Turtle Island Tree

My grandparents’ grandparents,

all sixteen, digging, rooting cultural meristems and caps,

young adults, adolescents during our 1880s,

post Civil War.

What would we name this self-hatred,

this lack of compassion and gratitude

for human nature’s lavish wealth of diversity?

The internal war,

opening history’s gate to tell new stories

of learning civility,

Basic Positive Attendance,

passionate open minds and systems

racing toward freedom from fears

of cultural and languaged differences,

freedom to fear that only light skinned Europeans

were fully human natural,

freedom for growing toward our multiracial abundance.

Pushing rocks, or even through them,

skirting obstacles,

scouting tendrils,

entirely unaware that each was part of many,

reach toward deep ecology, mineral water,

interpenetrating Earth’s negentropic neural network

of nailed gnarled tips,

shepherding diastolic capillaries

rooting down and in, conjoining Earth’s heart.


My grandparents,

all four introducing our 1920’s

Zone of Elongation

gorging newly opened borders

spilling into speak-easy Enlightenment,

reconnecting to global roots

back to Europe and Asia and Africa,

mysteries of Middle Eastern religious diversity

still pouring through our DNA

soaking up like Yang-submerged hydraulic jacks

of mystical romance

swimming in melting pots of sub-cultural chauvinism,

adolescent freedom faith in

absolute faith of freedom,

with national pride growing competitively long

chauvinist economics

of wet wealth’s drowning inflation

marched blindly toward a natural systemic scale.


My generation,

the long hairs of the 1960s

sprouting out a New Cooperative Age vision,

a collective hazy pilgrimage,

from Vietnam through women’s racial riot,

forty years of wandering,

slow dehydration in our emergent ecologic desert

of cultural despair.

Peace and free love,

our call to rebellious alarms

soaking up dissonant wild wisdom

spinning and spreading across and up

toward a zero-sum cooperative economic theory

of abundant information networks

exchanging skills and stories,

a newly polycultured red dawn.

Long hair magnets attract permacultured shamans

prehending information’s balanced polynomial string theory,

a (0) smooth-structured soul food

sustaining absorbent cultural advent,

a limber prescient taproot

through this Trans-Millennial Generation.


Equitable peace with inclusive justice,

love and synergy,

compassion and right mindfulness,

permacultured orthopraxis,

transpecies expressed,

predicated within our grandchildren’s generation.

Transcendent information and communication

networks flying, echoing, reiterating,

crowd-sourcing ecological sap

dreamed with longing tears by long-haired elders.

Each bi-generation reincarnating nature’s root system

of positive teleological hope for this taproot

now emerging into cultural consciousness

a spring, a sprout, a twig,

a precocious trunk promising branches

with cooperating productive leaves

and richly pollinated organic flowers

flowing with glorious gratefully incarnated diversity,

our Tree of Life full bloom,

now finally Self-Aware,

grateful for history’s nutrient roots,

paradise shared with birds and worms

sun and water and air

breathing and beating

our forceful steady stream of dreamy swimming


At last, at last,

We share our InformNational Dream,

full moon beams rapturing Gaia’s radiant dark skin.