BiPolar Questions

If my right hemisphere
deep roots around in dreamy primordial emotions
longing to see morning’s money sunlight,
to color early midmorning questions
green ideas
emerging bilateral conversations
dialogue about mystery
and overly-commodified history,

Does my left hemisphere
emerge stems
then leaves
then fertile flowers, articulate?

then seeds, implicate
healthy integral potential
longing to incarnate portentous
afternoon’s pretentious communal activities
preparing to sing and slow dance summer evenings

While repurposing reverent questions
worthy of a night’s rooting
right hemisphere prominent


We Reincarnate What We Digest

Eugenics is about monoculturing supremacist delusions
of and for AnthroCentric Perfection.
Eumemics is about multiculturing nutritional inclusions
of and for Matriarchal-Iconic EarthTribe’s nature-spirit Yintegration.

If we wish to begin facilitating regenerative evolution
and discouraging degenerative terrorists and fundamentalists,
it helps to keep in mind:
Just as contesting the spread of new ideas is the majority of our more conflicted history,
so too, cooperating with the matriarchal spread of nurturing ideas
is in large part what domestic ecopolitical enculturation has been about;
not the stuff of War
so much as the non-stuff of nurturing cooperative domestic Peace.

Ecologically historical phylogeny
follows co-arising humane patriarchal-matriarchal maturation
through ultra-violet
GoldenAge Transmillennialism,
where regeneration/degenerative tensegrity
is to climate health phylogeny
of Convex-Yang
as multicultural/monocultural balance
graces landscape issue development
of Concave-Yin.

Eumemic design of healthy phylogenic development
is another term for incarnational design,
which is another term for permacultural design.
While the Greeks thought Anthros were good imitations of Gods and Goddesses,
PostMillennial ReGenerators both-and add incarnation
to premillennial imitation of sacred Yintegral health-flow.
Eumemics is not only about imitating nature’s regenerative health,
but also about becoming atoned and co-redemptive incarnations
of Earth’s bodhisattva wealth of nutritional values;
imitation of nature deductive LeftBrain
confluent with Yintegral incarnation of sacred inductive flow, RightBrain.

Genetic learning incarnates Negative and/or Positive memetic multicultural meaning
on behalf of furthering (0)-sum health-wealth values,
norms confluent with Positive equals double-bind appositional equivalency
of double-negative “not-not” mutual-immunity.

When cognitive-affective dissonance
disguises interdependent health/pathology,
cooperative/competitive nondual co-arising realities,
eumemic intent to be helpful,
to make consistently good and healthy choices
throughout all our economic and political relationships,
is at risk of WinLose entropic outcomes
rather than WinWin harmonically maturing Yintegral regenerative increase.

Kind of like
Why jump to the conclusion of imitating past War patterns and cries
when yet remains this cooperative possibility of incarnating more active love?

Growing up our positive eumemic phylogenic potential,
is LeftBrain learning to give preferential options
to hunting and gathering the more multiculturally resonant conversation,
as this is our avenue toward stronger matriarchal-patriarchal harmonic balance
toward more polypathic regenerativity
and away from further degenerative ego-anthro +1-Left,
rather than notnot Earth’s DNA/RNA ElderRight (0)-Centrism.

+1 LeftYang dominant imbalance of Positively Megalomaniacal Psychology
creates bipolar recessive Negative Psychology of WinLose double-binds,
cognitive either/or notnot 1 ego-dissonance,
chronic depression,
Anger/Fear Management Therapy Technologies,
conspiracy terrors and supremacy terrorists;
regenerative complexity of co-empathic ecopolitical trust
but also monoculturally degenerating dissonant chaos of mutual immunity,
active distrust.

In the choice and development of religious and/or spiritual beliefs,
we are looking for regeneratively complex faith systems,
which are moving in a multiculturally enriching-refining direction
of increasing syncretic harmony,
and we are avoiding more monoculturally patriarchal,
fundamentalist self-and-other condemning of human eumemic health,
as already well within our collective transmillennial fold
of Earth’s nature-spirit
ecosystemic balance of polypathically health-inclusive eco-consciousness.

When choosing our postmillennial economic and political leadership candidates,
we look for the more Earth-regenerative multiculturing platform,
the more inclusively cooperative economic policies,
and not the old school WinLose Business of Negative Eugenics.

When you choose your obituary script,
do you think it will read better
due to mutually respectful ego-limitation choices
and due to feeding yourself and others
matriarchal time’s nurturing wealth-abundant co-investments?

So why not focus on your vast fun potential
for nurturing eumemic nutritional eco-wealthy richness
which will leave you no down-time for the eugenic hubris
of ego-inflation?


Singing Dance for Public/Private Health

What I care about
and what I am working
and even playing hard with
is better understanding what and how
we and Earth
communicate to and with each other,
regenerating mindbody health sometimes,
and yet degenerating pathological climates and subclimates,
ecopolitical chemistry puzzles and games,
systemic syndromes articulating wu wei
Tipping Points of MultiCultural ReGenerate Enthymemes.

Only up to half of effective human communication,
whether you talk or listen,
write or read,
or sing or dance or draw or sculpt or design or recreate,
or preferably all of the above,
is about word choice and language,
dialectal articulation
and successful transfer of accurately informing verbal messages
from a voice source to one or more ecosystemic receptors,
ears to linguistically and culturally hear
health v pathology of climatic autonomic feelings,
hopes and fears,
loves and angry-paranoid hates
and all complexities in-between these dipolarities of thinking/feeling.

The other half, or more, of communication and all that ecopolitical jazz
of dance and song,
is all about non-verbal context,
or/and natural climate,
or/and academic climate,
or/and political climate,
or/and economic climate,
or/and ecologically healthy historic-cultural climate,
or/and environment,
or/and medium of nature’s most regenerate messages
as positive over double-negative
double-binding eco-cosmological

In communications theory,
we often focus on sight,
on what we can see of speakers speaking
and listeners listening and watching and feeling and caring, or not;
smiles and frowns
ups and downs,
happy-health and pathological down messages,
positives and negatives,
and even humors of oxymoronic double-binding not-nots
within time’s naturally unfolding logic
with analogical ego’s aesthetic mindbody live-function/evil-dysfunction,

Evilive is when light-filled healthy
and dualdark equipoise equivalently balance co-arising Tipping Points
of bicamerally balanced ecoconsciousness
transforming into a deeper, more resonate, climate potential
of and for rich-dense-harmonic-octaved positives,
as physical/metaphysical long-term trending regenerate multicultural health.

Yet communication,
as Thich Nhat Hanh observes,
is a function of nutrition and health,
and/or malnourishment and pathology,
so optimized messages
are not only redundantly heard and seen,
but also sometimes smelled and tasted and remembered
and touched
and felt
ecoconsciously and/or autonomically,
intuitively in reverse-deductive time’s enthymematic reweaving deja vu,
back to matriarchal loving womb’s non-paranoid DNA-inspired compost,
as portentious of good and bad to follow,
especially lensed-framed-calculated-climatized-hypnotized-actively hopeful for future anthro-bicameral
polypathic regenerations of peaceful multiculturing love.

As Earth’s clouds of unknowing
predict rains of water and light’s fertile nurturance,
predict trees with organically networking ecopolitical health-development roots,
predict an anthrocentric world of paper
predicting Earth cloud’s most viral DNA-sympathetic, non-paranoid, messages,
predicting more loving health
and less hating pathologically trending climates of devolving change,
through lack of full-enthymematic octave-optimized timelessly classic communication on our Golden Rule Tribe’s part,
especially as song and tribal 4-step danced
and hopefully as analogical/ecologically balanced nutritional poetry.

I so hope
you can and will write and sing and dance this enlightenment poem
back to me
in any polypathic dialect
we could all ecologically comprehend
as another great rich message out to fellow Earth Tribes,
We know we made this mess,
and feel really really bad about it,
but we sing and dance and ecopoliticize cooperatively
and hope to get better with this Golden Rule
of light’s regenerative fertility
through stronger yet more flexible harmonic co-arising balance.

How do you follow your ecopolitical light,
and learn from our dualdark TippingPoint shadows?




More Positive Deviance

From Rob Brezsny, except my own bracketed commentary, Pronoia, p. 274:

I say that the Creator includes death as an essential part of evolution’s master plan.
Lifetime after lifetime,
our immortal[ly shared DNA/RNA solidarity] souls take on a series of temporary forms
as we help unfold,
in our own small ways,
the inconceivably complex plot
of the divine [regenerating positively deviant v. negatively pathologically deviant] drama.
Each time we die,
it’s hard and sad to our time-bound [tragically doomed reductive] egos.
But from the perspective of the part of us that has always been
and will always be,
it’s simply part of the epic adventure
[divine comedy].

The abolition of [self and other-selves] suffering
is a worthy goal [of positive deviance].


Pronoia Benedictions

“And now I drink a toast to your coffin.
May it be fashioned of lumber obtained from a hundred-year-old cypress tree
whose seed will germinate this year.”
Rob Brezsny

And now I drink a toast to your absence of coffin.
May you become refashioned of lumber
obtained from a thousand-year-old cypress forest
whose seed will germinate yet again this year,
and every year to follow
to lead our future
through all past time
of well-rooted trees
born of regenerate Earth.


Flying Invocations

My backyard birds call me each morning.
Come join our oceanic swimming pools
our mountainous nests.
Come fly with us
if only for this brief respite
immersed in imaginary sanity.

Away from risks and opportunities
of complexly motivated and languaged human nature
longing to rediscover
our eternally humane ecological nature,
belonging reconnected
as and with and in Earth’s flying raptured nature.

Birds sing namaste benedictions,
invocations, with us.
How are you?
Come back to us.
Remember you came from
a long regenerating family
of singing flying swimming
rooting full-octave nurturing voices.

We each,
build our shrine in Earth’s wilderness,
or recreate nothing of healthy value
accessible to all.


Final Operatic Scores

Of all vocations calling each of us
perhaps it is this final ecopolitical stage
most arduous.

To reflect with full integrity,
both Left dominant hubris history
with Right-recessed notnot full incarnation,
those unfulfilled promise valleys of aptic time
lost to Ego’s yangish self-promoting memory,
past vocations sequentially emerging transubstantiations,
pregnantly nurtured with Left/ElderRight bicameral balance.

But, balancing or notnot yet,
to reconsider one’s sins,
both consummated and omitted,
bringing slow-growth ballast to one’s enculturation of grace,
both those healthier blessings fully consumed
as therapeutically strived for regenerate production,
yet also known only through past struggles stretching ego-compassion’s constitutions,
declarations of Self+Other incorporating cooperative interdependence,
laughter’s miraculous love moments
best shared, yes,
but yet bittersweet nutrition alone,
remembering what lives best not forgotten.

This final vocation,
to merge our previous lives together
with those we hope to follow.


EcoPolitics of Racial-Cultural History

We are each and all Black Lives and small Deaths
inside our historical-cultural DNA emergence
into full-octave multicultural ecopolitics.

In this Earth’s ecosystem,
there can be no ecological entity perceivable as White,
or even Light,
unless historically emerged as reversing full-radial
progenitive Black,
dualdark regenesis.

For you and yours,
did light skin reify from dark political-economic history,
to somehow feel toxic shame
about our shared evolving multicultural Creation Story?
Or, do you know and feel light skin evolving
within deeply respected dark rich embryonic Elders
of trusted and loved polyculturing healthy glory?

Can you see and smell and feel and celebrate
Earth’s humane rivers of blood all flowing back to Africa,
just as our multicultural incarnation merged and melded,
molded and re-emerged from more ambivalent MiddleEastern
races to and from Promised Lands of ecopolitical health
and beauty,
bilateral truths of space as time,
nondually coarising races of Earth’s EcoMedicinal Time.

We use trust and mistrust and distrust
to speak of thoughts,
as we use empathy, co-empathic dissonance,
and learned supremacist hatreds,
rebuking and reifying, denying empathic feelings
to own egocentric political dominance of anemic birthright promise.

Trust thoughts grow healthy political flowers
from co-empathic feelings, experience, learning, development.
But, if empathic health fails to flower trust,
then all the rest are negative
feelings, experience, learning from dissonance,
lack of healthy development.

Absence of trust appears,
and begins to smell bad,
only when positive empathic capacity and will have died,
unrooted through past injury,
chronic stress,
lack of rest and other positive nutrients.

Empathy spawning trust
together co-arise
as thoughts have historical feelings attached
to thoughts projecting power
into future therapeutic and toxic relationships,
or mistrustful dissonant absence thereof.
Future relationships extending feelings manifest into shared thoughts,
language of transracial ecoconsciousness.

We are all Black Lives in Promised Lands inside our enculturing history stories,
integrity of DNA’s race-revolving lessons
longing to reconnect empathic listen,
always voting for dark horse underdog as me
and, by extension, my “we”.

When our Black interior Lives Matter
empathically with trust,
then all our daily lives and nightly deaths
will matter more richly and deeply,
healthier wealth.


We Have Questions

I hear we have questions, like
Does reality exist?

And yet no one seems to question
that unreality is, rather vaguely,
what does not exist
nor could it
as absence of reality is not conceivable
by any of our sensory receptors
for seeing and smelling and tasting and hearing and feeling,
which grew our spectral points evolving reality’s harmonic memories
and thereby knowing this reality of now,
as compared and contrasted to previously incarnated moments of now,
but all this within double-binding temporal limits
of currently existing realities
coincident to sentient beings within range
of confluently reiterative communication, co-arising nondually.

We evolve this reality polyculturally
and multigenerationally.

I hear and see and taste we have reality
because unreality does not yet exist.

Reality seems to flow most transparently
midway between extreme thresholds
of suffering and bliss,
bilateral (and dipolar) harbingers of unthinkable and inexpressible absence
of Ego’s active questioning and answering
real-sensory receptors fully functioning as reality producers.


I hear we have follow up questions:
Does TaoBalanced PYang = N(NP)YinYin reality exist?

And yet no one seems to question
that unreality is, rather vaguely,
what does not exist
nor could it
as absence of reality is not conceivable
by any of our sensory receptors
for seeing and smelling and tasting and hearing and feeling,
which grew our spectral points evolving reality’s Yang/Yin harmonic memories
and thereby knowing this reality of now,
as compared and contrasted to previously incarnated moments of now,
but all this within double-binding temporal limits
of currently existing realities
coincident to sentient beings within range
of confluently reiterative communication,
co-arising nonduality ourselves.

We evolve this mutually-exegetical reality polyculturally,
and multigenerationally
following natural laws of (0)-interest body-nutrition v environmental-Otherpathology.

I hear and see and taste we have reality
because our unreality does not yet exist.

Reality seems to flow most transparently
midway between extreme thresholds
of suffering-yin-Right and blissful-yang-Left,
bilateral (and dipolar) harbingers of unthinkable and inexpressible absence
of Ego’s active questioning and answering
real-sensory receptors producing nondual co-arising reality,
0-sum balanced,
Left cooperative neural-network emerging from historicultural co-empathic feelings
trustful wu-wei Right.

And yet this NotNot PolyNomial RealTime absence of reality
is also our beloved common language and values, dreamscapes,
imagination gameframes
and WinWin recreation v pathological LoseLose self-reality stories.


Psychology of Political-Economic Constitutions

Shalom, Aloha, Namaste

Kinship and Ego identity co-arise in socioeconomic health of mutual trust,
beginning in utero
swimming about in embryonic nutrition,
rather than active distrust
or more passive mistrust of the relatively unknown
yet somehow paranoic alien, Other.

The psychological fuel for polypathic political trust
is capacity for empathy,
which grows bicamerally within mutually subsidiary economies
of co-empathic positive intent,
co-arising nondually
in more ecstatic peaks of good beatific as beautifully edgy humor.

Empathy is a teachable,
because learnable,
listening and noticing skill,
stretching to include those aliens of self and other doubt,
occasionally even abusive terrorists within.

Mature co-empathic bicameral skills
are what we might call healthy mindfulness,
ecoconsciousness of Self as holonically syncing with Other,
intent toward mutual integrity,
esteemed equivalence,
emerging from comprehension of our Original Intent
as regenerative cycling Earth’s SpaceTime fertile paradise
of Positive Deviance Psychology,
Political ChoiceMaking for Positive Nutrients,
Economically Cooperative WinWin TransActions,
deviant from vacuous dissonance and chaos,
random WinLose irrationality,
endless notnot polynomials of double-binding ambivalence.

Zero-centric mindfulness training
is not only the stuff of sit at home,
chant and drum meditation training and sensory experience
of nutritional sounds and tastes and sights and smells
with concomitant affective feelings
of resonant trust, dissonant mistrust, assonant distrust, hate, fear, anger
trusting things might be better
if I can just cathartically,
purgatively force myself and others to calm back down
from active distrust to at least more passive mistrust
about our continuing future lives together
in more peaceful silence of mutual breathing,
in as out.

While shared centering space and sounds can be useful
especially as household units,
and prior to important political and economic discernment events
systemic networks of positive transitional evolutionary intent,
stretching mindfulness through each active loving moment
of each day and night
is optimally sustained only in a safe-risk environment
of political and economic cooperative nurturance,
where power competitions are normatively agreed to remain subservient
to greater cooperative nurturing,
Both-And powers of consensual discernment
to discover together highest and best political ecotherapy
and economic health optimization outcomes.

We are best within our democratically-inclusive empathic wheelhouse,
rather than the mutual immune fears of unknown
mysterious and unfortunate threats
and other competitive LeftBrain too-reductive dominance
in defining extended families of synergetic confluence,
requires (0)-centric disciplines of mindfulness
but these are more accurately embraced as Tao-disciplines
on behalf of Love as Nature’s KindTrust Expansion,
rather than suboptimizing political/economic goals
of Anger and Fear Management and self repression
of the static/stuck Panic-Terrorist within to feel better
managing damage control,
safety and security,
defensive mutual time out preferences,
restraint procedures
and economic investment boundary policies
to contain our LoseLose worst hunting and ungathering fears.

The Haudenosaunee definition of grace,
“the words that come before all else”
under ideal compost incubating circumstances
of mutual-mentoring
Both-And political and economic cooperative discernment
might bilaterally nuance,
grace evolves the words that come before as after all else,
as above,
so below;
as Exterior Landscaped
so Interior Landscaped.

The belief that anthrocentrism is fundamental
to wise political and economic regenerative planning
for future generations,
is the Original Sin of fundamentalist self-idolatry.
Our capacities for healthy mutual co-empathic trust development
far exceed such a limited and limiting sense of our own personal,
and EarthTribal identity,
history of cooperative enculturation and intelligence.

Radical Revolutionary Earth (0)-Soul Centrism
is bicameral ecoconsciousness
of polypathic highest as healthiest beautiful minds and words
that come both before and after all else.

Our co-empathic democratic multicultural trust
in healthy cooperative futures begins this and each EarthLoving Eternal Day and Rich Composting Night,

Aloha, Shalom. Namaste.