The UnAlter Call

Our UU ecofeminist minister
was verbally accosted one Sunday morning
after celebrating multicultural peace
and respect
and integrity
sufficient to restore private ego- and public eco-justice.

This was far too much to take in,
to peacefully and holistically rake in,
for a visiting,
perhaps stalking,
apartheid anti-socialist

Whose most engaging
personable mentors and teachers
had already shared the correct win/lose answers,
either true or false,
either sacred or secular,
either spiritual strength or natural relativistic evil
of right-brain’s both/and integral tolerance-stretching levels,

Which his left-brain never over-indulges
much less dances
or sings with,
in multicultural head and heart voice.

So he angrily confronted
our UU minister
with “You must not tolerate such eclectic multicultural celebration!
These and those deviants are too wounded by original sin
for God to authoritatively save
from your universally wrong uniting perdition.
We need non-partitioned apartheid to sever us best
from those others, too wildly sensual and sinful worst
misbegotten creatures of Satan!”

“I cannot tolerate such radical integrity
or even, maybe odd, tolerance
to sing and dance,
to sit and pray,
to stand and march
polypathically and polyphonically together.
Especially on a sacred Sunday morning
when you should be worshiping God of time’s revolutionary creation,
polyculturally completed in seven 24-hour days
and monotheistic nights.”

“You should be on your knees
to the One true jealous and punishing win/lose Father!”

Our ordained covenant-keeper of universal resonance
and unitarian resilience,
concerned about whether Father MonoGod might be left-brain armed,
informed her avowed antagonist,
a clear and way too present threat
to building interdependent win/win webs
where all his win/lose walled-off answers
somberly declared ‘don’t even think about feeling deviantly
about anything!’

“Like you
I do not tolerate intolerance
when it is shouted against me,
but perhaps when morally appropriate boundaries for tolerance are asked
and invited for discussion
while actually hoping for some response
that could include all of us
if willing to change enough
to tolerate compassionate criticism
for not beginning with questions “Why?”
before providing answers to What
you and I must not find
appropriate to tolerate.”

Then she asked me to drum our drums
and sing a healing song
while she danced and shook a consecrated rattle
in smoky incensed circles
like any witch doctor might think to sternly do,

Whether tongue in cheek
or not
I could not say,
as I was singing
and beating her rhythms
with integrity of tolerance,
in mutual celebration
of great transitional nudging questions

And not not knotted paradox
of not tolerating double-bound intolerance
within as not without

And hating haters
which seems difficult for consistent self-esteem
and win-me/win-you co-integration,
or even win-left/win-right ego/eco-transubstantiation.

Our mono-supreme nationalist,
hater of radical sabbath love,
did not speak of his surprise
but effectively and affectively acted
with discomforted exit
and discomforting alarm.

I’m sure with many questions
but probably not better ones
than his pre-existing either/or condition
would allow in tolerable responses.

Which seems sad.
A lost opportunity,
for our ego/ecofeminist minister
and music me,
to nudge and stretch and grow
our tolerant co-integrity

To tolerate violating answers
to win/win questions
he, then we,
forgot to ask
about this paradox of hating haters
and only loving privileged lovers

Reminding me of several songs
about growing in love with love’s mankind,
but not sabbath people
in heat against hate,
sad about despair,
glad about integrity of wealthy mental health.


7 Reasons to Not Talk Gun Control

Today we have a list of seven best reasons
not to even think about talking gun control
after an automatic rifle out of control
critical event,
one for each day of the week.

The automated guns might hear us,
and continue automatically firing themselves
into more innocent bystanders
despite the lack of any specific humane intent.

We will not need to hear the full boring list
of restraining illustrations and constraining anecdotes
about how local solutions
continue failing to deliver needed global non-violence resolutions.

Wednesday’s Child:
We will not have to consider the remote possibility
that global non-violence,
rather than automated ballistic “shoot first” associations
and public and private sector incorporations,
is what international political leaders might reasonably also list
as appropriately adopting sane international WinWin relationships.

Thursday’s Continuing MalAdaptive Child:
The remaining non-gun owners
might not hear the insanity of supporting gun silencers
as a conspiracy to make even more money
selling further violence
than trying to more humbly sell peace.

Fried Out Day:
The remaining gun owners,
within this public sector silence,
buy more time to refuel,
become fertile and multiply automated death
and dismemberment technologies,
in a world that is already suffering from overpopulation anyhow,
despite all those evil abortions,
and growing hurricanes and floods and tsunamis
and polar melts
and air pollution
and water pollution, etc.
Maybe if enough of us start aiming at each other,
we can shoot our way out of this overpopulation problem.
God knows,
we have been trying long enough
through Ballistic Business As Usual.

Saturday’s Sabbath:
Business As Usual is perhaps the best reason not to even talk about military industrializing civilian controls
after an isolated automatic rifle out of civic and civil control
unanalyzed event.

Full Sunday:
There is less money to be made from knives,
and poisons,
and fake piety of
God bless you
in face of historic over-investment in violent rifles
to take out your kid;
the one God blessed you with
until death came
from living in a nation-state
where the simplicity of one gun-one bullet,
in case of emergencies,
could never be enough
for Second Amendment Advocates
of their First Amendment Rights
to speak and act violence or non-violence,
without responsibility or accountability
for which is which.





Praying with Heschel

“To escape from the mean and penurious [competitions],
from calculating and scheming [WinLose Gaming],
is at time the parching [integrative healthy] desire
of [ecopolitical LeftBrain Dominant] man [sic]…

Prayer [RightBrain ecoconsciousness] clarifies
our [ego/ecotherapeutic] hope and intentions.

It helps us discover our true [maturing polypathic] aspirations,
the [monoculturing] pangs we ignore,
the [multicultural] longings we forget
[to expand our ego’s monocultural identity].

It is an act of self[ego]-purification…

It [regeneratively] teaches us what [both Earth and Ego] aspire to,
implants in us the ideals we [DNA/RNA health-wealth encrypted] ought
to cherish
[with even more endo/ecto-symbiotic moral integrity
of self-optimizing ego-health
as Earth’s perduring regenerative wealth].”

[Sorry, Abraham,
my LeftBrain always has to have the last bracketed word.]

No worries.
Enjoy your self-and-other perpetuating Sabbath.


Quotation is from The Wisdom of Heschel, p. 206.


Light and Dark Markets

The primary political and economic metaphor for human life on Earth,
at least here in these disuniting States,
is “market,”
with a consumer and a producer face;
robust, healthy, cooperatively self-regenerative markets
and depressed, pathologically self-degenerative disaster markets,
ripe for fear and anger mongering, abuse,
and neglect of healthywealth market outcome planning.

Regenerative positive markets therapeutically reproduce happy and prosperous Sabbaths,
paradise places and people with plants of abundantly cooperative enjoyment.

Degenerative markets produce fear, anger, mistrust,
then critical events of active distrust,
collective paranoia,
rabid hatreds and terrorism,
fundamentalist fantasies of dark Comings and Goings
of the stupidly unkind Market,
which both theologians and scientists still call “Earth.”

In capitalist economies,
consumer markets tend to become the focus of swelling proportions of bourgois retail Sabbath celebrators,
while producer markets remain the focus of the over-invested
LeftBrain Dominant heads of increasingly plutocratic proletariat market players
of our collective,
slightly paranoid,
sense of control over our own producer market wealth futures
now deductively reified from matriarchal Earth’s regenerative health,
our more polypathic holonic root metaphor
for a home Planet of Sabbath life
not for sale,
or rent,
but for lighting candles
to resonate cooperative multicultural
ecopolitical EnLightenment of Sabbath.

We have a hyphenated nature-spirit market for Sabbath light
of Earth’s self-regenerativity
and dark depressive markets
struggling with and about Earth’s continuing degeneration,
sold out commodification
sacred light-market health values.


Speed of Enlightenment

Routine rituals of everyday sacred Sabbaths,
beginning in hibernating Advent
of dawn’s diurnal enlightenment Season,
becoming diastatic climax rhythms of interdependence
through Summer’s noonday fertile heat,
drawing to autumnal dusk decomposing
preparation for further harvest extending families
of co-empathic nutritional digestion,
composting as praying together
within ultra-violet Winter’s nondual co-arising
bright-octaved enlightenment
of deep ecological learning night.

Dreaming of and for tomorrow’s continuing Sabbath
rituals of routine cooperative enlightenment
overcoming dualdark cognitive-affective dissonance
from DNA’s,
like RNA’s,
fractal seasonal octaves of enlightening resonance.

Virginal empty Winter winners
pondering on all these inter-relation evolving things,
blending death of embryonic moon-light dreams
into rebirth channels of ecopolitical opportunity
for yet another regeneratively fertile day
and Tao YangSummer-Nature/YinWinter-IntegrativeHolonicSpirit,
sacred liturgy RightBrain synergetic spirit of light
and secular routine LeftBrain deductive nature
of double-binding right-now eternal speed of light
Common (0)-squared
routine DNA-scripted climate health,
biosystemic EgoLeft
with ecosystemic EarthFlow Right
WinWin Balancing
toward further enlightening routine
(0)-soul multicultural-nomial
of further moving along this co-enlightenment journey
Golden Ruling cooperatively and inclusively together,
expecting WinWin enlightening outcomes
routinely speeding sacred light.


Opposites of Decadence

How you think about the life you are evolving
at this stage of your continuing maturation
you might best measure
with how you feel about each day
you wake up to unfold
within Earth,
among your Earth Tribes of sometimes cooperative
sometimes felt too competitive
climates of ego- balancing primal eco-consciousness.

Abraham Heschel
the last of a long line of eminent Jewish scholars and prophets
watched as his own shared ecoconsciousness of Earth’s potential for Sabbath
was exterminated by elitist anthrocentric fascism,
a fascism that preached ultimate loyalty to family and homeland
and yet had no room for all of Earth’s Tribes within this separatist stand,
forgetting, ignoring our primal eco-home land as shared Earth
and her healthy climates
still struggling to this day
to absorb unhealthy competing subclimates of despair
we continue to wake up to
on far too many of our at-home unSabbathed mornings.

“We are concerned for what is happening all over the country:
so many broken homes,
disintegrated families,
alienated boys,
runaway girls,
parents in despair,
teachers in disgust.
It is a serious malaise,
and let us not deceive ourselves…
At a time when the institution of the family is in distress
and under attack,
it is important to be reminded
that the home [eco-Earth] remains the finest model
of human living
and the [extended EarthTribe] family–
the finest form of fellowship
[cooperatively eco-political].”

Where is this day
to which each of us ecoconsciously awakens
each day of our cooperatively shared,
listened to as well as spoken,
days and nights revolving Earth’s sacred reverent time together?

Balancing our individual ego-identities
with Earth’s eco-regenerative intent,
Left with Right,
Yang with Yin,
awakening to maturity of mutually cooperative integrity
as holy as Heschel’s Earth as extended family Sabbath,
imperviously eternal against the climate pathology threats
of narrow-minded
supremacy of reified Ego identity.

Whose day awakens you?
Is it only yours?
Could it also become for all of us?
CoOperating EarthTribe Revolutions
as Sabbath’s climate co-therapy together?

What day awakens regenerative co-messiah you
into Earth’s cooperatively sacred ecopolitical home
of Sabbath Climate Health?

Probably not so much decadent fundamentalist-supremacist
LeftBrain uber-totalitarian testosteroned dominance;
apparently the merely logical conclusion
without further RightBrain ecoconscious maturation,
steeped in Earth as polypathic regenerative Sabbath.


Autumn Sabbath Morning Wonders

Who am I today?
as I rise out to play
at being again
this ego I entertained yesterday
with passion plays
creation stories
epic one-day opera
folding into Northern Autumn yet again unfolding.

Who would I choose to harvest
yet again this day?
one affectionately loyal advocate
within this day’s EarthTribe Council,
considering what we have economically and politically,
relationally and transactionally,
polypathically and integratively perspired,
co-empathic trust
that LeftBrain’s Golden Truths and Aging Principles of Nature-Spirits
will blend with RightBrain’s (0) Ecologically 4D Static/Diastatic
with RNA as regenerative ecopolitical evolutionary
Positive = Health RootSystemic CoOperative Bias.

Who are we again this Northern Autumn Climate Day?
nesting with this Sabbath family
working toward having yet another
We are EarthTribe’s best
when we play together,
celebration day,
yet somtimes liturgically singing and dancing child co-reweaving opportunities
to rebuild infinite loves
within humane as Earth’s graced naturally ecological systems,
remembering our bilateral dipolar embryonic
WinWin EcoPolitics of CoNutritional Redemption
as PermaCutural Design and Development
of healthy internal,
as external,
regenerating Sabbath wonder landscapes.

Who are we this another potential Sabbath Day?
as we rise out to continue
our Revolutionary Positive CoOperation
for optimizing nutritional rewards
while minimizing multicultural demise
of ecobalancing DNA/RNA Solidarity Tribes
for/of Life.

Who am I today?
as We rise out to ecopolitically celebrate,
sometimes worship, EarthTribe’s Sabbath
where grows polyculturing gardens
and organically autumn-climaxed farms
and beloving (0) basic attendance cooperatives,
and on-line WinWin ecopolitical networks
emerging Tribal WinWin regenerative Play,
We-Humane children surrounded by sacred healthy treasures,
gifted commonly toward each other with helpful,
less condemning, intent,
from and for and of our Elders
borrowed for this Sabbath Day,
to return gifting ecologically forward
for our future EarthTribal regenerative,
ecopolitically cooperative, re-assurance,
of co-investment
within this EarthTribal falling harvest and discernment Day.

Who am I today?
as We rise out toward healthier,
more full-octave resonant, Epic Sabbath Revolutions
spreading across our co-empathic trusting hearts
as ecological mindbody memories
of God’s intrinsically self-optimizing embodied health,
this Sabbath
as YHWH increasingly spells DNA/RNA Prime (0) Relational EcoBalance
and smells of fragrant Yang/YinYin
WinWin Green polypathic ultra-violet
eco-nutritionally fertile flowers
from past Paradise Garden ReMemory
within EarthTribe’s root systemic health emergence.

How do we remember
to include in EarthTribe play,
this Epic Revolutionary Golden Childhood Day?
of Sabbath pray as play
as YHWH’s co-regenerating work,
multiculturally shared economic with political vocations
spread across this Earth Sabbath Autumn Harvest Day.

Political Sciences and Arts both empower and disempower
as Positive and sometimes TooNegative Power Politics.
Because of this appositional dipolarity
within regenerative science and arts,
held apart from degenerative falling-apart,
eisegetically sub-optimal,
non-primal pseudo sciences
and subterranean darker paranoid artistic expressions
of cognitive-affective dissonance,
politicians and political scientists
would best make explicit
how and why they are for empathic ecopolitical trust
and against returning to darker ecological mistrust climates
of monoculturing terrorism of Earth ourselves,
and our paranoid enculturation historic stories
of survival of the fittest omnipotent God
the AngryFearful too-dominant SunYHWH Yang
pre-DNA/RNA Yang/Yin solidarity
multiculturing bilateral regenerative ecopolitical light
dipolar co-arising dualdark poly-scientific NOW
of timelessly eternal revolving time.

Who are we this Northern Autumn Day?
as we rise out to PermaCulturally Play
designing and developing
self-regeneratively healthy multiculturing Sabbaths,
BiCameral Landscapes,
Healthy from Pathologically-Trending Climates.