Trumping U.S. Political Health

Not that I’m such a great fan,
but I was just now taken by surprise
to read the Republican Nominee for U.S. CEO
has somehow raised questions about his mental health.


I live in the U.S.
I have questioned the mental health of any candidate
for elected office
hoping to live with mental health in Washington, D.C.
This question has been on my mind
for about as long as I could spell Washenton and Columbian.

This question has evolved more recently.
Now I ask if this candidate presents
more bipolar passive-aggressive
or just full-out psychotic-rabid?

Usually we get at least one of each
here in the U.S.,
which could be why we continue with more of an angry red plutocracy of wealth
than a cool green democracy
of, by, and for, cooperative residents of mental health.


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