Touched by Kindness

An outrageously warm full moon
radiates above my roof
across our yard,
my face and mind,
reminding me Earth’s nature can and must sometimes feel kind
if last week’s hurricane of snow felt unkind
to aging joints and internal family tensions.

My Taoist roots remain disarticulated on this theme.
Controversy of dissonant and alien natures cannot be kind
because Earth is not kind.
Yet too often taught,
I feel this full moon glow across my tearing mind,
that nature is unkind
and so it is our nature to compete to survive,
rather than cooperate to thrive,
along with all Earth’s Golden Ruling creatures
and ecosystems.

And yet this narrative,
left removed from other half,
distorts who we are sometimes,
who I am at my best and healthiest,
and least competitive dissonance,
because in 0-sum Taoist nondual co-arising philosophy,
where there is an unkind Yang
there must also be a kind Yin
or how would we know anything of kindness,
positive or negative opposition,
yang both/and yin apposition
full regenerative kindness and empty unkind promise.

This warm January moon will darkly empty,
yet fill again
to touch my heart,
our hearts,
with Earth’s kind and healthy Promise.



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