Planting, Growing, and Harvesting Lovers

By now this self-analytical Left mindbody lens grows thin
imagining dualistic cultural dominance,
logically sciencing,
rationally defaulting to either-or assumptions
supposedly proving either x or y
does notnot also equal x + y = (0)-squared
fractally regenerative temporal health-balance
unfolding c(+) + c(-,-)
bilaterally bicameral delicious eco-lovely light.

Which seems to merge natural with spiritual,
co-functional ecological paradigms of temporal-dialectical analysis,
networking through (0)-sum economic and political cooperative-regenerate
functional potentialities for me,
my struggling and also loving-listening family,
and my neighborhood,
our BioRegional Network CoOperative
of WinWin Positive-Balanced
strategic optimization of health’s internal as external climate adjustments
toward truer-healthier Yang/Yin EcoCentric Balance.

I still work toward hearing political and economic love-potential
through loud and dissonant, sometimes wild and downright ugly,
voice within my own richly diverse extending muticultural families.
What might I do that could actually please all sixteen
of my grandparents grandparents?
AND, all our current grandchildren’s future grandchildren,
nearly regardless of species,
although I do harbor some prejudices again overly aggressive and thorny brambles,
gratuitously clinging out-of-control ivy,
and, well, yes I see my anthrocentric desires to recreate
to please my own aesthetic and nutritional pleasures.

I still play while listening within political-economic bird and insect song
and dance
and rhythms of embryonic development patterns
of polymorphic co-exegetically healthy growth and safety trends.
This backyard outdoor therapeutic time
speaks more clearly through Earth’s patient Love Development Languages,
logos of Earth’s revolving nutrient-rich dipolar light
as notnot equivalent
binomially TransParent YinYin
EcoConscious BiCameral Light.

Here, embryonically swimming in warm organic early June’s DeLight,
fluttering yang/yin breathing leaves of forest waves
scenting pollen’s fertile fresh scent,
Yang love Yin loves Yang,
much more contenting
then Yang dominates Yin recesses bipolar-oppositional-defiant;
projecting future eco-not-so-logical climate changes
of a revolutionary traumatic EarthBound Nature,
bad news for RNA and DNA regenerate health
co-operative investors.

Now if we could grow stronger love inside the house
to smell and feel and sound more reminiscent
of this outdoor song and dance party,
perhaps I might have more to offer my neighbors,
especially the edibles and ornamentals,
between which my Fetal Alcohol Defiant Daughter
quite often fails to distinguish.

Fortunately for ornamental me,
a female robin just stopped by
to invite our co-mentored Basic Attendance Therapy
between apparently alien-languaged biosystems.

Her visit honors me,
as she invites my reconnection
within our shared ReGenerating Heritage
and Future CoCreation Story.


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