,
after all,
that we want to bring forward into our love development,
so we need not worry so much,
so we might in fact de-fuse the ballistics of repressive anger management,
suppression of fears about our inevitably mortal failures
with a healthier positive ecopolitical consciousness
of cooperative evolutionary natural norms and outcomes.

Family and more extended environmental paranoia pathologies
are the warp weaving through our mutually co-arising pronoia norms
of a healthy individual, family, and a functioning/dysfunctional society
enculturing future generations in how to deep learn from Earth’s goods
and deep learn what climate and landscape and relational pathologies
teach us about when and where healthy economics
negatively deviated from optimally wealthy,
multiculturally regenerative,
our enculturation of sacred ecopolitical
cooperatively interdependent
therapeutic interelationships,
evolving revolutionarily away from overly competitive LeftBrain dominant
Business As Usual as if this were always negative,
rather than, more helpfully, notnot yet positively balanced
toward a more multiculturally sustainable family, individual, and global eco/bio/geosystem.

Evolutionary acclimation of a species,
of a society,
of a family,
of an individual,
proclaims our interdependent historical enculturation.
Comprehensive pronoia analysis already recognizes
all living nature’s history witnesses and records internally metaphysical climates,
sensory feelings,
and physical exterior landscapes,
nondually co-arising reiterative revolutions together.

What feels like a profound pronoia revolution inside
our whirlwind of great paradigmatic enculturing climatic storms,
when analyzed from outside,
is also the new normal pro/para-normed day to day coop/(0)-sum compete acclimation balance,
karmic evolution of who we have become up to this day,
to be reviewed this time-empty dream-feeling ruminating night
of timeless from-within RightBrain decomposition
of LeftBrain from-without analysis of personal as environmental ethology,
purpose messages speaking from DNA’s recombinantly interdependent string of enculturing history,
separating out cognitive/affective dissonance
from cognitive/affective LeftRight confluence,
healthy primal relationship of ecopolitical thermodynamics.

Metaphysical thought,
like physical reality,
is measured with and against the cause/effect lattice network of time.
To know another is to sense another.
The essence of movement that we sense
we exegetically cognize as ecologically ethological ecopolitical
cause-effect-recause linear, but also cyclical,
regenerative up to some tipping point
analysis exploring risks of decompositional imbalance
of future healthy ecopolitical resource distribution and consumption
across our passage of health-devouring and pathology-absorbing time.

Abstractions of metaphysical analysis
work more symmetrically geometrically balanced and harmonic,
more rationally,
for group and game and evolutionary reiterative patterned-rhythmed models.
And with these
we forget our own, and other’s, and Elders’ compassionate hearts and mindbodies as health v pathology bicamerally enculturation biosystems,
each of us with a far too real-time passion for healthier,
more cooperative rules of legal and moral and ethical
and nutritional and healthy and fertile ecopolitical play.

Ego, in bilateral ecosystemic principle,
a self-regenerating (0)-sum economic and politically empowered nutritional flow potential Empty soul,
processor of time’s evolution toward health
and away from global pathologies
yet each ego also interdependent
within this WinWin healthywealthy organic purpose
within Earth’s healthy regenerate fertile deep learned meanings
of light with dualdark cosmology,
of uracil and thymine with double-binding cytosine
of positive ionic iconic c-squared light function with reverse double-binding dipolarity,
accessible to analytical decomposition of both reason and feeling,
empathic trust of pronoia,
understory to dyspeptic distrust of paranoia.

But, what is written across each natured mind
is also spoken midway across each hearted body,
that this fractured interdependent wholeness of Earth,
and our Ego-identity within these healthing/pathologizing subclimates of Earth,
is all together fully implicated within our (0)-sum organic ecopolitical analysis
of healthy ethological regenerativity,
actively hoping for fertile climates of and for positive solidarity outcomes,
predicated within our implicating (0) mindbody
inherited from Elders also doing their best
with interdependent-Left as empty/holonic-Right
bilateral-bicameral children of ecobalancing temporal climates,
pronoia normed landscapes and health-climates,
with paranoia cognitive-affective mistrusting dissonant understories.

White hats can only winwin
as full-harmonic octave light bright,
deep learning fertile recreations of Black hats.


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