On Capitalizing Plants

A Commentary on

“A Note on the [Patriarchal-Capitalist] Treatment
of Plant Names”
by Robin Wall Kimmerer, p. 385

I too often accept
with nary a LeftBrain dominant thought
that our verbalized labels
for individual EgoPersons

To write
“Marvin Appletree”
would be to strip my tree
of His/Her sacred status
as an EarthTribe indigenous
child of MotherEartha
long before my own anthrosupremacist
sense of owning Real Estate
and all the Othered squatters
breathing anonymously on It.

It would be LeftBrain laughable
to write “Mosquito”
if this were in reference
to a flying insect,
any non-individuated
yet potentially annoying
predative Other.

LeftBrain Capitalization
conveys a certain Either/Or divisive distinction,
pejorative dissociation,

The anthrosupremacist position
of humans
normatively communicating outside
our sacred Grand Canyon spaces
and our own Creations
and our own proprietary Estates
esteemed private and corporate ownership
within a Patriarchal hierarchy

Economists have widely adopted
the win/lose Capitalism convention
of not sufficiently capitalizing
investing in the common sacred values
of organic plants
and animals
unless they are included
in a HumanNature narrative
for an official sacred space
place LeftBrain labeled
Holy Spirit Natured Sanctuary.

Thus, the first blossoms
of my favorite RightBrain cooperative gift:
Spring bursting flowers forth
in sacred organic Forests

Are LeftBrain written
as bloodroot
and the pink star
of a California Yosemite National Park
tiger lilly.

This seemingly natural
non-spiritual LeftBrain normative
verbal rulemaking
in Either EgoMine/OrAlienOther labeling
expresses deeply held competitive win/lose assumptions
about HumanNature monopolized
dualistic exceptionalism,

That ego-privileged speakers
and writers
are valued sacredly different
and monotheistically better
than other EarthTribe
Holy Nature/Spirited species
acting as our Othered
also-ran un-invested backdrop,

Mere organic environment
with only the Truth
and Beauty
we so royally assign
on our magnanimous best healthy days
and benign wealthy nights
to revere our Sacred Elders.

Indigenous wisdom
polycultural co-relationship
of all interdependent organic Beings

As equally 7th Principle
unitarian sacred
and ecopolitically
universally important

RightBrain imported

Not in a Patriarchal hierarchy
of ecopolitical scarcity
to merely win/lose survive
otherwise degenerative lose/lose nihilistic
ecocidal outcomes

But a PolyCultural Blue/Green Global Communion
eco-revolving gifts
spiraling circles
of EarthTribe Left/Right balancing life
includes RightBrain emotive love impressions.

So, in my LeftBrain universal ego-narrative
as in my RightBrain sacred
unitarian love life,

I break,
disconnect to reconnect,
without ego-LeftBrain partisan blinders,
to write
and speak
and sing
and dance freely

With my MarvinGaye AppleTree,
with they WiseHeron
and Boisterous Walrus
spirited natures
when I value a panentheistic
human Holy NatureSpirited,
or not;

And sing Health and Safety
Truth and Beauty
bicameral secular/sacred Anthems
of EarthTribe maples,
and bicameral balancing humans

When I value a LeftBrain
EitherMe/OrWe category
AND a RightBrain
polypathically felt
polyvagal complexly abundant
co-passionate win/win

secular/sacred reconception
of consumer commodities
as productive
mindful BiPartisan Gifts

Voting by sacred presence
for resilient EarthTribe
and Right sacred safety

Democratic recycling
dynamic breathing in from above
as out from below
co-passion balancing
MotherEartha energy.


Resonant Gifts

When my unlanguaged
RightBrain intuitive
mute muse default son
speaks in throated sounds,
urgently loud,
quietly lulling,
boisterously laughing
from belly
up to smiling dimpled face

He wants
and expects,
possibly demands,
nonviolent communication

And needs
compassionate companionship,
as do we all.

These two,
communication and companionship
not entirely the same,
and yet not distinctly different;

A creative sacred apposition
of outside relationship choices
felt as a warm accompaniment
inside gifting voices.


On Cooperative Condos

Condos are not Cooperatives,
he was quick to deduce,
reduce compassionate opportunity
to democratic annual voting duty.

But, both are co-investments
in residential
and/or commercial property,
preferably humane infestments
with exterior roofs
and walls
and windows
and doors
and halls
and floors,
she responded
all residual night
and most the residential day.

But who’s in charge
inside my space?

And wouldn’t it be nice,
she responds with grace,

If we invite each Other
to partner with We
in our cooperative journey,
as called
and able,
to invest in residents
without competing worries

Free to sing and dance,
jazz and rock
and rollerskate,
and possibly clean
up outside together

Depending on the weather

Cooperatively free
to pick up the outside trashy
recycling depository
now looking kinda’ nasty

Like a neglected laboratory

While we run and walk right by
feelin’ fly
on our way in to organic networking gardens
with and without compost buckets

Children playing composite cooperative
deep nature
nurturing outside classroom education

Learning nonviolent communication
across multicultural demonstrations
of multigenerational cooperative intent
to reduce restrictive Othering,

Without claustrophobic smothering
of those who co-invest with us,
wild natured
and mild spirited,
in this condo place and time
where cooperative communication
is our culture,

To economically
and politically
and socially
and psychologically
and ecologically nurture,
as cooperatively desired
but never autocratically required.


Complexion Questions

EarthTribe questions
partisan polarization

Of healthy democratic co-governing care
Of enriching democratic sex care
Of inter-religious multicultural wealth careā€¦

About abundance
within spacious sacred RightBrain silence
more powerful and enlightening
than mere LeftBrain monological chattering

About in-between apartheid times
both sacred and profane,
comedic and tragic,
mono- and poly- theistic passions
universally unitarian,

Yang and yintegral
dipolar co-arising
health and wealth care
Patriarchal ego-giving out
and EarthMother receiving in
and vice-versa
co-gravitating indigenous wisdom

His/Her sharing
of polypathic
bicameral bilateral consciousness

Are these political and economic
sexual and sacred experiential choices
co-passionately win/win
co-operative peace?
restorative justice?

Or more Lose/Lose oppressive
to both Yang top Giver
and not(not Yintegral) bottom Receiver?

some win/lose Business As Usual
HealthCooperative reducing GlobalWealthCompetitive scarcity,
LeftBrain dominant
Patriarchal/Capital competitive
devolutionary theoretical WorldView?

All bilateral triangulating EgoHealth/EcoWealth
restorative justice
therapeutic democracy options
explored together in nonviolently communicating
give and take ways?

In-between increasing monocultural fabrications
growing negative paranoid positions
against trusting monotheistic Love
to optimize healthy democratic
EarthMother health care

More polyentheistic wealth receiving
EarthTribe empowering
organically inclusive
creative and recreative

Choice of health/wealth
empowering and enlightened
cooperatively bilateral
questioning silent thought-provoking


Tasty Democratic Health

Tasty democratic roots
are made of trusted vines

Healthy democracy
does not chronically debate
derail indigenous theocracy
diminish pursuit of individual liberty
to co-invest in political
and religious
and sexual powers
of cooperatively focused light
polyphonic harmony

But does compassionately refine
individual human freedoms
to do whatever successful private investors
and elite asset owners
can easily afford to self-define

To monoculturally become
whomever the almighty
divinely White privileged
CAPITAL monotheistic
LeftBrain PATRIARCHALLY empowered,

but not bicamerally
democratically enlightened,

individual wants to self-righteously
hoarding ego-infested,
mistrust conserving
formerly sacred regenerativity
including ecofeminist Gaian goddesses

Indigenous wisdom
of cooperatively owned
and managed Gaian EarthMother experience
valuing healthy wealth
of abundant co-inhabiting care.

A healthy democratic co-investor
does not aspire
toward merely individual capital
exclusively growing wealthy
ego autocracy,
monotheistic plutocracy
retributively punishing kleptocracy
fallen educational consumers
of ignorantly de-contextualized pedagogy
miseducating for further patriarchal supremacy

Heading toward further scarcity
of capital wealth
hoarding plutocracy
anti-global organic health care,
planetary climate wealth share.

But a resiliently healthy
multiculturally trusting compassion,
liberally liberated from egocentrism,
from RightWing anthrosupremacy,
from fantasies of omnipotent capacity
to avoid natural organic suppressions
of all those actively distrusted
increasingly polarized Others

Win/Lose competing
rather than Win/Win cooperating
to establish universal power,
unitarian light,
and Yang/Yintegral democratic energy

Polypathic restraints
against competing for monopolies
over-invested in stock-infested cash
against Earth’s sacred
cooperative trusting health

Harmonic wealth subclimates
of richly regenerative
bipartisan trusted
economic ecosystemic brilliant light
politically empowering
HealthTrust co-governing
EarthJust restorative resources

Refined by Earth’s historical experience
sprouting tasty democratic wealthy roots
made of regenerating healthy vines.


Night Silent Cross

How could an established Muse
sing and dance
invisibly transparent?

What could a mute Muse
not sound like?

Absence, without/within contentment
Neglect, without/within compassion
Divestment, without/in co-investment
Loss, without/in gain
Trauma, without/in therapeutic intent
Dissonance, without/in harmony
Risk, without/in opportunity
Sadness, without/in gladness
Negative, without/in positive
Unease, without/in health
Disability, without/in wealth
Disempowerment, without/in prosperity
Pathology, without/in healing
Darkness, without/in enlightenment
BiPolar division, without dipolar double-bind

Where we remain still
in silent loving room
at divine humanity’s cross

For natural with out/in spiritual you
ecological with out/in theological
rightbrain compassionate
communicating Me with out/in We
bicameral Left with out/in Right
interdependent You.

What is our healthiest last choice
between seamless engagement,
vicarious entertainment,
and ubiquitous
ambiguous silence?


What’s Up?

How you doin’?

Why are you feeling
how we are doing
here in our unspoken thoughts?

Right now
perhaps far from our deep
primordial feeling

Of what are your passions

Abundant warm regarding

Or cold scarcity of time
to thrive together

Healthy Me
as polypathic
wealthy We

PolyPhonic Muses
deeply engaging
more wellbeing dipolarity
richly co-arising

Rather than merely amusing LeftBrain
choices Win/Lose ZeroSum

We Win
so Other Loses

While entertaining linear cause-effective
of felt scarcity,

Pre/Post Traumatic Dissonance
cognitive v affective disempowerment
violent internal reactionary
LeftBrain monotheistic
Either DivinelyGood
or HumanNatured FailingSin

reductive StraightWhite PatriarchalCapitalist
or Othering
not market ready
for optimizing AnthroSupremacist
predative opportunities

To re-evaluate how we
are LeftBrain and RightBrain

Responding to AnthroSupremacist
while feeling RightBrain
Both/And Win/Win

Disregarding our shared
Whole Open
yet WarmWombed
Original Sensory/Sexual regenerating system

overwhelmingly repressed

By what passions

Win/Lose ZeroSum
survivalist suppressed

and monocultural duress

Deep and wide
anxiously depressed

Sometimes more
and sometimes less.

Thanks for asking.

And how are you
too a mess?


Permacultural Abundance

This is Thanksgiving Day,
so I want to continue my interior conversation,
made perhaps too exterior,
by quoting from Sacred Economics, p. 123, (Charles Eisenstein)
about “flow of abundance,” my nuance in brackets:

“Please understand here that I do not mean to deter you from opening to the flow
of abundance.
To the contrary–
because when enough people do this,
the money
[and health]
system will change
to conform to the new [cooperative] belief
[in optimizing health as wealth].

Today’s money system rests on a foundation
of [both power and flow] Separation.
It [Win-Lose gaming strategy]
is as much an effect as it is a cause
of our perception [and evolutionary enculturation]
that we are discrete and separate subjects
in a universe that is Other.

Opening to abundance can only happen when we let go
of this [ego- and anthro-centric] identity
and open to the richness of our true,
[eco]connected being.
This new [co-arising] identity wants no part of usury.”
[but is drawn intuitively and rationally
to (0)-interest co-operative,
eco-relationship consciousness.]


Thanksgiving for Time’s Healthy Harvest

Eisenstein’s economics of a more beautiful world
follows the ecologic of health,
like a richly embryonic egg-yolk
pulls its developmental compost
from ecologically balanced,
ubiquitously transparent,
gooey to more scientific-reductive touch,

So, this gives me cause for regenerative thanksgiving,
in this Earth-optimizing time
of Co-Falling and Co-Arising Harvest.

One illustration, my additions in brackets:

“The money [health] system we have today
is the manifestation of the scarcity mentality
that has dominated our civilization
[and threatened our wilderness Commons]
for centuries.

When that mentality changes,
the money [health] system will change
to embody a new [eco]consciousness.

In our current [competitively unhealthy] money system,
it is mathematically
[and logically]
impossible for more than a minority of people
[and species]
to live in abundance,
because the money [health and beauty] creation process
[yet also struggles with]
systemic [economic and political power] scarcity.

One man’s [Yang-power] prosperity
is another man’s [Yin-flow/function] poverty.”
[And, therefore,
the prosperous man’s reverse-co-falling flow/function yin-poverty issue
as well.]

Co-arising with co-falling abundant thanksgiving harvest
of eco-centric consciousness.


Haunting Endless Waves

What co-arises together
must co-exhale to part.

Last night my HIV+ hunted down my negative,
my darkside,
death and fear,
my anger about my mortality,
my greater anger about our mortality as a species,
my greatest anger about our mortality as Earth’s DNA/RNA Tribes of Life,
that we all are so wrong and pointless
given limitations of our time’s memory
hunting inside our skin
for how to not let this incarnate hunt ever end.

Yet, with dawn’s light,
solely this haunting by endless nothingness,
as if we had never become, so never been,
this fear of death and anger against its organic final demand,
we hope to end
with seamless faith in eternally timeless ego-identity.

Where did this ego emerge from?
Endless nothingness?
Or, a paradise womb of cooperative eco-normics,
eco-logically self-optimizing nutritional health,
perfect temperature care,
nurturing co-abundance
between this seed of ego and this Mother Earth Elder EcoSystem,
sufficient well-being wealth
which, as decomposed,
became exegetical syntax,
elements with dynamic flows and functions
progenerated by co-arising gravity of time’s folding
and refolding revolutions,
the stardust structure of Father Time’s seasonal
primally relational language.

How do we ecologically reason and induce,
expand and contract,
regenerate and decompose,
produce and consume,
this emergent hypothesis about ego’s deadly nondual co-arising,
Just how frightening and maddening is this,
to embrace
soak up
co-arise to co-decompose
integrative/disintegrative folds
of cosmologically progenitive
dual-destiny transparent
Eco-Time’s co-arising/co-densing identity?

Those who surf our co-arising together

learn to co-exhale dismount
to co-arise the waves of future’s time
now always co-densively logic-present.