Extreme Unction

Today I have been comparing and contrasting Bernie Sander’s and Donald Trump’s political and economic motives
for seeking their respective Party nominations.

Senator Sanders and Chief Corporate Executive Officer Trump
began with intent to become The Nominee,
we might presume.
But is that it?
What would a win mean exactly
for our shared ecopolitical future?

Sanders seems more transparent
in response to these questions,
while Trump appears more articulate
about what he prefers to not lose.

going back to his decision to launch his Presidential aspirations,
hoped to influence his Democratic Party’s national political-economic nutritional depth
for stronger multicultural empathy-trust
and more effective investment
in global ecological health.

Did Trump possibly hope to influence the National Republican Party’s platform,
economic agenda,
in a surgically opposite insurrection?
To raise our mutual economic immunity walls
toward further monocultural,
monochromatic outcomes?
To end democratic humane equivocation
between competitive economics as usual
defeating more cooperative ecological investment
of public dollars and imagination
to improve multicultural regeneratively flowing circulation
of Earth’s goods and beauties?

Sander’s exegesis of evolution
as “Might makes right.”
translates to
We mightily consider this
and we mightily consider that
to derive together more therapeutic balance.

Trump’s “Might makes right.”
is of the Either-Or Orthodox Tradition,
not Sander’s newer ecopolitical might
means maybe some of all of the above,
a more Dialectical Discernment Tradition
of strength through organic fluidity,
as contrasted to mechanical stasis.

From today’s perspective,
it appears the Senator,
while not having won nomination,
does point out specific ecopolitical Wins
within the National Democratic Party’s agenda,
which were significant to his original intent
for seeking nomination.

But, what about CEO Trump’s wins to date?
He won the nomination of the Republican Party
but has he thereby enjoyed greater,
or suffered lesser,
influence on his Party’s marketable platform?
Has he increased or decreased Republican political with economic coherence
toward a healthier-happier future
for richly diverse residents,
both those who can vote,
and those who have not yet even been born?
All those presumably future potentiating Republicans.
What legacy would Trump leave for the long-term health
of his favorite Republic’s future?

Did Trump, or Sanders,
enter the race for delegate votes
hoping to win the hearts and minds of our multicultural society
to a new post-millennial age of political and economic cooperation
inviting a more peaceful co-empathic climate of mutual trust
and co-investment in our polyculturing, evolving health
resonating more powerfully flexible resolutions
to support these uniting states of mind and body
unto perpetuity?

Or was Trump or Sanders more clear about what he could not
and would not tolerate with humility–to lose
his ambitions for capital-centric egopolitical competition
to Win over Losers
not plutocratic enough to assuredly purchase his Party
not even positive enough to assure Republicans or Democrats
that God will smile again on those who have accumulated more
by giving back less co-investment.

In God We Trust
to hoard our mess
and health our co-invest.


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