Opposites of Decadence

How you think about the life you are evolving
at this stage of your continuing maturation
you might best measure
with how you feel about each day
you wake up to unfold
within Earth,
among your Earth Tribes of sometimes cooperative
sometimes felt too competitive
climates of ego- balancing primal eco-consciousness.

Abraham Heschel
the last of a long line of eminent Jewish scholars and prophets
watched as his own shared ecoconsciousness of Earth’s potential for Sabbath
was exterminated by elitist anthrocentric fascism,
a fascism that preached ultimate loyalty to family and homeland
and yet had no room for all of Earth’s Tribes within this separatist stand,
forgetting, ignoring our primal eco-home land as shared Earth
and her healthy climates
still struggling to this day
to absorb unhealthy competing subclimates of despair
we continue to wake up to
on far too many of our at-home unSabbathed mornings.

“We are concerned for what is happening all over the country:
so many broken homes,
disintegrated families,
alienated boys,
runaway girls,
parents in despair,
teachers in disgust.
It is a serious malaise,
and let us not deceive ourselves…
At a time when the institution of the family is in distress
and under attack,
it is important to be reminded
that the home [eco-Earth] remains the finest model
of human living
and the [extended EarthTribe] family–
the finest form of fellowship
[cooperatively eco-political].”

Where is this day
to which each of us ecoconsciously awakens
each day of our cooperatively shared,
listened to as well as spoken,
days and nights revolving Earth’s sacred reverent time together?

Balancing our individual ego-identities
with Earth’s eco-regenerative intent,
Left with Right,
Yang with Yin,
awakening to maturity of mutually cooperative integrity
as holy as Heschel’s Earth as extended family Sabbath,
imperviously eternal against the climate pathology threats
of narrow-minded
supremacy of reified Ego identity.

Whose day awakens you?
Is it only yours?
Could it also become for all of us?
CoOperating EarthTribe Revolutions
as Sabbath’s climate co-therapy together?

What day awakens regenerative co-messiah you
into Earth’s cooperatively sacred ecopolitical home
of Sabbath Climate Health?

Probably not so much decadent fundamentalist-supremacist
LeftBrain uber-totalitarian testosteroned dominance;
apparently the merely logical conclusion
without further RightBrain ecoconscious maturation,
steeped in Earth as polypathic regenerative Sabbath.


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