GeoPolitical Landslide of Love

If there were no compassion for Donald Trump,
then he would not be where he is right now.

So, what would it mean to bury U.S. Trumpism,
not with the condemning verdict of not worthy
but rather worthy of better treatment
than to further empower ecopolitics of competition over cooperation,
as if this were more historically and exegetically conservative
within Earth’s regeneratively cooperative
more than degeneratively competitive
subclimates within organic health and security
histories of ecological creation story balance
and nutritional economics
and multiculturally empowering ecosystemic politics of pregenetic time.

To bury Trumpism with a landslide of love
for cooperative ecopolitics
from which Donald could enjoy more robust health
within our more resonant peace with ecojustice
Earth Climate Rights CoInvestment
of love for healthy wealth,
continuing to multiculturally and polypathically revolve,
transmillennially green through ultra-violet,
more acidic, cool, co-empathic,
better, more active, ecological listeners,
bicamerally cooperative discerners,
anticipating ecopolitical landslides of Left/Right cooperative love.


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