Adam and Eve

It remains my tightly held Health and WellBeing intention,
for the good of me,
but for everyone, eventually,
to continue to Win now,
although I realize this requires further Loss of and by Others
who may justifiably feel Earth’s survival of the fittest
has boxed them into unfit margins of unnecessarily pathological health and not-so-wellbeing.

Even so,
and here I remain RightBrain disappointed
to the extent I can LeftBrain see your eyes at all,
or even Right and LeftBrain hear you
with my Ego/Eco-Conscious sensory imbalance,
I require your forbearing patience with my trickle down theory,
my Win Wealth Now for your Health-WellBeing Later.

Didn’t your mamma raise any kids who survived?
Take your conservative elitist MeNow-YouLater WinLose attitude,
and try again with some of mamma’s progressive health-nurturing bicameral flow,
Left and RightBrain WinWin confluent,
at least try to remember your ecological balance point of Original Intent
through cooperative struggling with,
and not all your BigMan competitive struggling against,
my Elder healthnetwork root-feeding system,
trickling up toward your BigMan branches.

Nutrients can trickle down to the Earth you wipe your BigMan feet on
only if,
more primordially and embryonically and phylogenically,
and agapically and erotically,
healthywealth trickles up cooperatively
from my richly composted nutrient root system
of polypathic-organic ecopolitical WinWin all the time,
for this generation
as for past
and for future Original Continuing Revolutionary Intent
for and from and of and about and why
and what and when and where and how of
EarthTribe’s Family AppleTree,
and not so much Win BigApple Biceps
ignoring your own truly conservative
Health and WellBeing root systemic death.

Well, excuse me.

For what?

For trying to overpower your trickle up
with my trickle down.

You still don’t get it, honey.
But I see you are trying–
and deep learning effort counts here in Eden’s potential cooperative.

That sounded condescending.

Well, excuse me.

For what?

For trying to trickle up OUR Left-Right ecosystem of consciousness
while you were still WinLose LeftBrain dominantly trickling down
your survivalist wisdom.
But, honestly,
isn’t it about time we turned our survivalist evolution
toward thrivalist WinWin Left-Right EquiValent Revolution
of and for this HealthyWealth Apple Tree,
and our and it’s self-regenerative Earth-forest?

Are you talking about Eden’s need for some ecotherapeutic landscape design,
or are you just bitching about our sometimes struggling and suffering climate?

Adam, dearest,
you are the EitherOr guy,
I am the BothAnd WinWin Eve
of EcoFeminist EcoPolitical Left-Right Balance,
still trickling up.

Yeah, sorry,
I think I lost my trickle down WinLose concentration for a minute.

No problem.
Shit happens.


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