Stories about ReCreating Beauty

Those who believe analogical beauty,
dipolar co-arising symmetry between referee and referent,
emerges from our human enculturation story
too often forget corollary principles of logical truth
could not, therefore,
emerge without our human experience of analogical beauty evolving
natural-harmonic truths,
and therefore dialectical regenerate logics
of co-evolving bio-
and eco-
(0)-centric metric-systems,
nature’s endosymbiotic discerning evolutions
spoken iconic through ionic revolutioning spheres
and natural-nutritional landscapes
of light Yang-power
must optimally regenerate
with equal dipolar,
binomial ecologic,
of dualdark Yin-square nurturing root systems of nutritional investment in
light-health-positive polynomial power.

Incarnating (0)-soul wave-linear revolutions of co-gravitating
co-arising nondual timeless eternity of Tao balance,
stretching back to where we begin
each embryonic moment’s political root analogical-organic beauty
resonant images
walking back through ecological
pre-languaged rivers of co-empathic ionic-iconic truth,
bilateral times of ecopolitical trust
in polypathic
recreating beauty stories.


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