Ecology of Educational Climates 2017

Further post-millennial dialogue with Abraham Heschel:

“The problem of our youth is not youth.
The problem is the [learning] spirit of our age:
denial of transcendence [in our homes and schools],
the vapidity of [learning] values,
[competing] emptiness in the [economic] heart,
the decreased sensitivity to the imponderable [natural-ecological] quality
of the [cooperative nature-]spirit,
the collapse of [polypathic] communication
between the realm of [spiritual experience] tradition
and the inner [natural ecologically regenerative] world
of the individual.
The central problem is that we do not know how to [cooperatively] think,
how to [regeneratively intend, focus,] pray,
how to [therapeutically] cry,
how to resist the [self-condemning] deceptions
of too many [unwise, unformed] persuaders.”

“The [educational deformation] problem will not be solved by
implanting in youth a sense of belonging
[but by mentoring with youth a cooperative experience of belonging].
Belonging to [within] a [multiculturing] society [of ecological peers]
that fails in offering opportunities to satisfy authentic human [bicameral-balancing polypathic] needs
will not soothe the [dissonant] sense[s] of [climate] frustration
and [ecopolitical landscapes, frames, in monoculturing] rebellion.
What youth needs is a sense of significant [multiculturally cooperative] being,
a sense of [nature-spirit bilateral balancing] reverence
for the [polypathic climate of health] society
to which we all [embryonically] belong.”

“Man [sic] sees the things that [matriarch-embryonically] surround him [sic]
long before he [sic] becomes aware of his [sic] own [regenerate-nurturing] self.
Many of us are conscious of the hiddenness of [nutritional value] things,
but few of us sense the [nurturing bilateral] mystery
of our own [RightBrainBody co-]presence.
The [ego/eco] self cannot be described
[learned or become pedagogically-cooperatively wise]
in the terms of the [autonomous LeftBrain] mind,
for all our symbols are too poor [regeneratively anemic]
to render it
[polypathic nature-spirit centeredness embryonically emerging blissful deep-learning,
co-mentoring contentment].”

We are learning as we are becoming together.

We might imagine life lived fully as not merely a regenerative school
for learning deep polypathic ecological balance,
for global climates of healthy wealth,
both interior and exterior,
but even more profoundly ubiquitous than this matriarchal school model,
we are each co-mentors
still living within Earth’s embryonic womb
of sacred regenerative (0)Riginal Intent,
co-maturing nature-spirit flow-balance
of polypathic bicameral octave frequencies
as double-binding mirror bilateral-neural function,
co-empathic ecopolitical learning development history
of climate health’s nutritional narrative,

As also
Win-Win, both-and
notnot pathologically anti-pathic toxic tipping points,
mentoring not too much wondrously natural Ego YangForm
nor too much internally deep spiritual matriarchal-integrative Eco YinFunction;
but the wu-wei abundant healthywealth climates of both
polypathically incubating our co-learning health together.


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