Who Are We

Who are we
in ego’s deductive dark winter
decomposing fallen embryos of health nutrition?

Who are we
springing consumers of light
and dark wet nights
nourishing diastolic growing life systems?

Who are we
in diastatic summer’s full regeneration,
bright light warm absorbing flows
of water’s eco-messianic baptismal promise,
opportunity for future time’s replenaration?

Who are we?
Producing fall’s winnowed harvests
flying scattered seeds of time’s intense dense integrity,
advent of four-prime spiral seasons,
light’s enlightenment
balancing dual dark root heart rhythmic systems
flowing Earth’s time river
of rich polycultural polypathic polymorphic becoming,
understory for Earth’s Ground soil-soul of Being,
RNA languaging DNA regenerators,
revolutions enfolding evolution’s bilateral Tao way.


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