Peppa Pig’s Dilemma

Peppa Pig started a Secret Club revolution.

When Poppa Pig asked her what she was up to,
she violated her Secret rule
because she could have no politically fun Club
if her Secret began and ended only within.

Poppa Pig resonantly responded
as did her entire community of family
and their extended outward friends,
they had each secretly longed to belong
within some Secret Club
for self-and-other empowering recreation
just among their Secret ruling selves.

Peppa’s dilemma, however,
after everyone knew her Secret admission word,
was in what sense could they sustain their Secret Club
with only this one, now shared, Secret
as accessible as youtube.

Yet, forced to choose priorities,
she, as Yin is multiculturally inclined to flow,
instinctively saw and knew
a universally inclusive Club
with one shared integrative Secret love
was as abundantly happy belonging
as a hot pig jumping in cool mud puddles
with her not-so-secret piggy Club.


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