Autumn Sabbath Morning Wonders

Who am I today?
as I rise out to play
at being again
this ego I entertained yesterday
with passion plays
creation stories
epic one-day opera
folding into Northern Autumn yet again unfolding.

Who would I choose to harvest
yet again this day?
one affectionately loyal advocate
within this day’s EarthTribe Council,
considering what we have economically and politically,
relationally and transactionally,
polypathically and integratively perspired,
co-empathic trust
that LeftBrain’s Golden Truths and Aging Principles of Nature-Spirits
will blend with RightBrain’s (0) Ecologically 4D Static/Diastatic
with RNA as regenerative ecopolitical evolutionary
Positive = Health RootSystemic CoOperative Bias.

Who are we again this Northern Autumn Climate Day?
nesting with this Sabbath family
working toward having yet another
We are EarthTribe’s best
when we play together,
celebration day,
yet somtimes liturgically singing and dancing child co-reweaving opportunities
to rebuild infinite loves
within humane as Earth’s graced naturally ecological systems,
remembering our bilateral dipolar embryonic
WinWin EcoPolitics of CoNutritional Redemption
as PermaCutural Design and Development
of healthy internal,
as external,
regenerating Sabbath wonder landscapes.

Who are we this another potential Sabbath Day?
as we rise out to continue
our Revolutionary Positive CoOperation
for optimizing nutritional rewards
while minimizing multicultural demise
of ecobalancing DNA/RNA Solidarity Tribes
for/of Life.

Who am I today?
as We rise out to ecopolitically celebrate,
sometimes worship, EarthTribe’s Sabbath
where grows polyculturing gardens
and organically autumn-climaxed farms
and beloving (0) basic attendance cooperatives,
and on-line WinWin ecopolitical networks
emerging Tribal WinWin regenerative Play,
We-Humane children surrounded by sacred healthy treasures,
gifted commonly toward each other with helpful,
less condemning, intent,
from and for and of our Elders
borrowed for this Sabbath Day,
to return gifting ecologically forward
for our future EarthTribal regenerative,
ecopolitically cooperative, re-assurance,
of co-investment
within this EarthTribal falling harvest and discernment Day.

Who am I today?
as We rise out toward healthier,
more full-octave resonant, Epic Sabbath Revolutions
spreading across our co-empathic trusting hearts
as ecological mindbody memories
of God’s intrinsically self-optimizing embodied health,
this Sabbath
as YHWH increasingly spells DNA/RNA Prime (0) Relational EcoBalance
and smells of fragrant Yang/YinYin
WinWin Green polypathic ultra-violet
eco-nutritionally fertile flowers
from past Paradise Garden ReMemory
within EarthTribe’s root systemic health emergence.

How do we remember
to include in EarthTribe play,
this Epic Revolutionary Golden Childhood Day?
of Sabbath pray as play
as YHWH’s co-regenerating work,
multiculturally shared economic with political vocations
spread across this Earth Sabbath Autumn Harvest Day.

Political Sciences and Arts both empower and disempower
as Positive and sometimes TooNegative Power Politics.
Because of this appositional dipolarity
within regenerative science and arts,
held apart from degenerative falling-apart,
eisegetically sub-optimal,
non-primal pseudo sciences
and subterranean darker paranoid artistic expressions
of cognitive-affective dissonance,
politicians and political scientists
would best make explicit
how and why they are for empathic ecopolitical trust
and against returning to darker ecological mistrust climates
of monoculturing terrorism of Earth ourselves,
and our paranoid enculturation historic stories
of survival of the fittest omnipotent God
the AngryFearful too-dominant SunYHWH Yang
pre-DNA/RNA Yang/Yin solidarity
multiculturing bilateral regenerative ecopolitical light
dipolar co-arising dualdark poly-scientific NOW
of timelessly eternal revolving time.

Who are we this Northern Autumn Day?
as we rise out to PermaCulturally Play
designing and developing
self-regeneratively healthy multiculturing Sabbaths,
BiCameral Landscapes,
Healthy from Pathologically-Trending Climates.


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