Thanksgiving-It-Forward ReGenesis

At end of this day of gratitude
for Being together,
Earth is Host
or Holy Ghost
or God or Goddess,
and we, Earth’s Tribes,
Her mutually parasitic-subsidiary Progeny.

At dawn’s revolutionary beginning
of this new cultural thanks
giving-it-forward day,
all DNA/RNA syntax Tribes
co-worshiping our timeless Time
of Earth’s Co-Communicants,
learn to co-operatively optimize
our mutually parasitic health
as our pilgrimage toward (0)Mega Point
of eco-consciously co-creating
conscientific Earth
as Eco-Hosting Universe.

Earth as Gaia,
Solar/Lunar Progenitive Namaste System
as Sun God,
and Grandmother Moon,
with RNA cast about as regenerative seeds
and eisegetical embryos,
here lies, decomposes, and emerges
our Permaculturaly Orthodox Received View,
our ExeGenetic Business As Usual.

and other cultural expressions,
articulating facets of this natural beauty,
co-gravitational nutrition,
balancing health harmonic octaves and fractals
of eco-systemic integrity,
are each enlightening commentary
on Earth’s Exegetical Gospel of Eco-Logos Wisdom.

In ReGenesis,
are Solar Systemic Heaven
with Earth,
and Earth was without co-operative form
and competitively discommodifying void of healthy value.
And, evening’s Tree of Dream Death as eviL
and morning’s Tree of Live as Polyculturally Beloved,
were Time’s first Host-self/other optimizing
Great Transitional Thanksgiving Day.


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