True and False Beliefs

believe in universal exemption
from Earth’s cooperatively resilient wealth
of resonantly-held holistic health.

at our best,
believe in universal redemption
with EarthMother and LoveFathers’
cooperatively gracious compassion.

at our most transcendent heights
and intimate depths,
believe in experiencing universal causation,
resonant correlations
of atoms and waves,
of staid matter and flamboyant energy
of space revolving place
and spiraling evolutions
causing effective sacred time:

Invested with transcendent
through intimate Earth,
natural vision
through spiritual listening,
polypathic thoughts
and caused by
polyphonic feelings.


A Realer World

When I’m preparing my garden
for the drama of planting
a multicultural communion
lovely above
and interdependently rooted below,
inside human voices
sound pre-occupied with unremediated mediocrity,
what does not richly nurture
what cannot deeply re-nature.

Non-violent communication,
like poetry,
and planting,
is about HOW co-relational win/win messages
therapeutically happen,
metaphorically co-arise consciousness.

Compassionate communication theory,
and love experience,
are about WHY co-relational win/win messages
are healthy-wealth optimizing,
and happen, and do not happen,
enough in each win/lose suffering
egocentric day
on anthrocentric mis-cultured,
distractedly inhumane
unreal Earth.

Whether our analysis is driven by compassionate communication
behavioral structure,
bilaterally supportive mindfulness,
or win/win bicameral game theory
or healthy/pathological custodial systems
regenerative opportunity/degenerative risk-avoidance analysis,
or co-relational left/right
ego/eco-recentering intervention technologies,

We all,
from west to east,
from north to south,
from left to right,
from day to night,
from green to ultra-violet,
from explicate to implicate,
from flower to root,
want to improve political and personal nutritional relationships,
opportunities for growing win/win robust consensus
and minimize toxic and high-risk absence of co-relational
supportive intent.

We all want to grow mindfulness
of intra- and inter-personal healthy communication
nondually present here with now.

Politically incorrect zero-sum competitive communication,
win/lose egocentric miscommunication,
and anthrocentric excommunication
cause global ill-being

Just as politically correct win/win EarthCentric communication
effects and affects
healthy well-being.

Whether in my real world garden,
or on my unreal gridiron.


GeoPolitical Landslide of Love

If there were no compassion for Donald Trump,
then he would not be where he is right now.

So, what would it mean to bury U.S. Trumpism,
not with the condemning verdict of not worthy
but rather worthy of better treatment
than to further empower ecopolitics of competition over cooperation,
as if this were more historically and exegetically conservative
within Earth’s regeneratively cooperative
more than degeneratively competitive
subclimates within organic health and security
histories of ecological creation story balance
and nutritional economics
and multiculturally empowering ecosystemic politics of pregenetic time.

To bury Trumpism with a landslide of love
for cooperative ecopolitics
from which Donald could enjoy more robust health
within our more resonant peace with ecojustice
Earth Climate Rights CoInvestment
of love for healthy wealth,
continuing to multiculturally and polypathically revolve,
transmillennially green through ultra-violet,
more acidic, cool, co-empathic,
better, more active, ecological listeners,
bicamerally cooperative discerners,
anticipating ecopolitical landslides of Left/Right cooperative love.


In Our Town

In my town
the spiritual warriors conjoined our nature conservancy advocates,
our homeless entertainers and mystics incarnated all the green organic dreams of the food righteousness brigade,
the eternal earth-day worshipers
began pilgrimage with gardeners and pet-owners and parents,
to establish a CoOperative County SelfInvestment Fund.

No additional costs to county tax-payers,
zero-interest loans are available on widely variable repayment terms,
including a combination of direct monetary and indirect sweat-equity value balance, in which everybody’s time is worth 20 tax-free dollars/hour.

joined cooperative networking hands with private individuals and corporations with retirement and insurance and other re-investable funds,
choosing to borrow from these funds to give (0) interest pooled loans to the CoOperative Fund
in lieu of paying real estate taxes directly into their local municipality.

This CoOperative Fund supports proposals to co-develop and ecotherapeutically design, plan, implement, evaluate and report nutritional v more toxic outcomes.
Proposals to join the emerging local cooperative economic and political network
of and for health, safety,
ecological healthywealth,
cooperative-rooted planning and repurposing recreative design,
communication and community development
WinWin compatible with private/public health policy and practice.

We have farmers teaching yoga and tai chi classes
in neighborhood police stations and senior centers,
the Boys And Girls Together All Lives and Deaths Matter Club.
Holistic artists work and play with therapeutic intent,
organic medicines,
including THC friendly climates and landscape designs.
We have community police advocating for community nutritional enrichment,
running programs for regenerative ecotherapies,
internal mind and body issues and ecopolitical concerns,
extended familial mind and body language
and communication therapies
and neighborhood dancers and writers and evolvers,
revolving together synergetically,
with multicultural integrative intent and healthywealth production outcomes.

All this, and much more,
supported by our CoOperative County Self-with-Other Optimization Fund
on behalf of regenerating health, including healthy climates,
including healthy ecopolitical climates,
and very much standing together in solidarity with all EarthTribes
against decompositional
mutually-immune distrust,
and other variations on pathological threads
of unraveling paranoid anthrocentric supremacist climatology.

We became bicycle and horse friendly towns
developing nondual Type A+B ClimateSupport attitudes
with stone-soup kitchen gospel and barbershop quartets,
homeless cooperative-incorporated street entertainment groups,
public plaza plays conjoining Agape with Eros,
proclaiming primal nurturing source and resources
at a full moon-time rally
celebrating nature-spirit harmonic Agape
as always embryonic evolving Eros.
Right timeless Brain is not so eternally timeless as to lose touch
with Earth’s mutually symbiotic transubstantiation
into love’s climax integrity,
Agape Left with Empty-Eros Pay Life Forward Right.

Jehovah Witnesses began intermarrying with Rastafarians,
mutually recruiting THC-worshipers
to join them and bring their vaporizing incense burners,
if they would be so kind.
They all have a much better time,
spiritual-climate positive; not so toxic,
and have been eating more organic healthier-wealthier too.
Jehovah has come back into and onto Green Organic Earth Gardens of Paradise,
once thought hopelessly lost to climate pathologies.

Wait til you hear their latest town council proposal
for improving ecopolitically regenerative climates
in our more CoOperative County.
Or don’t.
I’m sure you have your own better judgment,
swimming in cooperative exegetical health v pathology discernment
more socially cooperative economic and political ideas
for nurturing therapeutic multicultural climates of inclusion and love,
of mutual help,
and not so much mutual condemnation.






Ego’s Anthro EcoPolitical Powers

What we see and eat is who we are.
What we won’t see,
our ego’s becoming eaten up by time’s expiration,
is who we are not yet.

To grow ego-stretching out throughout space,
remember your very own DNA flows equivalently and coincidentally
and co-arisingly through each living cell of Earth.

And, to grow ego stretching back and forth
across bilaterally balancing time,
remember DNA/RNA’s rooted nutritional ecopolitical lineage of root systemic ecology,
biohistory fades back to fractal-light-squared greets dualdark cosmology,
and flares forward toward bicameral polypaths,
EarthTribe’s continuous organic
Continuous Quality Improvement
of economic-ecologic-analogic-algorithmic (0)-sum
cooperative health-care optimization.


Primal Questions

I was thinking about Eisenstein’s view of our relationship with Earth as a sacred economic relationship with Beauty and Health (although the latter seems to be largely implied, but is more explicit in Riane Eisler’s highly compatible thought and concerns and hope). At the same time the statement “There is no excuse for ignorance.” (Jamie Dunmore?)

A few weeks ago I had been thinking about debt using the icon of a mortgage on one’s primary residence, and comparing this to questions  we might ask prior to considering to enter into any domestic relationship, investment of time. Now I find myself wanting to apply these questions to prospective vocations, and decisions about how to invest my life in abundantly beloved eco-consciousness, rather than more ignorance.

So, in that context, I revisit these questions, and would love to know if you also find them helpful for vocational and domestic relationships as also sacred political and economic relationships:

Do I want to only look at new ones,
never been used,
or is that a too restrictive market,
too competitively priced
for virginity of place and relationship on Earth?
And, is such redemptively-intended virginity
an asset or a deficit,
in which ways?

Could I rather shop in a wider market,
someplace more gently used
and well-maintained,
someplace with smooth natural wood and stone,
rich in character
and not the smell of fresh acrylic paint,
when I could have wisteria and roses
lavender and mint
wafting through those big brown
or blue
or grey
or hazel door and window frames.

If this prospective relationship
does not bring sanity and health and pleasure and beauty
then is that not a contract violation
and time to be thinking about separation
so Self and Others can get back into our confluent market
for a better fit with this Time;
not a decade ago?

Have my needs
and wants
and preferences changed,
while my life partner’s and vocation’s may feel
boxed in,
no more room for additions,
lack of flexible floor plan,
too big or too small?

It happens.

Have I changed my definition of paradise
“beloved community”
is not who I am still investing in.
My fellow pilgrims, and places, and their path,
seem entrenched in incompatibility.
They have grown older,
more cracks in the plaster,
wear in the not-so-natural rugs,
missing some shingles on the roof.
Does the view from outside
look more like a weedpatch,
than my intended investment in paradise?

While shopping used expands your permacultural potential,
it also brings its baggage.
All that good and/or bad karma
yours for a down payment
but not always part of what you bargain for.
Did I ask if anyone had ever been murdered here,
or how many toxic fantasies cast their shadows?
Is this place/person service/product/plant
swimming in carcinogens,
tumorous habits growing mold under the roof?
What is prior experience with abuse,
deferred maintenance?

Do I have a right to know, to be informed? Could I ask prior co-habitors and contractors with a prospective position/vocation/place/person:

Why are the two of you going your separate ways?
Was this your decision or did it feel more like
your house/spouse/employer gave you no choice?
If it was your choice,
if you have moved on
to something more to your liking,
rather than merely running away
from a smelly situation,
then what does your current relationship
offer you
by way of contentment,
and peace,
with justice and beauty and health,
that is lacking in my prospective investment?

Perhaps there were reasons unrelated to your vocational satisfaction.
Maybe you couldn’t afford to stay any more?
Is this place/person high maintenance, do you think?
Too heavily taxing,
bleeding you through inflated costs of living,
dispossession of responsibility
and/or authority,
too much Win-Lose gaming?

Are there problems in the neighborhood/extended family
that I should know about?

Does the plumbing still work?

Are the lights on but nobody’s home?

Would you recommend your house/spouse/job
to your best in-the-market friend?
Why or why not?
What interior and exterior landscape and design issues
did you have?
What did you find were your interior and exterior relational strengths
for future development?
Knowing what you have learned
through your own investment experience,
who do you think would be the ideal partner
for this former place now in my face?

Too much information, or appropriate responsibility to be informed
of which economic and political incarnations we embrace?



This is to That

History’s regeneration is genetic culture’s re-creation.

Psychology’s positively rehabilitative health,
is political science’s and economic’s cooperatively repurposing wealth.

Philosophy’s metaphysics is systemically exegetical
polycultural outcome teleology,
as religion’s spiritual methodology
is super-ecologic
binomially nondual co-arising
autonomic RNA-syntaxed
intuitive temporal-spaciated intelligence.

Permaculture Design’s polycultural climaxing biosystem
is Community Economic Development’s Beloved Trade Guilds
and Historical-Cultural Communities
of regeneratively self-optimizing health and wealth.

Regenerative optimization is permacultural recreational vocation
as ego purgation fuels eco-normative sublimation.

Light is dark at night
as white is absence of black by day.

You are part of me right now
if I was part of you
when This became That
which you understand.

This revolution of gravity’s co-prehension
is that recycle of co-arising nonduality.

This is also That
as Yang’s empowerment explicates Yin’s bilateral flow of time
we regeneratively recreate.


Synergisms of Integrity

What exactly is the primal and primary permaculturist’s agenda?

To optimize ecological health
endosymbiotically and ectosymbiotically,
both within and without,
yet nondually;
two Yang/Yin
faces of our universal permacultural love project–
sometimes rather loosely called “human nature.”

There is nothing even the most ruthless sociopath could do
to stop this evolutionary advent,
because this positive health culture
emerges from competitive monocultural Business As Usual
as day emerges from night,
as summer springs forth from winter’s dual-dark purgation
of matter synergizing energetic root systems,
decomposing regenetic folds of time’s co-arising gravity.

Ego is my local environment
struggling to breathe within ecologos,
balancing nature-systems.

Consistent reiteration of gratitude
for each breath
and heart beat
and thought or silence
co-arises cosmological synergy;
Endo- within ecto-symbiotic
positive evolution.

An articulating economy of love
grows co-arising generosity as stimulant,
with gratitude as uniting response.
This metasystemic stimulus-response
as generosity-gratitude
establishes a positive double-binding trend
toward polyculturally inclusive outcomes.

Effective permaculturists produce self-optimizing
polyculturally beloved outcomes;
binomially systemic,
and positive psychological.

Being against eco-integrity
is like being for ego-hypocrisy;
it just doesn’t happen in nature.


Positive Psychology Practice

Today we hear Positive Psychology is hot.
To not agree is to be both negative,
and a snot;
too cognitively dissonant
and dino-snore-a-lot.

When your loved one tells you,
for the thousandth time,
“You never listen to me”
you have been invited to a challenge
of double-binding negativity.

You will not find it helpful to respond
that you often listen,
quietly disagree,
and proceed along your positive intended way.

Your family bond will not grow ripe with healthy wealth
by responding
“I hear, listen, consider your dissonant perspective,
and find it unpersuasive that I should change
to join your comparative insanity.”

How much simpler all these positivist ‘ologys,
logic and its logos mythic roots, would be,
if Einstein’s Theory of Relativity
had been called something more operatic,
like “PolyTheorem of Relationality.”

How many deeper roots would feed Positive Psychology
if we could understand Positive functions
of Cognitive Dissonance,
if we could find Full-Live MetaSystem
surrounding Half-eviL Reverse-Temporal-DecaySystem,
learn contention knocking on contentment’s door of awareness,
learn longing’s silent scream for belonging bicamerally balanced.

We listen with our Cognitively Dissonating Deductive Left,
but we health-hear with our Positive Self/Other Inductivizing Right.

Sanity begins where insanity leaves off.
Rational minds work to retain coincidental confluence,
bi-reiteratively multisystemic Relational Balance.

Dr. Jaynes’ bicameral balance
meets Mr. Bucky’s polypathic Universal Intelligence,
Synergetics translated into relational self/other integration.

Co-arising coherency of Right-Left self-consciousness
embraces cognitive/affective dissonance for deductive purposes,
while cognitive/affective Right-brain confluence
conjoins Positive Psychology with Positive Deviance Theory
to sum our squares and Fullerian cube roots and forming systems,
Zero-Sum ecological Win-Win therapeutic harmony,
economic equivalent gift-it-forward life transactions
of nutrient healthy wealth
of superconsciousness.

EcoTherapy is Positive Psychology’s mutual mentoring praxis
of Permaculture Design,
with intent toward Climax Beloved Community optimization,
sustainable for at least Seven Generations of Earth’s DNA/RNA life.

ReGenerating revolutionary recycling systems
articulate Universal Intelligence
of Bicameral DNA/RNA temporally unfolding fractal-harmonic syntax.

including humane nature,
information, evolves DNA, thus Elder RNA-rooted, code
as Prime Perennial-Fractal,
the four seasons of Alpha-Omega Point reasons.

Elder Right temporal brain function
reaches back to RNA’s static/synaptic
chronic/critical ecological paradigm of consciousness,
deep coincidental learning,
co-arising ecological paradigms of intelligence,
stimulus-response as before-after gestalt dynamic
positively induced development,
health as wealth,
synergetic integrity of thermodynamic balance,
permacultured design and resolution
of growth and development cycles
and recycles
evolving Beloved,
out of cognitively dissonant “still-not-colistening”,
Communities and Guilds.

All this wealth of information
hiding inside the Emperor’s outside-in-visible deductive clothes,
turning inside-out and upside-down
toward co-balancing integrity,
deferred mutually subordinate dominance,
of Left-Yang’s deductive power
conjoining Right-DoubleYin’s inductive flow,
co-arising Positive/Negative confluent/double-dissonant

“Yes dear, I am listening
both to you and to my self,
still learning how we can both win
love’s game of positively cooperative life.”


Bicameral Gratitude

OK class, now listen up and down,
in and out,
said Professor Fuller Watts,
professing political philosophy 404.

We begin with a deductive
object lesson,
then spread out across inductive intuitive
universal information and self-governing intelligence,
of co-mentored gratitude.

I will speak in bipartisan political language
because it shouts at us, all too familiar,
but I have an underlying assumption
that each of us has some Republican
and some Democrat within our veinish minds
and hearts and lungs,
and all those other organic parts.

Our Republican nationalistic patriotic side
leans toward universalism,
just as our bipolar Democratic global citizen side
leans toward unitarianism.

Party leaders want us to believe
we cannot have our peacefilled cake
and eat balancing economic political justice too,
which may help them pay their mortgages
but does not help me or you.

To my Republican dominant friends:
You continue not beating yourselves up
for unhealthy chronic economic dissonance
within Earth’s potential for interdependent nutritionally sustainable outcomes,
to retain your Business As Usual dislogic,
irrational economic sub-optimization standards
for measuring this quarter’s success,
to sustain high-risk monocultural design assumptions,
killing our collective national and global future
for our species
and most other organic subsystems
within this Polyculture Tree of Good and Reverse-Temporal eviL.

To my Democratic unitarian co-mentors
with mutually messianic intent:
You continue beating yourselves up
for redemptive healthy cognitive-affective-intuitive
about balancing Yang with YinYin,
competing appositions within Win-Win logistics,
still disharmonizing your republican universalist anthems
with your democratically unitarian psalms.

In the election year we refuse to choose
Republic or Democrat
and insist on balancing both
within our interior bicameral landscapes,
and ectosymbiotically,
as our exterior bicameral universal-unitarian landscape,
we will more intelligently pursue policies and procedures
reflecting polyculturally inclusive development
rather than a competitive,
self-marginalizing monoculture of supremely ludicrous speciation.

As we learn to balance our Republican Yangish Left hemispheres
with our Democratic YinYin Right hemisphere’s double-bound unitarianism,
we emerge more authentically as mutually benign parasites
nurtured by one nondually co-arising,
organically self-organizing
holistic iconic Host.

Now, stepping back to Universal Principle of Thermodynamic Balance:
embodied (republic) Universe is also incarnate (democratic synergy) In-Formation,
bicamerally “self” conscious
as Universal Intelligentling Thanksgiving Time.

Our DemoRepublic Species
eats and senses healthy-wealthy nutrients
through nondual-transparent ergodics
of DNA eisegetics
dancing to RNA’s temporal-fractal exe-genesis.

If Republicans have cornered the monocultural market
on Polynomially deductive information,
then Democrats’ optimal healthy-wealth
is Not-Not Polynomial Polycultural Balance,
a bipartisan political field party
serving only organically and locally enthymematic economics
and politically grateful graceful relationships.

Note: This piece combines the philosophy of Alan Watts with Buckminster Fuller’s synergetics, especially his teleological metaphysic of Universal Intelligence, as iconized by RNA/DNA fractal-syntax of nature’s self-regenerative cooperating gratitude for life, including decay, perhaps as reverse-sequential; information, including ex-formation; both positively and negatively ionic energy.