Political Freedom with Time’s Economic Restraints

Unfettered flying floats free of restraint,
free from radical or erratic containment
or even perceptual direction,
free of focus,
free to become most any conjecture of mind,

Yet also trapped in unboundaried integral potentialities
unwilling-unable to choose
to decay further into holistic-straining disrepair
universal ego-denigration as purgation
of what might have been,
what could potentially become.

Haunted by dreamy hunting flights
preying toward harmonics
swelling rainbows of rhythms
beyond open-minded co-prehensile sensory values
to anchor what must fly more exegetically
not quite so freely,
with graced discipline of well-practiced norms,
busy business as too usual.

Hawks without scores to flat-line settle,
Water soaring up in geysers of inspired revolutions
to fly radically fulfilled
purging might have been
from wet imagination’s egocentric memory.

Flying freely,
yet implicately tethered
to soulful vortex of gracious improbabilities.

Flying left to right
and back again
too far for MidWay Tipping Points
toward nondual womb way
within Other….

Lost inside landscapes evolving outside
forgotten forward bicameral third eye
profoundly fixed on future
past predicting
soon to become revisited as nondual now
as frequently as fractal flight of sight
follows synaptic dualdark radical vacuum
of binary conjectural time holes
remembered as if predicted deja vu,
wei wu.

Blinding Time’s divine enlightening beam!
soars through clattering calcium investments
searing spacious vertebrae
of karmic revolutioning awareness
this Ego is Self
too stingily, sparingly, slowly,
too anthrocentric much too unnaturally often
careless of embodied hubris
of bliss-swollen radical inrageous nutritional double-boundaries,
refining WeSelf’s constant co-arising passions.

Love fulfilled regenerates
unfettered flying floats free
within Time’s bilateral transregenerational health-bound focus.


One thought on “Political Freedom with Time’s Economic Restraints

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