Pride and Mystic Wonder

I told the nun in charge
of Religious Education
If asked about sexual orientation
I will say
I’m gay.

I want to teach
deep listening learning
not how not to lie.

She wonders why
such forthrightness
feels so important
Are you a recruiter
for gay pride?
Are you a political activist?

Gay pride
makes as much sense to me
as straight pride,
as if our sexual orientations
were something chosen,
accomplished through heroic effort,
like mental health
in a too LeftYang Patriarchal culture
forgetting Left with Right bilateral mindbodies
are sacred gifts
of karmic grace,
to live here with now
in this cosmically interdependent time
as place.

while gay or straight pride,
maybe even transgender supremacy,
feel competitively bullying inappropriate,
given these are gifts
not originating from our own accomplishment,
so too
shame and denial
of whichever of these diverse non-predative
sexually co-passionate orientations
greeted our FirstDay incarnation,
call it PositivEnergy karma
and call it ego-ecosystemic grace,
I see no point in shame,
nor even blaming a corrupt moral environment
for who and where and why
I am meant to sensory-spiritually become.

To lie
would be to teach shame
for karmic grace as we deep learning listening are,
and have been
co-passionately non-violent

My veiled
and roundly black habited nun
Sometimes what and how
and who and why we learn to ego-ecologically love
lies between orthodox happiness
and heterodox despair.

Rabbi Abraham Heschel
taught sacred Love
as Wonder and Awe experience

Joy and Ecstasy
their persuasive climax destination

Toward a mystic flash
of Teilhard’s brilliant CoOperative Omega Pointed Bridge
for reborn synergetic baptism,
but this has not been my path
or hoped for destination,
certainly not warm regarding sexual co-passions
as cause for voluptuous public celebrations
and pride of wonder and awe
I have of myself alone,
or not,

for Teacher Abraham
Wonder and Awe
and sacred Love,
regardless of sexual passions,
all three in one,
reside between sacred WinWin
healthy multiculturing hope
and secular monoculturing LoseLose despair,
fundamentally anti-evangelical.

why would Rabbi Heschel
be a teaching icon
for a Catholic Religious Education Director?

Who can still remember
a Jewish girl child
who knew more Deep Learning Wonder
and Awesome Sacred Ecology
than could be erased
by MisEducation
settling for bleached out lies
against multiculturing mysticism,
eco-spiritual matriotic experience
of warm radiant days
and dualdark NewMoon
revolutionary nights.


Haunted By Wonder

I have become haunted by wonder,
within wonder,
surrounded by Wonder,
made of Wonder
these past few days
and troubling nights.

I have also become terrorized by vindication,
vindictive Win/Lose relationships
learned from retributive justice philosophers
who are also parents
and teachers,
so also soldiers
and Win/Lose economic and political leaders
vindicating themselves,
vindictive ourselves
against others who stand
in our colonizing,
rather than creolizing,

Robin Wall Kimmerer
shares a Wonder dream
in a village market
where fresh bread and strawberries
are exchanged in a gift economy
of Wonder at what we have made
with God’s MotherEarth,
“the merchants were just intermediaries
passing on gifts from the earth.”
(Braiding Sweetgrass, p. 29)

Gift economies,
when healthy and fair,
mature and cooperatively-owned and managed,
learn everything about Win/Win Wonder
and lose sight of Win/Lose
much more Lose/Lose
vindictive ecopolitics.

When love is optimizing
we find no room for punitive vindications.

Wonder is the land of
Restorative Justice,
Permaculture Design,
CoOperative (0)Sum Feminist PostMillennial Economics,
ReGenerative (0)Soul ReVolutions
rather than same tired DeGenerative Vindications
of retributive justice
and angry,
patriarchal gods,
false idols of anything less than
both metaphysical spiritual Wonder universes
and physical natural planet EarthMother CoOperatives
with loving Wonder as Original Constitutional Intent
of the Ten Commandments toward love
but not the AntiChrist Jihad
of retributive ethnocentric vindictiveness.

God nor Allah
ever play Lose/Lose games
of mutual vindictiveness,
retributive justice positions
that settle for means to destroy,
without thought of how to first love
in a conscious state of Wonder
for this Win/Win gift economy
of restorative justice
invited by Gaia (0)Soul Principles
of nondualistic philosophies,
therapeutic religions promoting Positive Win/Win Wonder spiritualities,
devoiding fake-spiritual monoculturing paths
that would settle for mere vindication
of one’s right to breathe
and speak freely,
when these could be multiculturally celebrated.

We individually,
and as a species of potential Wonder and Love,
have this fundamental choice to make
each minute of each revolving day
to see ourselves and our environments
as justified from Win/Lose retribution
or justified through mutually therapeutic Win/Win restoration.

These last few days,
and months,
here in the USA,
thinking about,
Does patriotism invite restorative justice more
and vindictive punishing blaming and shaming less?
I have also stood in stunned wonder
about how our Elders’ political and economic independence
from vindictive oppression of royalist plutocrats
provided such a rich fertile nationalism
for further vindictive plutocratic oppression
over our natural world,
reduced from nature-spirit nondual Wonder
to further vindictive climates for further oppression,

This is not what I expected
from an Office pledging patriotic allegiance
to the more perfectly uniting health and welfare
polyculturing democracy
of and for WinWin Earth-restorative justice.

It has been said
it is our healthy role of governance
to make it easier for compatriots
to do mutual good,
to restore Win/Win just relationships
of mutual Wonder
through cultures where gratitude
is planted and watered and harvested
so that monocultures of vindictive ingratitude
will evaporate
like the paranoid patriarchal fascinations
from which they broke through
our normativity of regenerate Wonder.

Restorative healing processes
are also liturgically co-messianic transubstantiations
of Wonder
(0)Sum CoOperative EarthTribe Peace
as Ego-EcoJustice
restoring Eden’s potential balance
through gift redistribution
restoring Wonder
about benign nondual predation
while actively wondering
what therapeutic gift do I most owe myself
and others?

What restorative gifts do we most owe all Nations
this day
of Win/Win Wonder?


God as ReGenerative Health-Source

“Religious experience
is living in solidarity [and integrity] with God
[Earth’s recreative universal (0)-sum Source].

Yet to maintain such solidarity [and integrity]
involves knowing how to [regeneratively co-a]rise,
how to cross an [polypathic deductive/inductive] abyss.

Vested [ego] interests are more numerous than locusts,
and of solidarity [integrity] of character
there is only a smattering.

Too much [ego-degenerative] devotion
is really too little.
It is grave self[ego]-deception
to assume that our [Earth-boundaried] destiny
is just to be human.
In order to be[come bicamerally balancing] human,
one must be[come holonically balancing] more than [ego] human.
A person [embodied ego] must never stand still
[monoculturally stagnant, stasis].
[S]He must always rise [multiculturally matriarch-patriarch mature],
[s]he must always climb [reiteratively spiral].”

[Struggle with cooperative healthy-wealth
of ego/eco balance,
nondual-WinWin-universe/co-arising-integrative-enthymematic regenerativity,
transubstantiating health/wealth,
polypathic thermodynamic (0) co-fractal gravitation,
octaves of double-binding
fusing EnLightenment.]

As I was saying,
before so rudely interrupted by the biometric economics professor,
polypathic experience
invests integrity in and with Earth’s Climate Health-Source.


Quote is from The Wisdom of Heschel, p. 222


Praying with Heschel

“To escape from the mean and penurious [competitions],
from calculating and scheming [WinLose Gaming],
is at time the parching [integrative healthy] desire
of [ecopolitical LeftBrain Dominant] man [sic]…

Prayer [RightBrain ecoconsciousness] clarifies
our [ego/ecotherapeutic] hope and intentions.

It helps us discover our true [maturing polypathic] aspirations,
the [monoculturing] pangs we ignore,
the [multicultural] longings we forget
[to expand our ego’s monocultural identity].

It is an act of self[ego]-purification…

It [regeneratively] teaches us what [both Earth and Ego] aspire to,
implants in us the ideals we [DNA/RNA health-wealth encrypted] ought
to cherish
[with even more endo/ecto-symbiotic moral integrity
of self-optimizing ego-health
as Earth’s perduring regenerative wealth].”

[Sorry, Abraham,
my LeftBrain always has to have the last bracketed word.]

No worries.
Enjoy your self-and-other perpetuating Sabbath.


Quotation is from The Wisdom of Heschel, p. 206.


Speed of Enlightenment

Routine rituals of everyday sacred Sabbaths,
beginning in hibernating Advent
of dawn’s diurnal enlightenment Season,
becoming diastatic climax rhythms of interdependence
through Summer’s noonday fertile heat,
drawing to autumnal dusk decomposing
preparation for further harvest extending families
of co-empathic nutritional digestion,
composting as praying together
within ultra-violet Winter’s nondual co-arising
bright-octaved enlightenment
of deep ecological learning night.

Dreaming of and for tomorrow’s continuing Sabbath
rituals of routine cooperative enlightenment
overcoming dualdark cognitive-affective dissonance
from DNA’s,
like RNA’s,
fractal seasonal octaves of enlightening resonance.

Virginal empty Winter winners
pondering on all these inter-relation evolving things,
blending death of embryonic moon-light dreams
into rebirth channels of ecopolitical opportunity
for yet another regeneratively fertile day
and Tao YangSummer-Nature/YinWinter-IntegrativeHolonicSpirit,
sacred liturgy RightBrain synergetic spirit of light
and secular routine LeftBrain deductive nature
of double-binding right-now eternal speed of light
Common (0)-squared
routine DNA-scripted climate health,
biosystemic EgoLeft
with ecosystemic EarthFlow Right
WinWin Balancing
toward further enlightening routine
(0)-soul multicultural-nomial
of further moving along this co-enlightenment journey
Golden Ruling cooperatively and inclusively together,
expecting WinWin enlightening outcomes
routinely speeding sacred light.


Ecology of Educational Climates 2017

Further post-millennial dialogue with Abraham Heschel:

“The problem of our youth is not youth.
The problem is the [learning] spirit of our age:
denial of transcendence [in our homes and schools],
the vapidity of [learning] values,
[competing] emptiness in the [economic] heart,
the decreased sensitivity to the imponderable [natural-ecological] quality
of the [cooperative nature-]spirit,
the collapse of [polypathic] communication
between the realm of [spiritual experience] tradition
and the inner [natural ecologically regenerative] world
of the individual.
The central problem is that we do not know how to [cooperatively] think,
how to [regeneratively intend, focus,] pray,
how to [therapeutically] cry,
how to resist the [self-condemning] deceptions
of too many [unwise, unformed] persuaders.”

“The [educational deformation] problem will not be solved by
implanting in youth a sense of belonging
[but by mentoring with youth a cooperative experience of belonging].
Belonging to [within] a [multiculturing] society [of ecological peers]
that fails in offering opportunities to satisfy authentic human [bicameral-balancing polypathic] needs
will not soothe the [dissonant] sense[s] of [climate] frustration
and [ecopolitical landscapes, frames, in monoculturing] rebellion.
What youth needs is a sense of significant [multiculturally cooperative] being,
a sense of [nature-spirit bilateral balancing] reverence
for the [polypathic climate of health] society
to which we all [embryonically] belong.”

“Man [sic] sees the things that [matriarch-embryonically] surround him [sic]
long before he [sic] becomes aware of his [sic] own [regenerate-nurturing] self.
Many of us are conscious of the hiddenness of [nutritional value] things,
but few of us sense the [nurturing bilateral] mystery
of our own [RightBrainBody co-]presence.
The [ego/eco] self cannot be described
[learned or become pedagogically-cooperatively wise]
in the terms of the [autonomous LeftBrain] mind,
for all our symbols are too poor [regeneratively anemic]
to render it
[polypathic nature-spirit centeredness embryonically emerging blissful deep-learning,
co-mentoring contentment].”

We are learning as we are becoming together.

We might imagine life lived fully as not merely a regenerative school
for learning deep polypathic ecological balance,
for global climates of healthy wealth,
both interior and exterior,
but even more profoundly ubiquitous than this matriarchal school model,
we are each co-mentors
still living within Earth’s embryonic womb
of sacred regenerative (0)Riginal Intent,
co-maturing nature-spirit flow-balance
of polypathic bicameral octave frequencies
as double-binding mirror bilateral-neural function,
co-empathic ecopolitical learning development history
of climate health’s nutritional narrative,

As also
Win-Win, both-and
notnot pathologically anti-pathic toxic tipping points,
mentoring not too much wondrously natural Ego YangForm
nor too much internally deep spiritual matriarchal-integrative Eco YinFunction;
but the wu-wei abundant healthywealth climates of both
polypathically incubating our co-learning health together.


Opposites of Decadence

How you think about the life you are evolving
at this stage of your continuing maturation
you might best measure
with how you feel about each day
you wake up to unfold
within Earth,
among your Earth Tribes of sometimes cooperative
sometimes felt too competitive
climates of ego- balancing primal eco-consciousness.

Abraham Heschel
the last of a long line of eminent Jewish scholars and prophets
watched as his own shared ecoconsciousness of Earth’s potential for Sabbath
was exterminated by elitist anthrocentric fascism,
a fascism that preached ultimate loyalty to family and homeland
and yet had no room for all of Earth’s Tribes within this separatist stand,
forgetting, ignoring our primal eco-home land as shared Earth
and her healthy climates
still struggling to this day
to absorb unhealthy competing subclimates of despair
we continue to wake up to
on far too many of our at-home unSabbathed mornings.

“We are concerned for what is happening all over the country:
so many broken homes,
disintegrated families,
alienated boys,
runaway girls,
parents in despair,
teachers in disgust.
It is a serious malaise,
and let us not deceive ourselves…
At a time when the institution of the family is in distress
and under attack,
it is important to be reminded
that the home [eco-Earth] remains the finest model
of human living
and the [extended EarthTribe] family–
the finest form of fellowship
[cooperatively eco-political].”

Where is this day
to which each of us ecoconsciously awakens
each day of our cooperatively shared,
listened to as well as spoken,
days and nights revolving Earth’s sacred reverent time together?

Balancing our individual ego-identities
with Earth’s eco-regenerative intent,
Left with Right,
Yang with Yin,
awakening to maturity of mutually cooperative integrity
as holy as Heschel’s Earth as extended family Sabbath,
imperviously eternal against the climate pathology threats
of narrow-minded
supremacy of reified Ego identity.

Whose day awakens you?
Is it only yours?
Could it also become for all of us?
CoOperating EarthTribe Revolutions
as Sabbath’s climate co-therapy together?

What day awakens regenerative co-messiah you
into Earth’s cooperatively sacred ecopolitical home
of Sabbath Climate Health?

Probably not so much decadent fundamentalist-supremacist
LeftBrain uber-totalitarian testosteroned dominance;
apparently the merely logical conclusion
without further RightBrain ecoconscious maturation,
steeped in Earth as polypathic regenerative Sabbath.