Trickling Down and Out Theories

Those of us living in the USA
too often hear Republican capitalist dogma
of The Great Trickle Down Theory,
in which those who have most
must get more first
so they can hire more who have least,
although perhaps not with living wage
and preferably without health care if at all feasible,
to spread this centralizing wealth around
so we can become better day and night consumers
of all the thneeds and trinkets offered in exchange
for our enslaving rented lives.

And so it was with raised eyebrows
I heard Donald Trump explain
to us unwashed and un-self-insuring masses,
that he paid so very little income taxes
because it is his sacred duty
to himself
his family
and his stockholders
and incorporated co-investors
to pay as little tax and operating fees as legally possible
so there is more to hoard,
and less and less to trickle out.

So, I guess this carries some tension
with Trickle Down,
becoming, more accurately,
The Not-So-Great Trickling Out Theory
of richest capitalist hoarding.

But, just in case you are listening, Donald,
which I know you are not,
but maybe some more responsible Republican employer,
I am quite sure that Wharton never spoke this lie
that you have any legal, much less moral, obligation
to retain as much wealth as possible
to re-invest in further corporate greed
to act as little trickling out as possible
while speaking in loud nationalistic patriotic
Trickle Down and Out!
to all us little people,
preferably after this year’s self-congratulatory pay out,
made possible by all us humble caregivers
opening your doors for tips
and cleaning your several stressed toilets,
where only yellow and brown
too slowly trickle down.


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