Wedding Questions


Yes, dear.

When a woman and a man get married,
why does the woman traditionally stand on the man’s left,
rather than his right?

Most men are LeftBrain right hand dominant.
So they’re used to keeping that hand free
of unfortunate encumbrances.

You’re not very nice.
That couldn’t possibly be right,
or left, for that matter.
More likely they keep it free to take care of themselves
especially if they’re getting married for the first time.

Or the second, or the third…
But, how is that different from what I said?

So, when two guys or two women get married,
how do they know which one stands on the left
and which is on the right?

Maybe they flip a coin.

Would heads, then, stand on the right
and tails on the left?

why do you think I would have the first clue?
Honestly, I suspect it has taken them so long
for us to be OK about how they untraditionally lie down together
that nobody, except you, is yet even wondering
how they should stand up together.


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