Home Running Ego

Ego is the label psychology gives us
to describe our ecoconscious experiences,
those cooperatively-nutritionally regenerative
of climate health,
internal and external climates and landscapes and networks,
and those competitive-dissonant degenerative of embodied climate health,
internal as externally devolving,
decaying RightBrain-Body feelings
and LeftBrain-Body worded ego-centric thoughts
of embodied ecoconsciousness,
internal as external confluent
without ‘ego’ off-centering competing preference,
without attachment to ego empire building,
0-sum unworded interdependent polypathic awareness,
internal ego-forming as externally informed,
beginning with RightBrain-Body formation,
empathic trust dominant
within matriarchal nutritional paradise
of embryonic climate health.

Eco emerges Ego through our Exodus from Eden
birth canal emergence into Earth Tribe
regenerating/degenerating Earth’s climate health.

Ego health begins and ends
with developing regenerate cooperative contentment
in our own interdependent languaged thoughts with feelings skin,
spinal cords…

To grow a healthy Ego
is to becom polypathically ecoconscious of climate therapies,
internal and external,
ecologically symbiotic.

is a word evolutionary theory gives us
to regenerate theology of transubstantiating meaning,
sacred ecological purpose
toward abundant multicultural climates
of interdependent ecopolitical health.

Ego LeftBrain words and economic and political thought
and practice, practice, practice,
emerge from Elder RightBrain ecoconsciousness
to become more cooperatively nondual co-arising flow
karmic climate health consciousness.

Ego is a label for ecoconscious nutritional trust,
and lack thereof,
in cooperative economic and political experience.


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