Brother River

For a Taoist,
rivers and their valleys
are iconic
ecowomanist yintegrity,

Yet St. Francis feels rivers,
but probably not their embracing valleys,
as Brothers.

As the River running through my backdoor life
flows from northern right
downstream to southern left,
I remain nondualistically of two minds,
and probably all transinsurrections
in and out between

River waters flowing
and valleyed land supporting
gender specific identities

I cannot realistically experience upstream
from down,
or flow from strong stability
toward this River’s mouth
emptying into nonviolent surf
progressively surging forward
and regressively back

From overflowing ocean sources
refilling MotherEarth’s support
for stable
and resilient,
and intimate health care

TransGendered systems for all
Brother/Sister sacredly bilateral
spiritual strength
flowing naturally down
and out,
redeeming up
and in

Taoist interdependent rivers
and their intersectional valleys
flowing deep sea green


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