Active Hope ReVolving

Active Hope
is merely every day and night
Business as Organic-CoOperative Usual,
revolutionary ecosystemic evolutions of climate health,
extending rather than pathologically collapsing
from disorganic competitive exhaustion.

Climate healthy evolution
leads toward Active Faith
in our more cooperative organic deep-learning landscapes,
our ecopolitical potential futures,
flying together rather than falling anticlimatically apart.

Active Faith in ecotherapeutic landscapes,
both internal and external climates,
leads to Active Love
of timeless fusions,
eternal ecoconsciousness
of blissful time our most integrating evolving selves
within EarthTribal Self-With-Others Memory,
from Elders past through Futures
of ProActive Lovers
regenerating healthier multicultural climates.

just means evolving
rather than devolving dissonant despair.


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