All About Taxes

Conservative View of taxation:
A prehensile grab
from an authoritarian patriarchal government
to steal from my short-term stockpile
of self-aggrandizing cash.

Progressive View of taxation:
A GoldenRule government-issued invitation
to cooperatively invest in our shared short-term
and long-term health and safety future.

Moses challenged Conserving-Progressive FreedomPeople
to never forget
we have escaped the bonds of patriarchal plutocratic Egyptian grabbing
from our bourgeois and formerly enslaved Chosen Egos.

We are now both Governor and Governed,
cooperatively incorporated,
economically progressing our ego-conservationing
of health and safety ecopolitical outcomes.

Conservative View of health and safety:
Good for all,
but, when push comes to economic shove,
best for me to hoard
against an Egyptian militaristic day.

Progressive View of health and safety:
Of course we are always WinWin-only cooperative geopolitical players
of and for Earth’s regenerativity.
So, we are happy to pay our taxes,
but we would be even happier if these would co-invest
in Earth’s climate health and safety,
EarthTribe’s regenerative health and safety,
as Ego’s bicameral co-empathic trust
in our GoldenRule cooperative
Exodus into our Beloved Promise Land
of eco-integrity.


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