Trump Speaks Wolf, Wolf!

I don’t want Aliens
buying U.S. business,
but please stand back
while I buy up all your cheapest busyness
for International Made In America Trumpism.

like Trumpism,
should work only one way,
as everybody of importance knows,
is my imperialistic,
not much empirical,
Royal Way.

I also don’t want your poor
and uneducated immigrants,
and certainly not their ungainly families,
but please keep your rabble back
while I visit your capital investments
to infest my glorious smog
embracing short-lived climates of pathology.

like facts,
should only work
Made in Triumphalist U.S. way,
and if anything were ever true blue and White,
and not at all red, patriotic made,
it is my great transitional
Trumpian UnHealthCare Way.


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