Basic Attendance.

Basic Attendance,
like everyday naked birthday suit Positive Psychology,
wu wei squeezed in between boredom and bliss.
A “wear your everyday stay-at-home comfy clothes”
way of balancing
Yin’s manic excesses of sensory-cognitive relational internalization
Yang’s monocultural excesses of ego-conscious totalitarian supremacy,
each and all very nice in mutual moderation,
but really not sustainable for Business As Cooperatively Usual
everyday mundane purposes
in extreme dualistic polarities.

Basic Attendance
neither grasps for ego’s supremacist Win
though others Lose happiness,
nor despairs of ego’s ephemeral,
shame-filled absence of efficacy,
lack of interest in whatever Earth offers
as a mix of nutrition and pathology
in too-slow times
of ego’s under-investment in actively imagined love fertilization,
wanting what grows healthiest for right now’s appropriately wealthy cooperative attendance
within and yet toward Earth’s multicultural ecopolitical balancing voices.

Our authority to label behavior with criminal over-yanged intent
might better also include yin’s within responsibilities
for concomitant disabling/ennabling ecopolitical outcomes for all concerned,
for therapeutic intent,
as ecologically harmonic
within/without healthy communication practices
and sometimes ego-disjunctive disciplines.

What is good for goose, also good for gander,
but what is bad for gander
should not also feed the goose.



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