CareGiving Earth

Caring for Earth
includes caring for oneself,
and caring for those we have grown to care for.
Co-piloting Spaceship Earth
includes piloting humane landscapes of EgoLeft-EcoRight Identity.

Spaceship Earth evolves collective global
LeftBrain power
and RightBrain wisdom
to co-manage with Earth
what we ecologically own cooperatively together.

The cooperatively owned
WinWin self-regenerative
Gaia hypothesis,
Lovelock and Margulis,
presents Earth and Her Tribes
as self-regenerating/degenerating bio-ego/eco-EarthBorn systems.

CoMentoring Systems merge now in this Great Transitional moment,
critical crisis of risk and opportunity,
to reverse disaffecting fundamental life-support systems
of both eco-climate and ego-landscapes.

EarthCare evolutions/devolutions
follow both Western fatherland
patriarchal patriotic nationalistic competing histories,
and matriarchal-cooperative ethical MotherEarth
restraint and respect mutual enculturation,
and sometimes even active fear
of not-so-motherly rejection and annihilation,
rather than c-squared
Yin-squared flowing fractal
nurturing light.

CareGiving Both/And Light
can self-extinguish
through too much monoculturing competitive Either/Or
deductive-only dominance,
evaporating capital-nutritional trickle down and out from above,
where swelling CareReceivers monopolize totalitarian
Don’t Lose short-term
and Don’t worry about future generation long-term Losers
devolving outcomes
of Anti-Caring Earth.

Think of CareReceiving Ego
as also CareGiving EarthBorn.
You and Mom’s own small cooperative co-mentorship,
extending out toward all our collaborative EarthShip bubbles
recycling in spirals
of dipolar co-arising full-spectral lights
CareGiving and Receiving and Giving and…


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