Permacultural Abundance

This is Thanksgiving Day,
so I want to continue my interior conversation,
made perhaps too exterior,
by quoting from Sacred Economics, p. 123, (Charles Eisenstein)
about “flow of abundance,” my nuance in brackets:

“Please understand here that I do not mean to deter you from opening to the flow
of abundance.
To the contrary–
because when enough people do this,
the money
[and health]
system will change
to conform to the new [cooperative] belief
[in optimizing health as wealth].

Today’s money system rests on a foundation
of [both power and flow] Separation.
It [Win-Lose gaming strategy]
is as much an effect as it is a cause
of our perception [and evolutionary enculturation]
that we are discrete and separate subjects
in a universe that is Other.

Opening to abundance can only happen when we let go
of this [ego- and anthro-centric] identity
and open to the richness of our true,
[eco]connected being.
This new [co-arising] identity wants no part of usury.”
[but is drawn intuitively and rationally
to (0)-interest co-operative,
eco-relationship consciousness.]


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