The Lorax Sequel

I took the only seed of hope
for any future Truffula Trees,
but reminded my clinically depressed acquaintance
we are all born co-redeemers,
not extractors.

Ours is not to extract
what we did not create
for its sufficient regeneration,
to fairly claim any rights
to personal co-redemptive value.

You talk funny,
replied the Lorax.
go talk with your dead dinosaurs,
dying forests,
your failing gorillas
and polar bears,
and honey bees,
with all those fancy economic co-redemption
theories of cooperation.
See how they feel about their indentured investment
in creating your sorry butt.

Not knowing quite what to say,
I thanked him for his sorry butt response
and brought this treasured seed back home
to learn what this community of mutual co-arisers
would most love to do
with this Tree of Earth’s Truffula seed.

Eventually someone came up with a clever Permaculture Design strategy.
Someone way in the back,
no one is quite sure whom,
gasped out
“Why don’t you plant the damn thing somewheres
where the sun shines,
unlike your sorry butts.”

So we did.
We took the seed out to the meadow
and planted it where it would provide grace-filling shade
and receive water from our roof’s run-off barrels,
also planted around our home.

Trees of Truffula grow quickly
in rich diverse nutrient-balanced organic compost,
much like the rest of us
receiving more confluent,
mutually cooperative, nutrients,
and not so much competitive monochromatic drama,
monopolistic monoculturing weedishness,
tumorous toxins subside in generous environments
of kind ecstatic contentment,
wise thoughtfulness of the 7th generation’s future,
lovers of truth,
co-redeemers of economic balance,
ecologicaly multisystemic linguists,
polycultural scientists,
rational and sane regenerators,
religionors of sustainable cooperation,
synergetic integrity.

Next thing you know
we have a first generation of decomposing leaves,
harvested flowers and berries,
and four perfectly balanced organic Truffula Tree seeds.

Once again our Permaculturist Family asked
how can we optimize this global future
for our children’s children
with this regenerative offering
transported to where Earth most needs
such healthy wealth?

Again, the dark back voice croaked,
“Why don’t you give one to the North
to wave through winter’s blasting wind,
one to the South
but not too far South
because the coastline is becoming unstable,
one to the East of the river
to cool her morning water,
but not too high up
because the aquifer isn’t what it used to be,
one to the West horizon’s mountains,
to profile all those red skies at night
you’re always expecting here
in your positive teleology truth-telling kinda way.”

But, that’s not what we did.

We brought one to the polar bears,
and one to the honeybees,
one to the gorillas,
and one to the tortoises,
and in return
they gave us eggs and honey,
lessons in cooperative tribal and permacultural living,
and how to stay grateful and warm
through climatic winter’s hibernation.

From this we learned together
to live in this polyculturing economy,
this ecological community,
like good cooperative organic fertilizers,
mutually benign co-parasites,
where I let you know
both what I need,
and what I have to share,
and in exchange,
you tell me what I have to share that you need more of
and sometimes not quite so much of,
and what you have to share that I need.

When we became adept
with our endosymbiotic evolving Tree of Win-Win Cooperative Life,
we diversified our production/consumption balanced market,
mutually mentoring other communities
about what gorillas and forests,
polar bears and honey bees and tortoises teach us
about the ecologic of co-arising positive economics,
about becoming optimally regenerated and religioned,
co-redeemers of Earth’s primal gift,
healthy life,
faithful to our co-regenerators past,
hopeful for our seven generations future.



Contending Kindness

Anger and kindness reach for richly polar opposition.

So, can I have any more perfect anger

than I have perfect kindness?

Rumi claims that anger reposes during kindness,

but sleep is not death,

while kindness anxiously awaits

during times of quick vexation,

deeply entrenched resentment and hurt

and fear of pathological repetition

of loss and pain.


Suffering wrestles between these two.

Suffering with grows kindness,

while suffering against grows angry.


Most of life plays out somewhere between

our competitive and cooperative intent

and suffering



redemptive intent

regenerative practices


polycultural and multisystemic

karmic grace of ecojustice,

therapeutic diapraxis.


No pain, no gain;

No gain, restrain,



We redeem as we harvest

what we plant

in fertile compost

and toxic salt of dispossessive tears

and laughter at those we’ve left behind and out;

those and that nature we thought we could possess,

own, enslave, use, abuse, victimize, ignore, neglect.


Sowing life with Self,

and Other,

in and on Earth’s

mentoring cooperative kindness

and challenging unkindness,

or planting angry monocultural competition,

and usually some of both,

self-righteous flashy egojustice

and ecotherapeutically peaceful mindfulness

within Beloved Polycultural EarthTribe’s formative

normative co-intelligence.


Kindness intends to suffer with,

and not against,

to reconnect our DNA memory–

we are a regeneratively co-evolving

deep-ecorooting bicultural Tree of Life,

growing both up and out Yang,

and down and internally landscaping

Yin-Yin ecologic

as Win-Win ecojustice Cooperative Gaming Theory,

rooting our reverse-hierarchical cooperative

and information network

all the way in and through our (0)-soul double-elliptical

Universal Synergetics Prime ReGenesis Project System

of fractal-holonic Design, Community and Communication Development,

Economic Development as Eco-logical and Environ-mental

Continuous Well-Being Improvement.


Kindness suffers with eco-injustice anger;

anger suffers against ecotherapeutic justice.



Time’s Decomposition

The Principle of Reversion
grows post-millennial metasystemic decomposition
reverse creation
organic time and memory moving backward toward rebirth.

Reversion is the action of Tao.
Decomposing is the action of Time within organic space and place.
Gentleness is the function of Tao.
Compassionate contentment is the fullness of HereNow Time.

The things of this world come from Being,
and Being comes from Non-being.
Information comes from absorption into Presence,
and Presence emerges from enthymematic pre-formational function.

Time moves in both directions,
forward and backward,
within intergeneration consciousness of regeneration,
evolution and revolutions of ecological seasons
and reasons
for natural systemic informating.

Spirit is to YinTime
as Nature is to YangSpace.
To understand spiritual optimization economies
we do better to comprehend permacultural synergetic functions,
ecological wisdom,
binomial economic fractal decomposition, Yin
within regeneration, Yang
formative Trend analysis.

Decomposition implicates radical form of healing regeneration.
Degeneration requires mutual lowering of immune aversions
toward symbiosis,
neither one Being absorbed by other,
while both morph through diastatic emergent production
of a new binomial event,
binary formative balanced structure,
bicamerally confluent content,
retaining biological memory of unweaving former
DNA enscribing Trees of Regenerational Life.

is to regeneration,
immersion of evolution,
as mutual consumption is to cooperative production,
co-fertile solidarity;
interdependently dependable
transparent mutability
ego- toward eco-centric coincidentionic.

Enthymematic potential information
evolves our ionically balancing background
understory of content and ergodic contention,
becoming noticed and fully appreciated
for what we grow and weave together.


EarthTribe’s Resonant Tree

I heard from our Tree today.

He and She were both

barely speaking to me

forgetting Her root system

all tangled up with Historied trunk of convexly hierarchical

branches of photosynthetic production,

rather than sharing Her permaculturing compost

more naturally and economically balanced.


I watched our Tree today

while fading memories of shared Him-Her nutrients,

breathing together,

following our full color spectrum

from light through double-bound dark

absence of presence

springing up summer

and falling down winter,

shared days and seasons and informating species,

riding times’ energetic gravitating wu wei surf edge,

tipping point between past practice of warm v. cold memories

and future’s predicted GoldenLocks intent,

“just right” Earth Day

growing lovely forest dreams

of mutual forbearance and organic porridge sustenance,

and synergetic gratitude,

not so much growling at one another

barking out Golden Rules’ bicamerolling spiral head,

core ring of TaoNowLogistics.


Tree therapy for weak-rooted imbalanced ecopathology,

breathing in Him

then breathing out Her EcoLogos wisdom

unweaving binomially out again

embracing His Easter recreation.



Playing Hearts

Don’t think you know everything

there is to know about yourself,

until you know when a compelling image

of your future does not always

evoke an egocentric No!


Don’t think you know everything

about yourself,

because, if you did,

you would mentor

only a remarkable lack of curiosity.


Don’t think you will every fully comprehend


until you fully comprehend Universal Intelligence itself,

your self id-superEcoTherapeutic-entity.


The more you uncover your hearts,

the less cognitive dissonance discovered.


Open your hearts and awareness,

the physical ones empowering your nutritional information stream,

and the metaphysical heart that is your core,

incarnating soul, (0) equivalently balancing,

smooth-structured dipolar holonic linearity,

like an acorn to a tree,

evolving from trembling tendril,

emerging from past incarnations

of annual Life-time Tree’s

polycultured root system

absorbing Earth’s enriching soul

economy of permaculturing compost.


Eastern therapies

read ego right to left as

water flows down hill.


Western eulogies

read eco left to right as

bloodstreams pump up hill.




Earth’s Green Revolutionary Vocation

We each sacrifice chronic lives and critical moments,

engaged against those we must become engaged with,

like moths enlightened by burning bushes

rooted in hypnotic holy compost,

watered by fears and laughing tears,

inviting redemption’s mutual sacrifice of ego

to balance eco-lateral economic life.

Earth’s teleological and radically inclusive vocation.


Take off our shoes!

Shields of harsh and hard immunity,

blocking intuitive holonic light-eternal

icons of time’s spreading revolution.

Free ourselves from bondage

to competitive economics,

unbalanced irrational rush-away ego-competitions.


Slow down this inhumane racism

to catch up with ourselves,

with where we all came from,

with how we all optimally

and ultimately share global polyculturing

smooth-souled orthopraxis,

redeeming our future investments

inherited from diverse Elder progenitors’

eyes and hearts and lungs,

inhaling this slower kinder cooperative economy,


compassionately interdependent networking

trees of well-shaded life.



Go back through spacetime to retrieve

nourishing power-cultural riches

through shaman’s natural systemic lens

of wise peace and cooperative justice,

love and faith,

hope through positive being,

becoming fully incarnate,

fully alive,

Eden’s Climax Community,

unfolding within each coincidental moment,

each economic subsidiary life,

each evolving Earth element,

each resonantly reverberating eco-logic paradigm.


Owl wisely reverses her binomial receptors,


rewinding nature’s spirited tao systems

of fine-feathered diametric regeneration.






Rhythmic Rainbow Revolution

Memory of past,

imagination of mirrored future,

evolve dipolar fractally

and octave binomially

functional form,


encoded, and therefore neurally decoding,

reconnecting from past to future to past

implicate ordered language and relationships,

numeric-iconic transliterative across universal paradigms,

transformatively intuited,

transcendently linguistic,

transductive integrity of right and left ellipticals

eco-metaphysical and ego-physical octave waving

multisystemic regenesis

of full color harmonies and patient orthopraxis temperaments,


Redeeming peace,

time as reiterating development of mindfulness,

eco-ethics and coincidental mentoring evolution,




Earth Justice

echoing resonant informing

dipolar function and form

balanced Yin with Yang,

Not Polynomial (-)(-) boundaries and margins balancing Polynomial (+) spacetime,

double-bound temporal-aptic neural strings

of resonant ergodic calculation,

rational trigonomies,

fractally holonic geometrics,

permaculturing crystal-roots

resonating Life’s reverse-hierarchic Tree.


Eco-nutritional harmonic roots produce eco-rainbowed metric rhythms,

produce eco-nutritional harmonic roots…

Man/Sha Legends

On the evolution of logical paradigms

Excerpted from Dr. Taowls History of Logistics Class


At least since early research in systems theory, as applied to natural and linguistic systems of regeneration and decay, by names such as Whitehead, Bateson, Kuhn, B. Fuller, and Bohm, a fractal-crystal development structure for optimizing diastatic integrity has emerged in a fairly long polymorphic column of logical and logos paradigms. We will spend some time looking at fractal and prime dipolar relationships in:



neurology (aptic v. synaptic),

psychology (Right v. Left hemispheric dominance),


numerology (especially digital-binary),






all rooted in human languaged and metric-sequential ecology.


Logos has been evolving from ecological roots toward economic branches of regenetic consumption, bearing productive breathing leaves and vocations to produce regenerative fruit, birthing by decomposing seeds, to spring up with new hope for optimal growing seasons during spring through summer.

This ecologically sprouted cooperative economy flourishes best within a richly nutritional compost environment of mutually mentoring, teaching-learning, organic eco-cells of decomposition, responding with gratitude to flirtatious root tendrils, succulent filaments looking for some actively confluent, harmonious love, or synergy.

Commodification of Earth’s regenerative nutrient-normative value system began to emerge with the adolescence of the Western-centric Industrial Age, now concluding. Until this reification of value as capital, value exchanges were primally rooted in the expectation of nutritional merit. This is particularly true if we consider nutrition as germane to all sensory receptors, not just taste and smell, but also audio-visual, and affective-feeling receptors.

Currently, and trans-millennially, we are reweaving our logos strings, coming toward comprehension that information is to energy as flowing time is to thermodynamically balancing space, as economics is to ecologic, as form follows eco-functional (life sustaining) evolution, and holonic-fractal revolutions of seasons and eras, including permaculture design and planning projects, trigonometric prime “Closed Set” functions, Bloom’s deep learning Taxonomy, theologians’ spiritual, and perhaps alchemical, four-seasons of winter’s enthymematic purgation (metta), spring’s hope (karam), summer maturation’s positive developing faith (mudita), culminating in autumn’s fruitful harvest (it was the Messiah who said “by their fruits you will know their nutritional value, or lack thereof”) , optimizing annual uppekkha outcomes by winnowing, selecting, and regenerating compost compressed with Elders’ seeds, leaves, nutrients hibernating in advent of this Great ReGenesis Transition Millennium, rediscovering Right and Left hemispheric teleological balance, as digitally and binary balanced in (-)/(-) = NotPolynomial Information = (+)Polynomial[dipolar correlate] spacetime energetic, dynamic information. Confluent information is co-incidental, as contrasted with dissonant noise, and may be defined as +ergodic/spatial metric balance equivalent (=) to (-)ionic/temporal electromagnetic balancing induction. So, a positron is coincidentally synergetic with a double-negative neutron, which atomically outlines an internal, concave, fractal-ionic elliptical wavilinear in/exforming string. But, that all heads off toward theoretical physics and Thurston and Perelman and Group Theory, which grows intentionally removed from history and her awkwardly less smooth-structured evolution.

We each have a choice as we compare paradigms. It has become urgent for thorough research to explore both sides of this choice. Not only diversities of specialized information within distinct paradigmatic frames, but also our mutually coincident confluence between and among these diverse logos-logic branches on our human linguistic left-brained Tree of Ecological Life.

As we further comprehend that it is not really a new string or new economy we seek on our globally regenerative vocation, we will more cooperatively recognize and appreciate that we all follow one permacultured ecological paradigm as it traverses the great cranial-spinal divide, originating with Elder RNA Codexed intuitive memory, then emergent Left-brain dominance, and now Trim Tabbing back toward Left-Right hemispheric dipolar balance; eco-logic resolves from theo-logosed early bicamerality (see Julian Jaynes on the ethological development of Left-brained cultural-linguistic dominance of deductive reasoning and metric calculation, as icons shifted to linguistic symbols) to spread an actively cooperative economy with an endosymbiotic understory of mutually subsidiary power-strengthening optimization strategies, bridging religion with scientific research in what Fuller termed Universal Intelligence.

Fuller’s “Intelligence” is not merely deductive and statically discerned or designed, it also has a regenerative four equivalent fractal-elliptical dimensional structure as incarnated in natural systems. This contrasts with older hard-copy two-dimensional drawings, confusing Yin-Yang closed circular symbols as sufficient for understanding real four-dimensional world economic revolving, wavilinear, double-knotted, universal Prime Relationship of space and time, unfolding, enfolding within human speciated memory, refolding; DNA and Yang’s RNA Elder ReGenetic Codex written within dynamic space and place as Whole Universal Binomial Intelligence, all the way down to QBit sub-atomic holonic Commons harmony.

Our humane permacultural vocation optimizes rich polycultural Climax Communities of inclusive and diverse information, nutrient values, organic networks, each an integral multisystemic therapeutic project to minimize stress and dissonance by optimizing our full-harmony opera.

Legend has it that this resolutionary process all culminates when the Fat Queen sings.


Why are you all looking at me, I wasn’t singing out loud again was I?


Gaia’s Full-Length Mirror

We are each Earth looking back,


in at EcoSelf’s human speciating identity

longing to return

from where we have never left.


Each bicamerolling lens,


each informating incarnating karmic string

of DNA revolving back through generations,

back to Prime Relationship

of species branching off

our multisystemic

polyculturing Tree of Life,

absorbing RNA crystal light sap

soaring back through space-time’s

polynomial plasma fold

Zero-sum win-win ecologic Codex,

grace-fields of regenerating economic

Commons prehension,

being our becoming Earth-bound

climax community.


Each death of willfulness

a redemptive pledge of willingness

to share each breath,

each life,

Earth’s Self-Care.


How is Gaia looking today?

What does Earth’s emergent Self-identity absorb through you?

Through us competing to consume?

Through us producing, learning, growing, singing, dancing,

working and playing,

laughing and crying together?


Breathing Hearts and Flowers

i breathe in

filling convex body/mind’s shellac,

immunizing ego-surface identity.


i breathe out concave,


growing within perennial rings

of encoded memory branches

rooting through human nature’s

bicameral Tree of Life.


i breathe in

your becoming,

your evolving design story,

shared incarnational trunk

fed by our mutually resonant RNA taproot,

infinitely more prime relationally alike than not

one binary-binomial mutual-informating network

of incarnation’s grace.


we breathe out through lungs,

our polymorphic beating, pumping heart’s raison d’etre,

original design coincidental intention,

finding freedom to share air

within our red warmed blood rivers

and tributaries

babbling brooks

and swampy creeks.


we breathe in engorging air-quenched brains,

our bipolar lungs’ Original Intention,



stretching exercise,

sucking in contented sap of mutual regeneration,

suffering sting of toxic double-bound immunity.


we breathe out deeply, purging

reaching down and in

pushing from testicles and ovary wombs

and shared root system

whose first morphic product

was our polyculture developing healthy heart.


we breathe in

our mutual eco-regeneration,

developing perennial harmonic cycles of memory,

encoding this year’s branches

on our human gracing Tree of Life.


Breathing deeply and inclusively,

our sweeping permacultural vocation,