Professor Yangyinstein’s Agenda

The Professor’s campaign
although stealthily benign
still co-arose fair hecklers.

How can you reassure me
that our vulnerable children
will not hate me
and you
for stealing from all Earth’s tribal presence,
and any possibility of healthy future?

While Yangyinstein stood stunned
with wonder
about all the possibilities singing such reassurance

What I must know right now
from you who would lead us
not just through your permaculturally policied principles
of systemic process with polyculturally beloved results,
but also concretely through these next four years,
what is your cooperative political
and economic experience with
your family
your neighborhood
your established constituency of mutual healthy-wealth?
How is your EcoTribe
informed by pursuit of wealth as inclusive health,
by richly nutritious optimization choices and deliberative process,
moving you away from Business As Usual,
Win-Lose familiar,
even familially familiar for some,
strategies toward suboptimizing competitive investments,
invented by deductive-reductive Left-brain dominant enslavement.

Before the final “t” had echoed,
a pithy shot from Left to Right:

Please let us not settle for winning now
by choosing policies dissonant with global
through local
positive synergetic eco-consciousness, now.

Professor’s mind reeling
with all this yinyin feeling
so appealing beyond reasons
unpeeling within their best seasons
of karma-roots growing grace-flowers.

When from the weasel stealthy back
yin wilted with guilt on the edge of our forest,
self blame,
too comfortable with living only halfway
within this United Upper 5% of Consumers,
stealing 28% of time’s encrusted fossil investment
as if by collective right
as if without loss irreparable to the 95% co-repressingly unhealthy
and the 100% of future life generations
born nearly bankrupt
of healthy economic and ecologically wealthy trends
suffering from our eco-pathological
Left-brain enslaving dominatrix
increasingly autistic and withdrawn
over-investing in high risk eco-dislogical Win-Lose
economic assumptions
not supported by endosymbiotic co-enculturating functions
of Time’s regenerative evolution.

Reiterative echoes rang through Yangyinstein’s bicameral ears
speaking bilateral timelessness
in confluent co-gravitation of transparent harmony,
yang Left deductive languaged
yin Right inductive syntaxed:

My mind grows tired
endless self-referencing loops
As my body co-arises
endless SelfOther referencing rituals
and permacultural practices,
breaths and heart beats and wind songs
nature’s beauty and wholeness sounds
of warm confluent sap
richly remembered river
confluently flowing syntax, DNA-opti-nomial balanced.
Your body only speaks
languages of wisdom and suffering dissonant pain,
but your mind listens through metrically regenerative syntax;
PolynomialPositive P grows Left-dominant deductive
NotNot Polynomial’s RNA-Right Roots remain dominant inductive
autonomic-aptic/synaptic balanced
all the above is Left-brain language
for Right-brain comprehension;
Yang = P
NotYin + NotYin = N(NP) double-transparently celled cosmology.
Tao as Time’s Bilateral Regenerative Balance
toward Binary/Binomial/Bilateral Co-Arising Eco-Consciousness.
What you thought of as “evil”
is stealthy weasel medicine of reversing “live”s syntax
and icons
and ions
for decompositionally imaginative
and intuitively predictive
dream-dancing our revolutionary understory
of bicameral dissonance
between PricklyYangs and GooeyYins.

Professor listened deeply
to speak to Business As Competitively Left-brained Usual:

“I hope it is clear how this [our] story
maps onto the real economy
[of our timeless political-relational religion].
Because of [Win-Lose strategic] interest,
at any given time
the amount of money [spiritual/physical value] owed
is greater than
the amount of money [value] already existing.
To make new money [metaphysical value]
to keep the whole [physical] system going,
we have to breed more chickens [commodities],
we have to create more ‘goods and services’
[and/or create a higher cooperative quality].
The principal way of doing so
is to begin selling something
that was once free
[through all of Time, to share in Commons of Earth’s Tribe].
It is to convert
[yinyin] forests into [yang] timber,
[yin] music into [yang] product,
[yin] ideas into [yang] intellectual property.
[yin] social [cultural relational] reciprocity
into [yang] paid services [economic transaction reductionism].”

But, this EarthTribe Body,
with confluent bicamerally balancing mind,
hears and proposes platforms and parties
of endless SelfOther Win-Win rituals
and practices,
breaths and heart beat meditation medication,
bird songs and eco-logic of healthy wealth
nature’s echoing beauty and wholeness sounds
of warm permacultural confluence
richly remembered as confluent syntax,
DNA/RNA regenerative balance
outweighing cognitive/affective dissonance
and overly anxious settling for assonance
where full polycultural harmonics
just waiting to sing their tipping points
more loudly.

Your voices with mine,
that is our agenda.
Your voices without mine,
that is my politically economic self-optimizing agenda
to hear and harmonize


Note: Quote is from Professor Charles Eisenstein, pp. 100-1, Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition, 2011, Evolver. A most enlightening read for those who buy toilet paper and coffee all the way through those engaged in political process to build cooperative economic networks. Verse format and comments within brackets are mine, and not intended to be other than cooperative embellishment to what already shines alone. There is also at least an implied hint here about how I believe a permacultural designer and developer of systems might respond to the Clay Math Institute’s P v NP issue. I believe time’s co-gravitational response is that P=N(NP) as space-concave is to bilaterally co-arising time-convex. At a deep Left-Right hemispherically balanced deduct/induct resonance level of eco-consciousness, I suspect we all autonomically/neurally believe that Positive Exterior is equivalent to its Double-Negative Interior Landscape, as this is the syntax of RNA’s unfolding/refolding form with function.


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