ReGenesis Vocation

In memory of Kathleen Brennan, Hartford, CT

This is my farewell, never goodbye; the one I might have said had I been more honest with myself about losing you, more generously inviting conversation about what we learned from, and loved within, each other. I so wish I could redeem our last time alone on your beach by imagining what I could have said, and what you might have said to me.

Your radiant light lives on in my daily memory, your immense smile, red-cheeked belly laugh, your compassion for those we have too easily left out and behind, discarded like baby carrots thinned and nakedly wilting in early spring because we intentionally planted our seeds for over-population.

I learned to see your maternal rhythms and resonant care as a sublimely natural liturgy of humane song and dance, graceful flow and mindful heart beat movement, pace, silence, peace, protest, witness, embrace, loving kindness.

To this day, twenty years later, I both long for your return and belong to our continuing incarnation, informing through your regenerative intimacy.

I am dedicating this ReGenesis Project to your memory. My heart learned the love as nutrition part from you. And, I sense you already apprehend, in some eternal intuitive way, that I’m still working on the faith and willingness parts emerging for our permacultural adventure opera.


ReGenesis Project

Mission Statement

ReGenesis Project’s vocational purpose is to develop optimal natural systemic improvement for Self, Other, and Earth Care by inviting mindfulness as permacultural therapeutic orthopraxis.

Vision Statement

ReGenesis Projects cooperatively design, live, and sustain a global Climax Community multisystemic polyculture.

Each individual self-identifies as a potentially thriving ReGenesis Project.

Each cooperative community and enterprise adapts, evolves, and resolves Optimal Continuous Quality Improvement (OCQI) Permacultural Design and Development standards, policies, procedures, economies, interdependent relationships of solidarity, and self-governing structures of mutual mentoring subsidiarity to sustain Earth’s full diversity of life for at least 7 generations.


Permacultural Therapeutic Orthopraxis: living fully, loving healthy enculturation, with cooperative and regenerative intent.

Enculturation: diastatic, ionically balanced (“climaxed”) yeast, or manna, or way, or truth, or life, or Tao, or synergy; entirely your choice of synonyms.


Dearest Gerald Oliver

Thanks so much for your kind and generous thoughts and wishes.

You continue to sound like a young adult version of Oliver Twist to me.

You believe we must find a way to accomplish anything, if we would just imagine in a richer way.

You uncover advantages in incubating a marginalized orphan-parasite with Poor Farm credentials.

You too seldom hesitate to ask for even more, but in an endearingly dense polypathic way.

K. B.


Angelic Loss

Where is the boy

who laughs at rain,

stares past grey clouds

wandering why so blue

our sky

our sea-salt tears

of sense-filled pain?

Where is this boy?


He never said goodbye.

This boy went on to make his way alone.

He had no choice

or so he thought

with stardust gray bright eyes.


Where is this man

whose passion cries with pain

for who we could be,

should be?

Where is this redeemer

who stares past sun

wondering why so black

behind each face

of human place

sleeps deep inside with strain.


Where is my place,

my time in space

to see your eyes

glint through dark clouds

to wrap your face in mine?


When is our time

to rise with shining blue night song,

to dance our way toward where we were

before we lost our minds,

to when we were a white cloud day

to  play our work

and work our play.

I loved our eyes

that laughed at rain because we had each other.


Where is that man who was a boy

whose place was time

we could not spend forever?

He flew apart with wings outspread

too young to learn we only fly together.


If we could stop this time to live apart,

I’d find a place where time could find you

holding us forever;

through time to fly

and then to die to fly again



Dedication: for Jerome, and boys who love angels