Cooperative Health Expectations

We might expect LeftBrain deduced beliefs and monoculturing values
to develop a discontinuously co-arising energy and information base,
becoming dualistically dysfunctional,
of Earth’s limiting fossil-fuel declining energy,
and yet with more reclining information supporting slow-growth
of recycling resources
such as political Earth-centric outcome campaigns
and multicultural ecotherapeutic health policy development.

Nondual co-arising dipolar philosophers
bring on this primacy of energetic as ecological-information
forces and flowstreams.
Body is to nature
as mind is to spirit,
as mindbody is to natural enculturation
of cooperative bio/eco-spirit.

Anthrocentric LeftBrain nature
evolves to co-support,
to eco-messiah,
to ecotherapize
Earth’s regenerative nature more
and degenerative denaturing climate less.

LeftBrain thought
evolved from Elder RightBrain
experiential-ecological form with regenerate function,
formative temporal causes
with co-functioning effects,
cycling and recycling our regeneratively healthy
original constitutional intent;
ego subjects
with eco-objectives.

Reductionism simplifies metaphysical realities
of our deconstructing industrial cultures,
extracting short-term revolutionary transitions
from longer-term evolutionary eco-creolizing productions.

Through LeftBrain’s history of emergent dominance,
Yang-nationalistic strength over Yin-cooperativist flow
of matriarchal-domestic
co-responsibility trends,
we have overshot, overgrazed Earth’s store of ancient energy,
to return now to Left-Right healthy cooperative thrival
or human unhealthy might makes right
toward WinNow-LoseLater entropic survival,
with rapidly decreasing short-term quarterly returns,
much less a full four years of competitive nihilism.

Regenerative whole ecosystemic theories abound
from WinWin game theory
to dialectical nature/nurture ecosystemic co-arising materialism,
to regenerative as notnot degenerative bicameral cooperative ecosystemic theory,
to ecotherapeutic design sciences.
Perhaps Buckminster Fuller’s eco-synergetic cooperative EarthDesign geometrics
predict PermaCulturally Cooperative EcoTherapeutic Design,
but he,
better than most,
wrote and spoke from both sides of his bicameral brain,
as, I suspect, did Julian Jaynes himself,
as Edward De Bono saw bi-lateral co-intelligence.

How does degenerative energy descent into further climate pathology
also invite regenerative slow-growth information
emerging comprehensively cooperative positive deviance
of ecotherapeutic health and safety
as original cause and intent
of Mother Gaia’s matriarchal/patriarchal co-emergence?

is whole-open ecosystemic,
therapeutically integrated
cooperatively multicultural
design LeftBrain science
with RightBrain arts and humane-divine nondualisms.

Polycultural outcomes,
the original intent of permaculture health design,
re-apply health-wealth optimization prescriptive sciences
and descriptive arts of experiential sensory noticing
to regenerate long-term well-being of Earth,
and Her Tribes,
including those speaking within each bicameral ego’s heart
and mindbody.

to paraphrase David Holmgren,
seeks a wholistic healing integration
of ecopolitically cooperative values
through ecological bicameral perspectives,
comprehending a multicultural canvas of nutritional evolution,
no longer restricted and confined
by any LeftBrain dominant
nationalistic over-competing industrial society.


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