Thanksgiving for Time’s Healthy Harvest

Eisenstein’s economics of a more beautiful world
follows the ecologic of health,
like a richly embryonic egg-yolk
pulls its developmental compost
from ecologically balanced,
ubiquitously transparent,
gooey to more scientific-reductive touch,

So, this gives me cause for regenerative thanksgiving,
in this Earth-optimizing time
of Co-Falling and Co-Arising Harvest.

One illustration, my additions in brackets:

“The money [health] system we have today
is the manifestation of the scarcity mentality
that has dominated our civilization
[and threatened our wilderness Commons]
for centuries.

When that mentality changes,
the money [health] system will change
to embody a new [eco]consciousness.

In our current [competitively unhealthy] money system,
it is mathematically
[and logically]
impossible for more than a minority of people
[and species]
to live in abundance,
because the money [health and beauty] creation process
[yet also struggles with]
systemic [economic and political power] scarcity.

One man’s [Yang-power] prosperity
is another man’s [Yin-flow/function] poverty.”
[And, therefore,
the prosperous man’s reverse-co-falling flow/function yin-poverty issue
as well.]

Co-arising with co-falling abundant thanksgiving harvest
of eco-centric consciousness.


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