Healthy Seeds Produce Wealthy Leaves

Mindbodies unfold from embryonic seed
toward full living-loving
sense-synthesizing leaf production,
full YangPower during warm light-drenched days of summer,
Earth’s rotation fuelling healthy growth,
yet weedy monopolizing tendencies as well.

Seed unfolding is our first longing half,
maturing toward healthy EarthTribe speciation,
in fullest life glory.

Our second half returns fading leaf powers
to regenerate next season’s healthy yin-seeds
for EarthTribe’s full forest embryonic memories,
folding out from winter through summer,
then refolding summer back toward yin-hibernating winter
of each perennial ringed life.

Folding in from political and economic production leaves
through symbiotic breath of maturity,
searching metaphysically exhaling iconic paths,
now imprinted with Earth’s nurturing light air,
wet soil,
inhaling and exhaling revolutionary fires of transubstantiation,
giving way to new fetal forests,
understories of regenerate future recreations.

This first half, unfolding,
needs nothing yet wants every source of digestible nutrition.
Then second half, productive leaves
giving way toward next generation’s seeds,
wants nothing
yet mysteriously needs this entire forest
to evolve belonging together;
mutual nurturance full-powered.

Life’s premillennial unfolding seed
consumes energy toward maturing fullness
as postmillennial aging refolds balancing consumer-producer dancers
leafing leaping fertile enrichment,
co-messiah bodhisattvas,
Earth’s ecosystemic embryonic regenerators.

Basic Attendance shadows our co-present humane capacities
to know and love
how seeds and leaves
are both same and different
each moment of each unfolding/folding love,
synergetic political events, relational transactions,
nutrition-rooted economic trees
transforming yin seed into yang leaf
and back again,
ecosystems recycling within as without iconic Earth.


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