Rating the Facts

Not that anyone asked,
but it does seem to me
that Donald Trump overrates himself as an effective politician
more than Merryl Streep is overrated as an effective political actress.

And, while we’re responding to self-glorifying tweets,
perhaps we might recall
that Merryl Streep can not so easily be dismissed
as merely angry because her Clinton candidate lost,
because in fact her candidate’s public vote ratings
were higher than Donald Trump’s
except in the Electoral College,
which was originally established
just in case a too-democratically uninformed public
might elect a Presidential candidate
who is also an egotistically unhealthy bully.

So, tallying up all the politically empowering votes
about actors and actresses,
my numbers declare Clinton and Streep the more cooperative WinWinners,
and Trump and the Electoral College the less competitive WinLosers,
on a scale of what is good and wise for present and future generations,
as informed by the Original Intent of past political generations.


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