Golden Health Priorities

For Trumpians
our multiculturally celebrated Golden Rule
applies first to Ego
then to immediate white privileged family,
then to wealthier gated community,
then to a more rabblous Republican Party,
then to USA nationalists
European predative culture idolaters
mistaking capital-inspired Manifest Destiny
for sacred DNA theology,
then to fallen Earth,
if there is any gold left over
after all that strained dispassion,
divestment fatigue
stretching out from entitled EgoCenters.

For Green Party contemplatives,
the Democratic Golden Rule
is first celebrated with,
then applied to, planet Earth,
then all Her sacred EarthTribes,
then to humanity, alive,
and yet to arrive,
then to cooperatively co-invested local community,
then to extended family,
then to nuclear family,
then interdependent Ego,
should there by any radically inclusive Golden Rule energy
left deductive
and right inductive
to regeneratively,
win/win bicamerally, share.


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