Primal Intelligence

including, but not particularly indigenous to,
human intelligence,
begins with nutritional ecopolitical exchange systems,
discerning what might be good to consume,
and healthy to produce for and with future generations,
and what might become a more toxic pest
attracted to me as your next best meal.

Humans enjoy speaking of our gastric-rooted economic issues and deposits
as politically healthy cooperation
or pig-headed competition
between species
nearly as much as we protest our innocence of buying,
well, stealing, actually,
Earth’s healthy climate
supporting multicultural feeding and fueling and reproducing
and breathing and beating and surfing
and dancing and singing and flying Elder species
each and all knowing enough to eat while the sun shines
not yet too bright
for hungry thirsty
but still struggling-healthy
root gastro-intestinal chemistry-climatic nutrient
networking ecosystems.

If Kant had been a medical doctor
or a better historian
he might have concluded with an ecology of network phenomenology,
We eat and drink,
therefore we are,
and eventually are no longer
of and for a discontinuous remembering health/pathology identity.

DNA remembered
and thought
and designed feeding root systems and leaves
long before hungry mouths and decomposing butt-heads,
each with an in-between ecopolitical system
to consume and produce
regenerate and degenerate
love passionately
and fade away,
back into nutrition’s pregenesis,
integrating energy of and for love of co-succulence
with healthy-beauty regenerating outcomes.

sometimes including polypathic human nutritional intelligence,
begins with ecopolitical mindbodies
living in and on,
for and of,
organic networking Earth.


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