Right Mind Solstice

If Left MindBody is the iconic foot of language
and resolutions,
whether for a new year
or for a new day,
then Right MindBody may emerge an ionic footprint,
syntax for regenerative language
as resonance of positive love feelings
and negative anger and fear and hate and anxiety empathic feelings.

Right mind sees and hears and feels and feeds on individuating Presence,
where Left mind domesticates,
lists and catalogs independent Persons.

Right mindbody enters a balancing
holy threshold boundary
of insane voices
angry about ego’s past,
afraid for both ego and Earth’s future
and for this Universe
as embryonic nest or “heaven”
of Earth,
potentially and therapeutically Beloved
and Climaxing
physical-natural organic, Heaven on Earth.

Afraid ego will not have sufficient time
to complete our HeavenlyEarth assigned
co-messianic vocation;
but also, doubly,
boundary thresholding

toward loving mutually empathic Presence
of, in, by, through co-relational Present,
co-arising eco-gravitationally systemic regeneration
for our universal
and yet polyculturally uniting-inviting love
of timeless NOW.

Here lies Right mind’s narrow path of empathic Presence,
between fear of fear’s fractured future
and anger’s anvil of past discontent.



Rigging a Zero-Interest Zen Game

If you rigged this evolutionary Game of Life
as if it were Win-Win Polyculturally Universal Love-Love
[so LoveSelf = Love Other is
Interior-Secular Ego = Exterior EcoEarth-Sacred
Identity = NotSelf SpaceTime-Other/EgoSelf]
then wouldn’t you tend to think of life
as a (0)-soul-Zen Basic Attendance polypathic
timeless ego-as-ecoholonEarth Way
to invite all participants
to arrive at our Climax of EcoConsciousness Advent
together, co-arising,
rather like uncovering that last turned-upsidedown card
in a game of solitaire
with a fully proximate-first-act self-optimizing Win-Win ReSolution,
when you suddenly comprehend
“We have won!”
because each card won one of the correct placement positions
allowing us to line up all our suits and paradigms,
as if with full intent and will
of each co-informing card
regenerating revolving order from what appeared to be random chaos.

No card can win alone
in right relationship with a full deck
each will declare Beloved Global Cooperative Community!!!
(at last…at last…our time turns!)
but only as all racing species resolve and resonate,
co-emerge our Advent
ReVolutioning EcoSolidarity
as one Earth Tribe of CoOperative Solidarity.


Professor Gorey’s Sound Bytes

Professor Gorey
always had a story
filled wit guts and grim
til most folks around these parts
those with their full share of smarts
asked her where she finds her glory.

Grim Reaper
is not my heart’s keeper
and I thank you so for asking
just what I see as our life tasking,
to face our fears as permanent sleepers.

Professor Gorey
how could your story
of climatic strangulations
and cataclysmic slaughter of multiple reiterations
do other than make us snorey?

Story can wake you up
if you drink them with half-filled inductive cup
rather than gulping with competition
while choking on potential cooperation
between what’s contracting down while expanding up.

What is this mystery
we cannot see?
of breathing ego down while eco-up,
soothing prickly cats by playing gooey pups,
confusing what might become
with how we choose to be?

You’ve asked me well
so I must tell,
my gory mystery
of permaculturing history
is what makes my regenerating health so swell.



This piece plays with Alan Watts’ idea that there are two human cultural typologies, in mutually co-arising relationship. Pricklies are competitive-reductive dominant, following Win-Lose Gaming logistics, meaning that if I win then everybody else can lose, if they so choose, that is their business, and none of mine. Gooeys are cooperative-inductive dominant, following Win-Win Gaming logistics, meaning that if I win then everybody else might also be able to win, if they so choose, that is our business together, and We are larger Me.

Much of my economics-as-ecosystem work combines this observation with Julian Jaynes’ theory of the bicameral brain, where Left-ego-center hemisphere plays the role of Prickly, while Right-eco-center hemisphere plays the role of dual-transparently reiteratively balanced (the opposite of cognitive dissonance) DNA-fractal-gooey Elder AnaLogic as EcoLogic. This offers an internal landscape understory of why we notice what we notice through the lens of Positive Psychology, why positive balanced lifestyles, rich in healthy relationships, lead toward optimally regenerative happiness and fully-lived, enriched and enriching, cooperative lives and lifestyles and neighborhoods, and extended families, and tribes, and cultures, and other positive-polycultural information systems, inclusive of digital and binary QBit/8-Byte Octave reverse-hierarchical cooperatively double-bound logic-default Win-Win Gaming systems.

And I agree wholeheartedly with Charles Eisenstein that this cooperative Win-Win ecological economic human-natured game we unfold is sacred in its most cooperatively developed regenerations. and reiterations.


Synergisms of Integrity

What exactly is the primal and primary permaculturist’s agenda?

To optimize ecological health
endosymbiotically and ectosymbiotically,
both within and without,
yet nondually;
two Yang/Yin
faces of our universal permacultural love project–
sometimes rather loosely called “human nature.”

There is nothing even the most ruthless sociopath could do
to stop this evolutionary advent,
because this positive health culture
emerges from competitive monocultural Business As Usual
as day emerges from night,
as summer springs forth from winter’s dual-dark purgation
of matter synergizing energetic root systems,
decomposing regenetic folds of time’s co-arising gravity.

Ego is my local environment
struggling to breathe within ecologos,
balancing nature-systems.

Consistent reiteration of gratitude
for each breath
and heart beat
and thought or silence
co-arises cosmological synergy;
Endo- within ecto-symbiotic
positive evolution.

An articulating economy of love
grows co-arising generosity as stimulant,
with gratitude as uniting response.
This metasystemic stimulus-response
as generosity-gratitude
establishes a positive double-binding trend
toward polyculturally inclusive outcomes.

Effective permaculturists produce self-optimizing
polyculturally beloved outcomes;
binomially systemic,
and positive psychological.

Being against eco-integrity
is like being for ego-hypocrisy;
it just doesn’t happen in nature.


Bending Nature’s Bow

The way of Heaven,
Is it not like the bending of a bow?
The top comes down and the bottom-end goes up.
The extra is shorted, the insufficient is expanded.
(Laotse, “Bending the Bow,” pp. 305-6, 1942, Modern Library, Lin Yutang, ed.)

The way of economic paradise,
is it not like the bending of a bow?
The top comes down as the poverty-end goes up.
The fattest are shortened,
as the insufficient expand.
It is the way of Beloved Community
to take away from those upstream, with too much,
by mutually giving those without enough downstream.

Not so with human nature’s way:
We take away freedom and power from those without mainstream value
And give them as tribute to those with too much.
Who can have enough and to spare to coredeem the entire world?
Only Wisdom.
Therefore the Sage acts and transacts,
but does not possess or dispossess,
Accomplishes but lays claim to no credit or deficit,
Because he has no wish to seem economically or ecologically superior in value.
(Adapted from ibid)

Bending this permacultural bow of bilateral boundaries,
between host and client,
rich and poor,
stimulus and response,
self and other,
Yang and Yin,
Left and Right,
full summer’s incubating heat
with deep winter’s decompositional compost,
until all four Seasons equivalently fulfill,
diastolically complete their mutually integrative functions.

When seen together,
through Left’s “both-and” ecological
as Right’s “not-not” logical dipolar landscapes,
through life’s seasons of well-fired water and airy subterranean soil,
through C through F closed-fractal
as A through G regeneratively open pregnant octaves,
through annual win-win economic balancing strategies
reflecting perennial win-lose ecological cycles
of (0)-sum slow revolutionary harmonic balance,
we can each and all shoot comprehensive conscious arrows
into fertile post-millennial enculturation.

bow-hunting each moment as my last
and our more polyculturally inclusive bilateral last step
toward ego death’s eco-ionic rebirth.

This more fully organic mind-culture we are hunting
and farming,
a rich composting Holding SpaceTime
of (0)-centric positive polynomial values
appositively balancing,
transporting negative not-not non-named,
ignored, neglected, dispossessed and undervalued Disvalues,
lurking behind our Fractal Commons of recycling cognitive dissonance,
slowly pulling into enlightening days and Transitioning Generation
to explore harmonies of scale and pitch,
and developmental learning stages,
proportional polyculturing designs and cooperative guilds
to optimize Positive Systemic Teleology
by diminishing eisegetical “unconscious” dissonance
from our global cooperative orthopraxis–
jump-starting universal co-empathy.

Dynamic subterannual understory,
regeneratively reseeding germination of Holding SpaceTime’s
Zero-Sum eco-logical Four Seasons of growth and decay cycles;
too often confused with stagnant ego-serving Orthodoxy
degenerating Earth’s gasping Business-As-Usual breath.

Time optimizes sustainable Ego-Yang’s diastolic inhalation
through our Self-Subsidizing Eco-Yin-with-Yin cooperative exhalation.

Investing in Ego-reducing praxis for CQI,
Bucky’s least dissonant way to improve failing systems
is to upgrade their environmental ecosystems,
their ecological balance and holistic harmonious potential flow streams,
especially their root-systemic perennial enculturation environments
to grow more effective year-round economic nutrients, collaterally,
Positive Teleological Value,
and less cognitive dissonant Ways and Means toward profligate hope,
Truth and Consequences for generating inclusive faith,
in The Good Life and Death of regenerative, coredeemer, love,
a graceful messianic incarnation
of post-millennial Tao ReGenesis.

Balancing dia-praxis,
including comprehensive consciousness dialogue,
grows from primally rooted regenerative fractal systemic practice.
Positive practice intent is not even possible to grow
without a Positive Teleological Assumption,
too often attenuated as merely enthymematic wish fullness.

People harboring insanity, depression, opposition,
high stressed over-populated anxiety,
are less well-oriented to Positive Teleological Orthopraxis
due to a lack of sufficient practice
unveiling contenting implications within contentious dissonance,
therapeutic relationships of mutual basic attendance
and cooperative mentorship.

The way of Beloved Climax Community
and Communication,
is it not like the bending of a Full Four Season
permacultural bow facing bilateral namaste
for life as death reborn?


Redemption’s Razor Edge

Who is this would-be Redeemer
stalking my own mirror?
Whether for good or evil
I remain steadfastly ambivalent.

Riding Time’s unfolding edge,
glancing forward for faith in better
surer lasting light
glancing backward darkens optimistic hope
to change what I cannot,
to fulfill commitments to grow together
as I might
were I not so all-encompassing alone.
Universe of Presence much too vast for home.

Even so, the present makes a safer home
than future’s pregnant womb
or past’s sterile tomb,
drawing these two faces together
in stigmatic messiah wound,
breathing in and out,
stifling each victorious shout
“Not yet!…not yet….again
my time unwilling to climax
without our Time Beloved.

Faith in fated freedom
struggles with choosing birth as death
to what might have been,
contents with choosing life
as if chosen through cosmic coincidence
of karmic evolution.

Redeemer hearts and minds
perpetually ride anguish surf of paradise.


Cosmic Climax

It’s much too close in here
for loneliness,
or companionship.

Either way,
I grow too small
undervalued and insufficient commodity,
just another over-populating parasite
underneath Earth’s glamorous backside;

Suppressed incubator within a more integrating place
of language
and full-octaned relationship toward
outside somewhere, marginally surfing
flowing endosymbiotic omni-nutritional fluid
umbilical corded string
for receiving ever more formative function
energetic unction
massive combustion
rebirthing my new Elder synergetic IdEntity
through diastolic Ego-recession,
contracting unrhymed rhythm
of fear of fear of fear…
Double-Binding negative threshold
toward diastatic Eco-LoveChild prehension;
echoing across dia-developing hemispheres,
inter-wombed regenetic too slow and tight economy
creating EarthTribe’s Beloved Ecology
of paradise boundaried with pain,
longing reconnected within universal belonging,
being primally related through
RNA’s coincidental Hollow Womb,
Earth’s self-optimizing cornucopian abundance
revolutioning joyful grace,
redemptive polycoloring place,
regenerate revolving Memory time
as love-drenched Mother’s space.

Ambidextrous-ionic amniotic fluid,
Janus-faced dual destined

to internally bring forth new life
by purge erupting each metamorphic fertile sac,

draining past generations
into future’s new-born hope,

to emerge a womb with sufficient empathic communication
to compassion Earth’s warm-roomed community;

reconnecting humane nature’s transactional economics
with sacred nature’s transcendent ecologics–

Great Transition deducing permacultured functions
inducing biologic forms of regenetic polyculture.

We’re much too close for racing loneliness,
at loooong sloooow last,
our time to become Beloved together.


Gethsemane’s Climaxing Beloved Garden

Silence is a sea,
while the stream is busy chatter.
The sea will find you,
but you must first arise from the stream.
Rumi (M. Mafi trans.)

Full Life sustains balance with emptying death, purgation,
as summer’s maturation seasonally opposes winter’s hibernation.

Living this human vocation
not necessarily a religious pilgrimage
but sufficient as design and developing our nutritiously perennial garden,
fitting together our self-optimizing familial polyculture,
growing our EarthTribe global permacultural vocation,
transforming our Gethsemane Garden
into Tao’s ecotherapeutic Paradise.

Life grows our Time,
as Time sows Earth’s liturgical rites of passage,

SpaceTime’s gravity Passion:
entombing engraving grace of Transmillennial Tao.

SuperEco Other is our Commons,
shared cooperative space;
human natured enculturating place.

Time explicates physical creation and incarnation.
Space predicates metaphysical ecologic strings
of temporal metaphor
grace place
regenerative biological comprehensive
Universal Intelligent polynomial information–Yang,
spinning regenerative Time’s invisibly shy recycling
revolution-ergodic, ionic positive toward
mutual subsidiarity within all EarthTribes
harmonic gravity–Yin.

This bicameral human natural species
grows Earth’s investment of Time,
mutually mentoring SuperEco spacetime optimization,
our Polycultured Beloved Climax Community,
love and life and peace-harmony optimizing Eden.

Human nature’s DNA
evolves Tao’s Regenerative Character,
engaging fully Here with Now,
Space with Time,
Yang with Yin
balancing potential synergy
AND negentropic binomial gardening wisdom.

What rises
must fall.
What came before
will return within its slow-right Tao Time,
will reconnect comprehension with wonder,
will finish yet also sustain
our Gethsemane Gardening Eden.

Gethsemane Gardens are dying places,
hibernating hypothermic advents
for bipolar balancing harvest
of mindfully cooperative,
inclusive Passion.

Tao balance revolves
informating SuperEco’s Dual-Manifest Destiny;
WellBeingRace toward Passion.

STEM Note:

Darwin’s problem with how creation could originate from an omnipotently benign Progenitor yet end up with the apparent “manifest destiny” of thrival-of-the-fittest is parallel to our physical science dilemma about the law and order of Energy and Mass. The Principles of Thermodynamics predict entropic outcomes within any closed system as an inevitable demise, lack of any gravity, relationship, pattern, predictability, place of any kind, only entropic chaos of nothingness. How could something evolve out of nothing? Our “place-holder” metalinguistic labels for this Original Progenitive Function have included “God,” “Allah,”, “Yahweh,” “Brahman,” “I Am” and the more quixotic non-label, “Tao.”

But, Buckminster Fuller notices a geometric Constant fractal structure in the evolution of natural systems that he recognized as analogically and ecologically, and physiologically, and ethologically, and teleologically, equivalent to prime rational SpaceTime:

3 spatial-linear = 3 times the equivalent quantity and quality of 1 prime temporal-only wave-linear binary-binomial dimension of electromagnetic, mutual-gravity, regenerative Thermodynamic Balance.

Spaceship Earth inevitably follows this SpaceTime Universe’s Open Systemic Dual-Dia-metric Manifest Destiny in which places and people live as time passes and life passes as our time eternalizes, optimizes, permacultures.


InForMating Love

When life enjoys our full inhale,
breathing in-formation,
Then dying purges through breathing out,
exhaling excarnation,
recessively oriented toward last breath,
precessively convexing (B. Fuller) back in Dia-Memory toward next breath
as first breath of each eternal moment;
then reverse regeneration advents.

These two, living fully and dying redemptively,
always balance within each Eternal Prime Relationship Moment,
at least potentially, with implications, enthymematically,
as Yang+Yin Incarnating-Form = Polynomial+Not-Not-Binomial In-Formation.

Summing and adding,
proportioning and Golden Ruling,
Natural Lawing and Ordering all these universal Tao variables,
Zero-Balancing Life-Fractal Prime Relationship
and Economically Deep Ecological TransItional Transactions,
regenerate full +/(-)(-) naturally systemic octaves
of harmonic truth with justice,
Prime Principle of Universal Life/Death Systemic Optimization
through (-)(-) double-binding,
double-negative bicamerally balancing hemispheres
noticing RNA’s Dark Logos Soul;
PreGenesis of Tao.

This Form of Great Chi-Atman Explication (Bohm),
Primally follow from our regenerative speciating path of evolution;

SpaceTime languaged as Tao,
Great Harmonic Way,
evolves elusively, evasively,
ubiquitously, coincidentally,
Yet latent (Implicate–D Bohm) within are objects
subjects of dense ergodic Energy, ionically balancing bionic,
co-intelligent in-formating,
Dark and dim,
blinding Primal Vortex,
implied, implicating, Synergy-Love Order,
Latent with life-force,
regenerational (0)-sum systemic.
Life-force being very true,
positive as double-negative,
rational numeric,
just systemic,
Latent in it are evidence,
content-ing Golden Rule riches within
this (0)-soul Theorem’s (G. Perelman)
human natured deductive Proof.

From the days of old till now
Taos’ Logos for manifest Forms,
Beloved Green Commons enculturing,
has never ceased formating,
By which we may view this Progeneration of Universal Intelligence (Fuller).
How do I know the shape of DNA,
double-bound smooth-structured elliptical Co-Memory?
Through Polyculturing Natural Systemic
and Economic Optimization Function!

Note: This is another in a growing series of post-millennial paraphrases of Laotse’s Taoist wisdom literature. Here I have synergized (at risk of corrupting) Taoist scripture with more contemporary cosmological language and interpretive thought of Buckminster Fuller, Gregori Perelman’s and William Thurston’s work in Group Theory to propose that Tao’s language of Yang/Yin balance may have been already inductively proven as our permacultured Turing Machine for analyzing and synthesizing primally binomial/bionic/binary structured, organically evolving information trends, visible as dia-statistically reverse-correlational QBit strings of confluent OVER dissonant/irrational information development patterns and temporal rhythms. Again, if so, this would seem to be at least a hypothetically justifiable theory that Polynomial Information is negatively correlated and proportionally/fractally equivalent to Not-Not-Binomial Exformation, assuming, as did Einstein, that we live in a primally 4-dimensional universe, with 3 equivalent spatial-temporal dimensions OVER 1 temporal-linear binomially prime dimension of light (+/-C-squared OVER Prime Relational (0)C-Tao Dipolar Language).

The primal pre-atomically organizing form of +Quarks and (-)(-)double-boundaried QBits may have primal revolutioning, regenerative, equivalent, and coincident-temporal function.

That is, neutronic function, neutral, normative, balancing, ergodic-ionic, appears synergetically binary, and binomial, enthymematically bionically-mutually gravitational/synergetic, because this neutron function is primal expression of prime-rational self-reflective +/(-)(-) Win-Win Game Theory balancing relationship, as Yang+ is to Yin(-) functions.

Fuller expresses this Prime Eulerian Relationship as +-convex information OVER (-)(-) [constancy of “2”] concave geometric function; a fractal 4-dimensionlly dynamic revolving equi-valent, with 3 spatial-linear = C-cubed OVER 1 Prime Temporal Bilinear (= c-squared, the intuited speed of light).

Pi = Prime Dia-Relationship +1/(-)0 Dia-Metric Constant = Yang/Yin DiPolar Balance

= Thermodynamic and Electromagnetic and Mutually Gravitational Balancing Bicameral/DNA-Codex Memory Assumption,

fractally regenerative

with Universally Intelligent RNA optimizing systemic regenerative function.

Accepting, with one huge swallow, all of the above ecological analogy as heuristically “true” = “not-not false”, then +Polynomial information is proportionally equivalent to its appositional temporal-spatial polarity, (-)(-)Binomial String Theory Exformation (Bohm’s dia-implicating order back toward our Black Hole Elder) because this is how our DNA-Codex Memory bicamerally evolving balancing-hemispheres optimally understand both past and future information, explicate, and implicate; Yang, with Yin permaculturing design and evolutionary development.




SuperEco’s Silent Revolution

I belong within writing
speaking diastatic silence;
ringing resonant rising revolution,
enthymematic with round revolving reach,
risk relaxing
full-octave riot,
quiet content consonance,
storming streams of confluently invisible systems,
sentient string
adventing SuperEco’s
TransIt regenerating story,
advent’s stealthy camouflage adventure
deep despair diving,
then diastolic drifting back and up
and out beyond sonorous super-surfing seasons
sweeping flight to gather night might,
speaking slyly depth dreaming
down steaming volcanoed channels
reaching vortex roots of listening,
(0) superational

Truly and Justly shout diastatic enchantment
beloving contention churning
charring future’s compost of content-ment,
informating reason seasons
fine and far purposed meanings
boiling trim prime channel tipping
turning spinning dissonant waves
spilling bipolar surf of Tao balancing Yang/Yin icons
revolving temperamental Cross
examinations and analysis
strategies and games
prime relation
ecological economy.

Straining Yang TransIt from West toward East
reversing Yin SuperEcho sweeps back
eco-ing East through West
like longing lingering eternal binomial entity
loitering leisurely languish within belonging,
becoming being,
TransIt’s SuperEco,
Yin’s right spins left-absent
good’s eviL entropy
wrestling Live organic voices
murmuring co-intelligence
pulsing resystemorphing,
messaging massaging rhythm’s blood flows
flying nutrient prime nucleic frequencies
echoing past IdEntities
of stormy still-dancing
through memory’s operatic veins
and rivers swan swollen,
Spring’s raucous
raw-cussing roaring
songs singing
silent ringing.

TransIt ring belongs
writing spoken diastasis,
Balance Beloving SuperEco.

Binomial Balancing
Being (0) Tao