Natural Spiritual Consulting

Hello, dear Eldest Son,
and what are you feeling entitled to today?

CliffNotes on Christianity.
You mean like Christianity for Dummies?

No, no aspersions intended.
I’m wondering…
Maybe some context would help.
Why are you asking about Christianity?
I mean,
other than your totally secular development
and your absence of any sacred fertilization.

Yes, well,
we do have that not small problem of evil
despite our omnipotent God.

Omnipotent. Like polypathic is to omniscient,
polyculturing outcomes are to omnipotence.
Radically and profoundly and resonantly powerful.

Polyphonic to omnipresent…
I’ll think about that.

So, yes, i guess my own big take-away from Christianity
is the Holy Spirit is also Gaia.
Just two different names
for one shared holonic regenerate nature-spirit
of co-intelligent evolution revolutions.

No, that’s about it.
Once you catch on to Holy Spirit
as matriarchal Earth Goddess
nurturing regenerative bilateral-temporal flow,
you can just map Christianity
onto sacred ecology,
and vice versa,
and whatever doesn’t seem to fit
probably got added on by some benighted council of patriarchs

What about God the Father?

Well, who would be Father to Earth Goddess?

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking too.
Earth was born of Father Sun,
and then these two mess with each other
and next thing you know
people come along to make up romantic stories
about photosynthesis
is like breathing
if you have leaves
or healthy bicameral lungs
and heart
and mind.

Sure, no problem.
you really didn’t call to ask for money?

That’s what I thought.
How much this time?


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