Universal Stories

All of us,
or nearly all,
have had both spiritual experience
and some religious teaching,
sometimes from prophetic pulpit ScriptureSpeakers
and sometimes through more maternal StoryTellers,
and all immersed in prodigal parables
bridging gaps
between internal spiritual experience
of nutritional love through toxic hate,
ecocentric good through egocentric evil
and sad,
and religious instructions
about how to do better,
more cooperatively,
next time,
gratitude co-investing Earth’s rich health grace.

All of us,
or most,
for cooperatively better
and Yang/Yin competitively worse,
have had both economic ecological experience
and prophetic,
and sometimes pathetic,
political teachings
about how best to govern
our YangLeft-RightYin regenerative selves,
our local communities of bicameral cooperative intent,
our counties and provinces and bioregions,
our nations
as our MotherEarth Planet
eco-cooperative place
of original embryonic Earth-Mother’s
matriarchally nutritional
spirit-nature nondual
co-arising Grace
as both God and Gaia Earth’s Creation
invite more gratitude together
than Yang v. repressed Yin

Which came first?
Spiritual and ecological embryonic experience?
Or political-religious-cultural prophecies
and laws
and legislation,
mediated dogmas
and political nominations
for your persuasion
and co-investment in
Anger Management EgoTherapies
and Love Abundance EcoTherapies?

do they SpiritYin–
secular NatureYang–
toward equivalent
Grace abundant Gratitude?

In other words
each embryonic new birth
is also an ancient reforesting regenetic unfolding
of phylogenic instructions
for reforesting our lives in potential-Eden,
for Paradise perpetuation
from now
through at least 7-ReGenerations.

To paraphrase avid David Holmgren,
we best remember
gains and losses
from culling forests,
ecosystems external
and egosystems internal,
are made health and pathology possible
by Earth’s deep rich cooperative eco-learning diversity
of Patriarchal Grace
greeting integrity of Matriarchal Gratitude;
experience first intended
while still in loving Mother’s Spirit-Natured Womb.

Be careful who you deepest listen to,
are fed and bled by,
said TransGender Virgin Mary,
when reforesting your forests
in and out.
From thunderous tones of too Patriarchal Voices
and the flowing grace-octaves of original sensory experience,
you can usually delineate
those who know differences between culling and raping,
and those who not so much have first clues,
prefer to speak first
about their own ego-political competing issues.

If in their most important scripture stories,
the women,
and the poor,
and the marginalized LGBTs,
and the people of rich deep color,
have only bleeding parts
instead of speaking
and singing
and dancing parts,
then it’s time to shop
’til you drop
for a more polycultured Creation Story
of PolyPathic EcoPolitics.

Can you imagine,
asked the VirginMother of Her Son,
Where Yang spies swimming upstream
Yin also hears and smells and feels flying,
weaving and reweaving
more downstream
than up,
first concave inside
then convexly out?


I’m Not Sure

I’m not sure
if nature’s spiritual voices,
if Earth’s cultural songs and dances,
are merely subjectively interesting
nutritional creolizing metaphors,
or if all ecological analogies
are necessarily and objectively interesting,
or perhaps even both,
sacred-secular co-arising.


If We Selected Gods

If we were Earth gods and goddesses,
with powers to create anything we prefer
for our healthiest wealth attainment,
would we settle for living in a swamp
created by our own collective lack of mindfulness
about how to play longer-term WinWin?

If we were Earth gods and sacred goddesses,
not much worried about deathbed nightmare memories
of those times we had to settle
for minimizing losses
because we could not see
a WinWin option,
more cooperatively dominant
Left with RightBrained bicameral networks
of polypathic co-intelligence
as Earth humanegods
and polyphonic Sacred Goddesses.

If we were Earth’s natural gods and goddesses
creolizing Bodhisattva masters–
co-passionate mistresses of matriarchal love–
Yangs with eco-flowing Yins,
I would instead imagine on my death bed
sixteen years from now,
at eight decades of competitive trials
and cooperative errors,
and remember that 80-year-old’s
patriarchal-matriarchal embryo
eco-binary double-bound
dipolar appositional
and not so much bipolar oppositional,
embryonic Original HealthWealth Intent.

If I were one of EarthTribe’s secularYangs
with sacred YinFractal
DNA regenerative processing,
Permacultural Designers
of both internal and external landscapes,
mindstates with landmine synaptic dominance,
I would look back for those Optimal Golden Rule relationships–
WinWin incarnations of long-term love bilaterals–
transcending timeless sacred regenerativity.

If I were one of EarthTribe’s reincarnating
gods and goddesses,
I would go back to earliest beginnings
of each of my most long-term loving cooperations,
good for ego,
best for eco-others,
including aliens and immigrants,
as are we all,
each and every Secular/Sacred Species,
not just Kingdom SelfAppointed Leaders-Predators,
good for Earth’s cooperative synergetic Giai Hypothesis,
nondual-co-arising HealthyWealth
WinWin outcomes as natural-spiritual expectations,
Sacred Promise of ReGenerative His/HerStory,
deep learning-listening mindful health encultured anticipations
positive, more than just
Win short-term
Lose long-term notnot negative-0 competitive-summed
up as
MotherEarth grows a Dog-Eat-Dog Plutocratic World
a matriarchal embryonic understory
of Left-Right harmonic
polypathic polyphonic polynomial bilateral
Yang/Yin EcoSystemic Balance,
now more RightBrain repressed
yet still co-operating back and forth,
co-arising DNA toward WinWin
HealthyLeft-Short WealthyRight-Long
night and day.

If we were EarthTribe gods and goddesses
we would not settle for less than love
as WinWin co-arising delineation,
regenerate re-creation
of yet more loving long-term outcomes.

If we were EarthGods and Goddesses
living in active secular-sacred positive faith,
we would mistrust Win now
to pay to play later
marketing subtext,
we would no more discern between healthy economics
and wealthy ecologics,
climate eco-therapies inside and out,
than would a 0-sum WinWin healthy child
patriarchal and matriarchal balanced
Yang/Yin DNA
loving positive HealthWealth moments
living in and on Earth’s Eden Paradise Potential
as promised
when SkyFather’s radiance
first photosynthesized dipolar co-arising

If we were EarthTribe Gods and Goddesses
we would only elect CEOs
and legislators
and educators
and lawyers
and parents
capable of recognizing our HealthWealth Potential
day to day
year to year
life to life,
and would most certainly never nominate for CEO
anyone who is unwilling to actively steward
our national and international healthcare assurance,
much less threaten to disown and disinvest away from wealth,
denying that Lose short-term health
and Lose long-term wealth
is not how we play cooperative WinWin democracy games,
and how we do,
settle for further investments
in military-industrialized mutually assured destruction
counter-revolutionary exploitations
of ourselves
our neighbors and extended family
eternal LoveTribe
and Mother Earth’s HealthWealth
Original 0-Sum RNA-Fractal Intent.

If we were Earth gods and goddesses,
with powers to create anything we prefer
for our healthiest wealth attainment,
would we settle for living in an ecopolitical swamp
created by our own collective lack of mindfulness
about how to play short and longer-term WinWin healthcare
giving as receiving?


In PostMillennial Hypostasies

Once upon a time
Earth was formed
by Yang light radiance
and Yin moonlight flow of tidal grace.

From Her Eastern hemisphere tidal waves
and deep ocean rivers,
prevailing winds and rains
clouds and electromagnetic waves,
fire and wind storms
flowed with YangSun rise
toward western evening’s sacred Elder dusk.

Western hemisphere’s turtle back
flowed appositional with YangSun,
prevailing with and without FullMoon’s yin-centering tides.

Once upon post-millennial time
of expanding co-operative Gaia Theories,
creolizing psychology’s ecopolitics of healthcare-giving
and receiving WinWin love,
we noticed our nondual Turtle Hemispheres,
LeftYang industrial sunlight revolutions
with RightYin sustaining GrandMother sacred moonlight evolutions,
Industrial Revolution days
predicting non-renewable energy descent into nightmare nights
but also yin-renewable energy ascension
into and for and of
climates and landscapes and mindstates and dreamscapes
of 4D ecopolitical reversion therapy,
rooted in ecological flow systems
of tidal waves
and oceanic rivers,
prevailing winds and rains
and root systems of nutrition,
clouds and ionic/ironic dipolar thermodynamic balance,
revolutionary fire and wind pollution storms
merging with anthro-hubris denial,
our Yang-dominant shit don’t stink,
flowing west to east again west,
north to south reweaving north,
left to right creolizing rest
in bilateral trust secular/sacred regained.


Sustaining Revolutions

If healthiness
grows godliness,
and godliness
grows healthiness,
why not regenerousness
co-redeems Earth’s shared Eden Nest?

Healthy belongings fill Yang hunger.
Sacred belonging flows through Yin nutrition.

like military,
for monoculturing power and wealth
are too much Yang short-term bottom-line.

Sustainable evolutions
for matriarchal gifting polycultural flow
is what we post-millennially higher value
as just right Yin over Yang long-term
in-formations bilateral,
deductive-industrial LeftYang
reweaving inductively sustainable flow RightYin,
as particles are to waves,
as organic cells are to digest/eliminate nutritional systems,
as thymine form is to cytosine functions,
as positive fractals are to double-bound notnot zero.

As Yang industrial periods
are to Yin flow-sustaining sentences
proclaiming regeneration wins
as decomposition loses loss.

Love manufactures
where fear’s angers
pass double-bound away,
if healthiness
grows godliness.




Balancing EcoPolitical Systems

Balanced systems normally calibrate
through double-negative dipolar feedback loops,
in which a change in one cause
incites an oppositional change in another effect,
so they balance each other out over reiterative adjusting time.

Hungry systems eat.
Devouring systems become satiated systems, potentially,
or at least less hungry systems.

Time-to-stop feedback,
time-to-start feedback,
are two nondual dipolar faces of reciprocity,
a hypostatic union of internal causal subsystem
and responsively effected/affected/effective environmental subsystem
co-creating mutual sustainability climates
and landscapes,
mutually echoing
dipolar co-arising
discerning reiterative delineations
between 0-sum optimizing WinWin outcomes
and 0-sum suboptimizing WinLose competitions,
heading toward runaway LoseLose.

Double negative feedback loops
are also positive/negative mutual sufficiency feedback loops
accessible to double-bound listeners,
also responsive co-empathic,
polypathic loops feeding and starving back
to strengthen WinWin self-as-part-of-other ecosystemic disciplines,
building resistance to runaway viruses
taking too monoculturally much
through WinLose competitively suboptimizing acclimations
not yet fully resolved WinWin potentiated.

Ego survivalist rampage
is the monolithic megalopolis monster
recreated in reverse of creation stories,
in which antiheroes encourage us to recoil
from greedy hoarding feedback loops within.

Like looking in the mirror
expecting to find a positive healthy democrat,
and finding a too-fat plutocrat
still hungry for yet more

Inspired by, and sort of a paraphrase of, ¬†pp. 305-306 of “Braiding Sweetgrass”, Robin Wall Kimmerer, with gratitude.


The Eighth Principle

rather than segregate.

rather than too much Yang dominance.

At least in the worlds of Permaculture Design
and Systems Theory
and Democratic Political Theory,
Polycultural outcomes
are healthier
and thereby wealthier,
than monoculturing economic and political,
and social and cultural
and any system-balancing

Monocultural objectives
in an overripe infestation time
can produce rabidly aggressive polarities
overpowering and devouring prey,
sources of nutrition and energy and fuel,
to a tipping point beyond regenerative replacement.
Sated monocultural predator overpopulations
on climatic edge
of hunger and thirst
for former neighbors,
now heading toward decline,
extinguished by supremacist WinLose Players,
acting like cats
living on a continent of catnip,
constipated and out of nutritional balance,
just as catnip energy is at point of crisis.

Cats facing decline,
gradually wondering if they will have to end
by preying on each others’ young,
or escape this over-catted
monoculturing WinLose monopoly game
to catnip bloated dominant patterns
learned from catnip-hungry teachers
and mentors,
parents and siblings.

So, whether cat or human,
designing and learning to cooperatively integrate
our integration objectives
is not just better
but healthier
and thereby wealthier,
more democratically effective,
more economically nutritional,
and more ego/eco-bilateral balancing
than segregating ego-centric
monoculturing trends
toward dissonance and despair.

To paraphrase David Holmgren,
regarding human waste and effects of polluting Earth,
“Declining [health] energy availability
will shift the general [ecopolitical-psychological] perception
of these [cooperative symbiotic relationship] concepts
from romantic idealism
[RightBrain marginalization]
to practical necessity.”
Yang-Yin Brain cooperative symbiotic relationship].

When we recall
we are an inherently ecopolitical species,
cooperative integrity unveils a primal practiced necessity
of Mother Earth’s gift-it-forward (0)-sum nutritional economy.
Then gratitude and grace
become as accessible to atheists,
and Bodhisattva Warriors,
and CoMessiahs,
to peace martyrs and justice prophets
as to any newborn on Earth,
learning embryonic embrace of matriarchal root systems,
womb through tomb lifetime co-investments
open to Earth’s regenerative gifts
of health as wealthiest nurture
of polycultural development,
healthier than segregating supremacist degeneration,
climate pathological objectives,
nihilistic WinLose planning
as if economic wealth optimization
could be rooted in segregated capital vaults
not investing in mutual Earth-Gratitude Integrity.

Interdependently integrate all positive nutritional trends
rather than merely segregate your negative ecopolitical predations,
victimizations and criminalizations,
from whom we truly have become,
for now.

Adopt active cooperativity
rather than adapt to fear and anger tolerance
much less mongering.
Both integration and segregation are mutually contagious.
One feeds love,
the other bleeds despair.