In This Taoist’s View

Could we be doing our best
to invest in Earth’s cooperative health markets?
While you sell our most competitive killing machines
to our Saudi Arabian cousins.

Referencing this touchstone as an ecopolitical WinWin,
unlike Parisian multicultural investments in climate health,
as LoseLose,
remains upside down of any truly love-life frame.

Ballistic sales and buys are tragic ecopolitical failures
as are our hugely nihilistic military markets,
fueled by political-nationalistic fear-mongering,
anti-life and hope
could only cynically be seen and heard
much less smelled and felt
as WinWin success.
Bombs stink.

One hundred and ten billion dollars
for purveyors of future death and destruction
to, and around, Saudi Arabia
seems somewhat against climates of health
as compared to Parisian international agreements
to do our best
to turn from investments in further disinvesting death pathologies
to return toward climates
and ecopolitical landscapes of health’s wealthier
more robust and resonantly multiculturing
WinWin outcomes.

We have no prospects for wins that are truly anthro-economic
that are anti-ecologic.

Wealth blossoms from healthy roots.
It is not smart to try to plant and sell your roses upside down.

In Taoism,
and other zero-centric disciplines
and art-forms,
such as statistical trend analysis
and Permaculture Design
and Game Theory,
every position has its dipolar apposite;
every static implies a dynamic hypostatic,
as Yang implies apposition Yin,
as masculine strength implies feminist-matriarchal nurture,
embryonic wombed conservancy.

If God is love,
then also fear delineates God’s and Earth’s omnipotent boundaries
for therapeutic health.

Some would say love’s opposite is hate,
but here more resonant appositional contrast is ecstasy,
Eastern interdependent consciousness of bliss,
Western polypathy of experiential and logosed trans-paradigmatic wisdom,
as fear can distrust into chronic hate
so love can trust transcendent polyculturing ecstasies.

Climate health
is also about absence of climate pathology
which could lead to multiculural ecstasies,
Martin L. King, Jr’s BeLoved Communities,
resonant harmonies
of zero-sum ecopolitics.

But, we must choose love
for synergetic cooperative economics
rather than fear-mongering WinLose ballistic arms
for racing racism
for gender-commodifying sexism,
for cooperative capital reducing reductive capitalism
for substituting economism for ego/eco-systemic logic;
bring on more Left with Right
for less Left against Right,
bring on YangJustice with YinurturingPeace
Love with delineating Fear of Ego/Eco-Loss
of any regenerative future markets
of all-consumer and for all-producing health
as freedom’s wealth.

Religions, all, choose nature-spirit climates of and for sacred love,
so our choices for political landscapes furthering fear
fade away from military industrialized
brother/sister extended hatreds.

We are better than addiction to sale of armaments.
We have learned already
to invest in multiculturing climates and landscapes
and languages
and cultures of and for love.

If love grows our cooperative capacities,
capital investments,
to optimize health as wealth
through each and every multiculturing WinWin
relational and transactional opportunity,
then it is not only a lie replacing Promise
to believe we can democratically point a loaded rifle
at someone’s product of love
within a smaller nationalistic spirit supporting life,

Death sales are also tragically missed opportunities
to further delineate
our polypathic possibilities of and for,
in and through,
before and after,
sacred ecological love,
our shared democratic multiculturingl Promise.

While there are two sides,
at least,
to every healthy resonating story,
the other side veers off
toward dissonate pathologies,
decay and even threats thereof,
paranoia and rabid ritualistic terrors
bipolar eviscerating history
rather than dipolar co-arising her/his-stories.

Every love story
includes its tensioned appositional,
fear of deadly growth
toward hate’s viral histories
of capital gains for aristocratic few
without ecotherapeutically mutual co-investments
in and for mutual freedom’s regenerative return.

We have our love creation stories
with, and happily above,
our fear-commodifying history
of threats and ecopolitical coercion,
capital love abundance
not yet entirely perverted into arcane reductivist capitalism,
supported by even more military industrializing sales
at most until Earth’s oil
then gas
then ballistics defuse our bullets
while jonesing for more cooperatively-owned love comes rushing in.

A Permaculture Designer
might observe we all agree,
Judeo-Christian American,
and Islamic Saudi Arabian,
our mutually beloved Allah-God is 0-core love,
from which all creations positive bright nurtured co-arise
double-binding all imaginations negative
dualdark bipolarities of competing defined exegetical contrasts
with dipolarities cooperating delineating eisegetical comparisons.

No bright white health nutritional trends
without dark black death decompositions
but calling climate health black
and darkdeath-mongering merely not quite unwhite
does not make alternative facts more true,
as trusting polypathic freedoms
to regeneratively optimize love
as and in and of and for
God and Earth’s future cooperative health.

One hundred and ten billion dollars for ballistics
for disinvesting God and Allah and Earth from each LoveOther.
Piracy of truth and goodness
perfidy of healthy trust
of and for future regenerations.
Self impeaching offenses against God and Earth as Love,
sold as cause for international celebration.

I am decidedly not buying.

Why not sell 110 million trees
at $100 each,
or 110 million solar panels?
Why lead off with our most toxic commodity?
It feels like massive failure of democratically healthy imagination,
and curiosity,
and intent toward wealth of therapeutic outcomes.

Is that really what they inappropriately teach
at Wharton School for Healthy Business?


Bodhisattva Generationalists

“Systems ecology recognizes that stable conditions
give advantage to highly specialized [yet cooperative] species,
but that changing conditions
favour species known as [cooperative] generalists
that can adapt to different food,
or [and] other factors.” David Holmgren, Permaculture, p. 63

Socially healthy humans
have become
and come from
cooperative generalists
as we remain communication generalists
as we articulate being and becoming
healthy-wealthy regenerative generalists,
acting co-redemptively cooperative,
which economists define as co-invested cooperative,
and Christians delineate as co-redeemer cooperative politics,
which is also co-messianic,
which is also Earth’s EcoMessianic Vocation
to become fully humane,
among Earth’s Beloved MultiCulturing Communities,
cooperatively owned
and Golden Rule governing
as One CoMessianic Body.

Perhaps it is the ecological conclusion of PermaCulture Design
to believe in Earth and all inhabitants thereof
as One Messianic Body
as also well captured in the Bodhisattva nurturing tradition,
and other religious stories and themes
in which humans are seen as most fully human
as we become actively cooperative co-redeemers;
a people,
and individual persons,
who are of people now gone
who are for people and all creation here and not yet here
on Earth,
to co-invest,
co-redeem our grace as WinWin cooperators,
and not so much competitive divestors of capital treasures
hoarded for individualistic futures
or even for one’s own direct patriarchal//matriarchal line
of future co-regenerators.

Seen this way,
this One Body Messianic
includes all those exposed to wisdom teachings,
whether scriptural
or mentored by healthy Elders,
and, even better,
by both,
living within Earth’s natural-spiritual multiculturing Beloved Communities.

whether using a secular LeftBrain lens
or a sacred Elder RightBrain frame of BothAnd
bilateral heuristics,
we have and are two types of ecopolitical beings,
and becomings,
both socially cooperative
and anti-socially competitive.

We host daily and nightly lives
lived and dreamed
somewhere in-between all Yin Cooperative
and all Yang MonoCulturing.

But, redemption
remains in appositional tension with competition’s divestment,
regardless of which economy
you choose,
and has chosen you.


Follow Earth’s Authoritative Light

Borrowing from David Holmgren, Permaculture Principles and Pathways Beyond [Win-Elite v Lose-NonElite] Sustainability, 2002, p. 1

Health ethics are Beloved Community normative principles
used to guide action toward good and light and right outcomes
and away from degeneratively bad and wrong outcomes,
darkly ego-pathic and monoculturing
rather than polypathically polyculturing.

Regenerative ethics constrain Ego’s Win/Lose (Either/Or) survival instincts
and other ecopolitical constructs of self-interest
competitively driving humane-enspirited-enlightening BothAnd behavior.

Enculturing ecosystemic ethics
evolve mechanisms for growing and extending co-enlightening self-interest,
a more ego/eco bilateral-centered inclusive view
of who and what constitutes “ego-plus-light/dark environment”
evolving a longer-term regenerative/degenerative understanding
of WinWin-good and LoseLose-bad monoculturing outcomes.

The greater the polypathically authoritative power of humane-divine civilization
(due to information/energy equitable accessibility and ownership)
and the greater our concentration and scale of ecosystemic light-power
within our ecopolitical praxis,
the more prescriptively critical ethics become
for ensuring long-term Beloved Community cultural,
and biological,
short-term survival through long-term light-authority thrival.

This ecological view of enculturing ethics
evolves regeneratively central
through the nutritional v toxic development of a post-millennial culture
in, of, and for post-mature climax of paid-out-forward
energy descent
without concomitant authoritative creolizing
ecologically composting
nutritional health-information descent.

Like polyculturing descriptive design principles,
cooperative pay-forward co-investment ethical principles
follow three broad enlightening (v endarkening) maxims
or ecologically polypathic principles:

1. Care of/for Earth; includes, but is not limited to
2. Care of/for people; includes, but is not exclusive of
3. Carefully set authority/responsibility maturing balance limits
to ego’s authoritative light consumption
as double-binding eco-other reproductive responsibiity
and eco-redemptive
redistributing surplus of light-nutrition;
also decelerating degenerative dark-toxic waste.

Health-wealth cooperative principles distill research of and for Beloved Community polyculturing ethics,
as adopted and creole-adapted by older nature-spirit nondual religious
and polypathically multiculturing cooperative groups.

The third principle
embryonically evolves out of the second principle
embryonically evolving out of the first principles of polypathic ecological Earth.

Luke (the HealthProfessional) 11:33-34

The lamp of the body is the eye.
If therefore your eye is polypathically healthy,
your whole body is illuminated;
but if your eye is pathologically ego-supremacist,
your whole body will be dark
[closed off to The Perfect Light, see also Rumi on nature-spirit light v dark].
If therefore the light in you is darkness,
how [monoculturally] great is that darkness!

Dale B. Martin, Biblical Truths: The Meaning of Scripture in The Twenty-First Century, 2017, pp 52-3

These verses are about the importance of [light/dark] perception;
we may say even [healthy] attitude.

If my faculty of observation,
whether of the world,
of other things,
of other people,
of one’s own situation
is bad or unhealthy,
I will myself be in a bad, unhealthy state.
Having good [polypathically mature] perception is necessary for having [and regeneratively retaining] good internal health.
This is not, therefore, just a statement of [descriptive] fact,
though it is that;
it is given as a moral [prescriptive] lesson:
we ourselves are morally responsible for how we perceive things
[light ecologically and dark ego-pathology].
Jesus is telling us to train our eyes to see [ego/eco-conscious enlightened] well,
not badly, not in an evil way.

But this also means we are not destined to only one way of seeing.
We can [re]learn to see [cooperative light v overly-competitive dark] properly.
We can train our eyes to see in a [humane-]godly and [active] loving manner.
And in fact, we [ecologically] have to [descriptively and prescriptively].
Seeing properly–
[humane-]godly [co-operative creolizing] perception,
correct [nondual co-arising light/dark] seeing–
is a learned and practiced [sensory-neural] skill….

Seeing the world around us in a positive [light and negative-dark],
accurate [polypathic ecological] way is a moral,
and social [ecopolitical authority with concomitant] responsibility
(naive optimism that denies the [deauthorizing reverse-authenticating ecopolitically dark competing] facts is no virtue either).

Thus, though [merely personal creolic ecological acclimation] empiricism cannot be an absolutely [exegetical] reliable means to [polypathically] correct knowledge,
we must learn to use it and use [enlightening authority and mutual endarkening responsibility] it well,
even [especially] when doing theology
[and teleology,
and ethology,
and economic and political regenerative purpose,
and meaning of humane-godly lives and deaths].


Book of Lists

A book of lists
is what I need
to absolve Earth’s Tribes
of rampant greed.

Before and after lists,
being and becoming fists,
masculine and feminist mutual mentoring trists
of transliterative transubstantiation.

I would like to hug
a warm and fuzzy theology
with prophetic philosophical appeal
to aesthetic reasons and tastes
that both hunters and gatherers
might sing and dance along

Nationalism is out,
so Earth-centrism is in.
Egocentric competitivism is out,
so ecoconsciousness colors back in
balancing patriarch/matriarch cooperatives,
consensus ego/eco-consciousness.

I need an updated list of reasons why
when red is out
then green is in
and when they grow together
we rediscover rich brown creolization
of less anthrocentric cultures,
we reweave deep dark mythos/logos syncretism,
for healthier earth history stories,
not just logos taught, but also mythos mentored.

I love this list
of red becomes purpling peopling nurturing equalities
as blue states of eco-natured redevelopment
become aquamarine green,
together ultra-violet
non-zero sum octaves
WinWin his/herstories.

I live these self-regenerating lists.
They move around
Yin-in with Yang-out
to re-emerge regenerative
of and with and for Earth’s 4D spacetime double-binding
transcendent generosity
listing forward to regenerative ecotherapy
listing back toward permaculturing gratitude
for these organic EarthTribe lists
of ebb and flow.

We need an historic list,
cooperatively owned and together self-managed,
of how paganism birthed monotheism
and regenerations of taoist anthrocentric panentheism
birthed co-arising nonduality
of PatriarchalYang loving Matriarchal nurturing Yin
birthing Trinitarian permacultures
systemic-organic networks
regenerating egoconscious Left
as also ecoconscious Right
as Mother Earth Shabbat
in and of Beloved internal/external Community
climate balance
both universally absolutely empowering
and invitingly
concretely organic Golden Rule ego/eco enlightening.

I need a list
composed by historians
and journalists
of what regeneratively happened
when we had no bad news,
where we had no headlines to gossip about
and only loves to nurturingly share
and in
and on
and for
and of
Earth’s regenerate blessings.


Politics As Unusual

soars Dr. Jane Anna Gordon,
turns our co-empathic evolving democracy project
into a verbal,
regenerative more,
degenerative less,
occasionally EliteColonizer-Pirates v NonElite-MultiCultural Prey revolutionary,
and even less occasionally Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGenerative.

What could all this Elite and NonElite political evolution and revolution
have to do with your self-optimizing, hopefully more nutritional and healthy than not, WinWin kind of optimistic day?

Well, don’t skip too quickly RightBrain averse to LeftBrain strings of complex labels and epistemological-linguistic ecosystems.

See, you just did it again.

So, pretend we are each bicameral LeftBrain Dominant EgoElites:
Wow, we sure are WinWin co-intelligent deductive/inductive bilaterally intelligent!

AND, we are also each bicameral RightBrain Suppressed EcoPolitical NonElites:
Wow, we sure are feeling nurturing and well-integrated,
and multiculturally-recreative abundant flows of NotThisInductive/NotThatDeductive dopamining hope for WinWin global co-redemptive creole-nutritional timeless relationships of love
and peace
and joy
and beauty
and reiteratively fertile-refractive-reflective-reflexive communication;
hope to cooperatively hunt and gather,
spiral and fractal-fuse,
consume and produce
ecopolitically WinWin Self/Other ReGenerative warm nurturing Optimization.

In short,
this is Eden’s most polypathically polynomially polyculturally possible
Health and Safety, defined as Positive
Bicameral Symbiotic-ReGenerative
(0)-Source Resonant
CoArising NonDual Yang/Yin HealthyWealth,
and this is also PermaCulturing Design
on behalf of both InteriorEgo-Left
and ExteriorEco-Right Hand Dominant EcoSystemic Landscapes
LongTerm SelfPerpetuating WinElite/WinNonElite Creolization
Health and Safety EarthClimates.

Imagine this is our GoldenRule
multiculturing nutritional health trust-expansion
in LeftBrain’s thoughts and languaged consciousness,
creole-confluent with RightBrain NonElite extended Elder family,
with fear-feelings but also healthy nurturing matriarchal cooperative economies of scale
and time
and healthy-wealthy balance,
flowing our future regenerations together,
and thereby degenerating our current pathologically patriarchal-elitist conservative trends
away from struggling with BothAnd-Right WinWin,
and struggling against EitherOr-LeftTooDominant WinLose
reweaving back toward DNA encrypted
nutritional regenerative strings
of (0)-sum Fertile OriginalIntent Information,
(-,-) Convex/ConCave CoRelational NotYangSpace, then also Not(NotYin) Time.
[Yin-squared WinWin = PolyPathicYang-Positive/Positive].

Creolization of Elite/NotElite Ego/EcoPolitical Relations
turns our co-empathic democracy project
into a regenerative Yang,
decomposing WinWin BiLateral Yin,
Elite/NonElite Creolizing-SelfReGeneration
of +(1.00)% UniversalYang Win
nondually co-defines dipolar (-,-)0% Sacred Creole-Acclimation Symbiotic Evolution (long-term nutritional ElderRight Brain)
and EcoPolitical Original BiCameral Constitutional Intent
(short-term Health and Safety Conserving LeftBrain EgoDeductiv
is also Inductive WinLeftWinRight-EquiValent Creolization CoOperating ClimateDominance.

Creolization, with Dr. Gordon,
is Sacred Ecology Mutual-Symbiotic DoubleBinding Acclimation, Dr. Bateson,
is NewLeftDeductive-Languaged evolving from ElderRightBrain,
probably more cooperative-matriarchal reverse-hierarchically BothAnd phylogenic-integrative, Dr. Jaynes,
both Exegetical LeftBrain Scientific Creole-Revolutionary
and Continuing BothAnd RightBrain Inductive Evolutionary-ReGenerateFlow, Dr. Kuhn,
and StrictPaternalisticYang-Right Elite-Conservative of ShortTerm Health and EgoSafety
and NurturingMatriarchal Yin-Left NonElite Progressives
LongTerm Creole-NurtureFeelers, Dr. Lakoff.

as ecopolitical mutual acclimation,
bicameral cooperation through co-empathic nondual trust,
polyculturing climax,
Beloved MultiCulturing Gospel CoMessianic Community,
as Alpha/Omega TippingPoints,
postcolonial revolutionary Original Intent
of HealthyWealth optimizing
ecosystemic and humanely economic empowering
bicameral YangLeft/YinRight,
also UniversalEgo/Unitarian-Matriarchal-ReGenerative
EcoLogical Health and Prosperity
BiCameral Constitutions.

All democratic bicameral constitutions
have been Originally Intended
to converge toward WinWin creole-cooperative ecopolitics
by diverging from monoculturing EgoLeftBrain EitherWin-OrLose
Survivalist-Supremacist-Royalist-Entitlement Dominance.

our WinWin RightBrain’s cooperative BothAnd evolutionary experience
co-governing with competitive EitherOr devolutionary decomposition of renouned labels,
selecting only these most nutritious polypathic co-mentors
for next day’s health as cooperative Elite/NonElite wealthing journey.


All About Taxes

Conservative View of taxation:
A prehensile grab
from an authoritarian patriarchal government
to steal from my short-term stockpile
of self-aggrandizing cash.

Progressive View of taxation:
A GoldenRule government-issued invitation
to cooperatively invest in our shared short-term
and long-term health and safety future.

Moses challenged Conserving-Progressive FreedomPeople
to never forget
we have escaped the bonds of patriarchal plutocratic Egyptian grabbing
from our bourgeois and formerly enslaved Chosen Egos.

We are now both Governor and Governed,
cooperatively incorporated,
economically progressing our ego-conservationing
of health and safety ecopolitical outcomes.

Conservative View of health and safety:
Good for all,
but, when push comes to economic shove,
best for me to hoard
against an Egyptian militaristic day.

Progressive View of health and safety:
Of course we are always WinWin-only cooperative geopolitical players
of and for Earth’s regenerativity.
So, we are happy to pay our taxes,
but we would be even happier if these would co-invest
in Earth’s climate health and safety,
EarthTribe’s regenerative health and safety,
as Ego’s bicameral co-empathic trust
in our GoldenRule cooperative
Exodus into our Beloved Promise Land
of eco-integrity.


Supremacy of Racial EcoPolitics

A racist favors separation of races.
Racists come in two varieties,
but both behaviorally favor separation of races,
if not theoretically,
then practically,
too comfortable with past apartheid,
such as all White faith communities,
for one nonexclusively intended example,
practicing our habitual ecosystemic politics of mistrust.

Racists favor separation of their race
from that of others
to further ecopolitical praxis of assumed racial superiority,
which is the ongoing mutual disempowerment story of racism.

There is no authentic empowerment side
in our racism story
because we are all weaker when we prefer to fly apart
and stronger when we fly more multiculturally deep-enriched,

In our choices of community investment,
when and where do we seek co-empowerment
of the cooperative multicultural purse?
rather than Business As Competing-Racism Usual.

Competing to defend our birthright separated standing
in life’s survivalist-revivalist pecking order,
is a dull monochromatic defensive position
within WinLose gaming positions,
entirely inappropriate for WinWin multiculturing opportunities,
self-other regenerative optimization
for Beloved Health-Wealth Communities.


Choosing ProLife Magazines

I was in Nazareth the other day
waiting for a visit with my acupuncture ecotherapist.

The waiting room is minimalist-zen, I suppose.
While waiting to be invited in next,
I took a chair
with a magazine table in front
displaying two magazines,
one to my left
and one to my right.

The one on my left
was about the Democrats’ ProLife Policy,
advertising titles like
Earth’s Cooperative ReGeneration,
Climate Health Economic Opportunities
LongTerm Public Health and Safety
Becoming Beloved Communities.

The magazine on my right was the Republican ProLife Position,
as iconically represented by Wealth as Trump-Ace cards,
with titles like
Aborting Our Babies’ Future
Hot Air, Filthy Water, BurnedOut Soil
Public Health Issues Not Covered by ObamaCare.

I chose the Health Development magazine on my left
because I thought it would be more consistently
positively pro-life,
while Aborting our Babies’ Future Health
seemed more likely to just be another long advertisement
for negative
anti-Earth Sciences
anti-HealthyWealthy Creation Stories of Paradise Still Becoming,
rather like a Yes! magazine,
but that was a surprising non-choice
in that time and place,
within that monoculturally plutocratic condemning life
I suppose was envisioned in the magazine on my Right.

I will never truly know.
Just as I picked up the ProLife Left choice
my ecotherapist invited me in for our appointment,
during which s/he told me I should feel better for the next four years
knowing I did the best I could to defend against further pathologies,
and to just continue choosing Positive as ProLife ReGenerators,
7-Generation bicameral double-binding magazines,
co-arising both/and either/or appositions
of ecopolitical climate pro-life health
v anti-ecological landscapes of further pathological
and even considerably lower,
condemning future potential generations to abort
as an entire EarthBound species
rabidly in denial of untimely death by
pre-millennially LeftBrain too dominant
anti-ecologically ecopolitically too competitive
WinLose Party Players
against caring for the health of future babies.

So, continue choosing the Positive ProLife Deviant magazine on my left
and comprehend why that choice is resonantly confluent
with RightBrain’s NotNot Health-Abortive DNA/RNA,
also known in Nazareth as ecologically sacred encryption,
humane-divine bilateral inspiralation.

As soon as s/he saw me reach for the Left,
my ecotherapist from Nazareth knew
I would be as OK as I could be
about our future regenerative,
rather than degenerative
public health pro-life choices.


The Good Society

Is there a doctor in the house?

A cryptic message from the uniting nations, looking for yet another credentialed ecotherapist to surgically remove all our economic and political issues. Those remaining after overdosing on pharmaceuticals as media marketed through normal incorporated competitions for egocentric profit channels and parties and outlets fed by oil-fired over-heating ballistic powers.

Unfortunately, this local ecotherapeutic facilitator and mentor guild is out of rabid pathologists. They are all currently mad with medicines of and for climate illnesses, building sand bag towers across drowning coastal cities the oceans are reclaiming as their own, in their perennial rage against the continents of usurpation. Predators, with power-over monocultural intent, this tidal tug of war between productive lands and consuming seas.

But doctors are best for reacting to already raging and suffered madness, badness, while our ecotherapeutic nurses are nurturing specialists, responsible for co-mentoring regenerative public health, supporting cooperative natural healing laws and organic orders, composting richer climates within dysfunctional families as post-graduate clinical trials before they take on facilitating public-sector governing, multicultural garden uncovering, helpful-healthy community beloving our uniting nations’ polypathically extending families.

For proactively regenerating healthy societies this ecotherapeutic guild recommends our co-empathic cooperative trust mentors, nurturing Good Holistic Sciences and Arts of healing medicines. Where surgeons and psychotropic dispensing political doctors react against predative paranoid economic nightmares, our health-nurturing nurses bring deep-resonantly fired experience returning pathological ecopolitical dark night scares into rememories of multicultural Paradise Dreams singing and dancing through healthy EarthTribe childhoods.

Why seek yet another burnt-out surgical WinLose pathologist when we have so many healthy WinWin eco-nutritional mentors? Trees creating good from bad atmospheres and pollinators regenerating depleted ecopolitical soils and barren, former ecologically healthy, souls.

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Quality Climate Changes

Quantities of time feel nothing.
Calculating, summing and subtracting,
days and weeks,
months and years and decades
roll past our eyes and ears
our growing and shrinking stomachs
to leave their strong and weak-grooved rings,
yet I only feel and remember qualities of time as co-present,
or dissonant immune reactions
of fear about time’s future qualities
anger about time’s past conflicts
burning hot bright volcano hatreds
adrenaline flowing flashes
accessible as bliss
only completely invested, immersed,
within this timeless moment,
too seldom aware of Earth’s intelligent co-present fertility
as grace dancing through our quantities of mortal metric times.

Qualities of time’s regenerate evolutions
long to feel everything belonging once again together,
as if beyond a foggy lapse of mirrored identity
this was our golden era memory
feeding on matriarchal placentas
when all felt now-ly timeless
and right
and true as good
and warm-full beauty filled.

Perhaps here lies our measure of time’s healthiest quality,
economic and political as ecologically environmental growth therapy,
surfing through this timeless now of polypathic potential consciousness
of feelings positive through negative
emerging from and for and through and in and on and over each now
submerging into past speciating
branching memories,
trees of old strong-rooted felt memory
weighed against and for our original embryonic nurturing standards
for stronger ecopolitical health
as less climatic pathology
through this eternally regenerating now.

Quality of Tao feels everyone potentially to-gathering.