Synergetic Symposis, further excerpts

During my final semester the President’s Office announces that Dr. (0)-Liver Glory is to be our commencement speaker. I am surprised and also surprised to have this come without any prior involvement in the decision. I am surprised that Uncle Ollie hasn’t even mentioned this as a possibility; that s/he assumes I want to live in her shadow on my big college graduation day.

I doubt I would feel so conflicted if anyone had bothered to solicit my support, or lack thereof. Regardless, it did remind me of when he made an unusually non-disruptive appearance at my high school graduation, as I rhetorically cast my philosophical spell across the valedictorian benediction, a lofty from-above farewell to fellow pilgrims along gainful information’s way.

He congratulates me on my speech. Not quite as elated as I had hoped, but maybe I only felt that twinge of disappointment later, after he advised me, as late June shadows stretched out across banks of now nearly empty chairs on the football field, to ignore most of the competitive economic and political assumptions shoveled out before, during, and immediately after Commencement. His response to my benediction is his own meditation on leaves and their embryonic seeds. “Your memory of life’s Trees of Good and Not-So-Much will fill in over time.”

Perhaps I had not demonstrated sufficient focus, because Uncle Ollie elaborated at the podium in Vermont as I sat among the ranks about to wander forth.

“The leaf is God of Fertility, photosynthesis, transubstantiation of light into healthy nutrition. The forest’s favored golden nut becomes Elder Mother EarthTribe’s sacred-embryonic scriptural Creation Story of healthy regenerative life, predicting our PostMillennial Tree of Healthy Good and True as wealthy cooperative eco-political Beauty.”

“This natural political truth as economic beauty, together emerging each life’s development ecology is already written within our genetic heritage. Our DNA/RNA ReGeneration Story predicts self-perpetuating polycultural development outcomes, both in our dreams, and living within sun’s photosynthetically nutritional enlightenment era.”

I am not the only one to doze off as s/he feels lost in remembering primordial permacultural language development. Whether s/he withdrew up on the stage, or I in my chair, or all of us cocooned into our pre-festive exhaustion, feeling constrained by English norms, relationships of similarity and difference between leaf nutritional functions and embryonic seed forms, folds and unfold strictures, instructions, fractal regenerative, dialectical syntax…

Until the only human voice available speaks from early Evolutionist Prophets, name dropping Bucky Fuller, Julian Jaynes, Thomas Kuhn, Karl Popper, Andrew Cohen, all foretold by LaoTse, Dr. (0)-Liver’s most beloved humorist of life’s ecobalancing WuWei.

(0)-Liver was fascinated with prehistoric permacultural designs and dialects of iconic language, rhythms, geometric patterns as symbols for natural events.

Sun rays represent light, but also language distinctions such as goodness, bright, beauty, medicine, therapy, health, bounty, power with love, held together by Sun’s fueling embryonic relationship to Earth’s birth, flowering as EarthTribe ecoconsciousness, captured in RNA/DNA Identity Solidarity.

RNA/DNA Solidarity was already a PreMillennial stretch of (0)-Liver’s deductive-academic imagination. But, Glory’s further political ecology of solidarity as cooperative synergy with ectosymbiotic natural functions was well before her pre-revolutionary time.

S/he had no audience for this too-eisegetically subjective/intuitive line of conjecture. No resonance, as she might have said, and, in fact, did say in the privacy of her own backyard.

Here, in her holy of holies, s/he spoke and listened with her beloved birds, earthworms, trees. This was the solidarity of ecological communication of which s/he not-so-resonantly spoke with other of us humans during her PreMillennial era.

Glory’s self-prescribed ecotherapy, during her more retiring, eremitic Taoist (0)-Liver reincarnation, was to breathe and bathe and dream in permacultural bicameral designs, balancing Yang as Yin prime-Zero square-rooted EcoMetric-Iconic Language; his Left healthy Interior Language with her Elder RightBrain polypathic Exterior RNA-praxis of regeneratively healthy development, measured in time invested within sunlight.

When (0)-Liver Glory wrote of love, s/he was more likely to be sitting outside her home, on backyard deck cushions, drenched in sunscreen, following the shade-lines as they crossed her organic edible and ornamental gardens.

Uncle Ollie had this theory, well…not really even a well-defined hypothesis, but more of a hunch of some kind, that Vitamin D, which isn’t really even a vitamin, is as important to normal daytime experience as sleep is to healthy nighttime processing of experience.

These two gestalts, outdoors in RNA-predominate environments and indoors interior endosymbiotic dream consciousness, speaking to and with each other in confluent voices and dialects of ecological analogy.

Sometimes s/he would veer off into sunlight compared to moonlight, ergodic rhythms and patterns with revolving ionic synergy, sharing fractal as double-bound octave frequencies of color as sound and pitch and tone direction. This diversionary string s/he preferred to keep hidden, if only because s/he wasn’t sure of its polypathic merit, in proportion to its threat of self-declared madness.

And yet, in more subdued moments, on a beach, or walking along the river behind her home, s/he invested more leisurely time ruminating aloud about the evils and the goods of human shelter. Great for inclement weather; not so great for warm no-rain weather relationships.

S/he feared our over-developed domestication was leading to negative correlational under-development, suboptimization of healthy natural relations between RNA-scripted and DNA organic balanced humanity. Most shelters invited daytime outdoor activity, because outdoors felt like a more comfortable alternative than dark and dank interiors. But, as this turned into shelters looking out over concrete and asphalt at other two-story on up to high-rise structures, blocking not only sensory communication with Earth’s soil, but also light and sky and breeze, then our sense of political health began to unravel from our lifestyle wealth; our basic economic wealth no longer rediscovered each day as our ecologically sheltered and unsheltered mental and physical health. “Overly domesticated enculturation—neither healthy nor sustainable.”


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