Love Vacuums

For this eternal moment,
setting aside imagined barriers
between ecopolitical empowerment
and psychological health,
indulge in this deeply rich Thought Experiment
that the multicultural empathic trust of cooperative WinWin strategic diplomats
is also the compassionate love of co-redemptive bodhisattva saints.

It may become resonantly transparent
why perfect love of multicultural regenerativity
cannot sustain within a toxic climate
of survival of the fittest,
competing WinLose evolutionary revolution models.

Perfect co-mentoring love
cannot exist in a vacuum
for the same reason that naturally evolving ecosystems
abhor vacuums between polypathic energies,
co-sympathetic enculturing truths
with symmetrically ionic, iconic, beauty.

Perfect love is bionically double-bind co-messianic,
cooperatively co-mentoring dipolar,
or it cannot be perfected
as Yang light with dualdark notnot Yin’s ecological flow
of WinWin regenerating health.

Love cannot be returned away empty,
unfulfilled with longing for promise of fertility
unless also absorbing a pathological vacuum,
absence of co-empathic trust abundance
sufficient for this moment,
this day,
this life,
this regeneratively living Earth,
still grasping through pathological climates
of love’s polypathic absence.


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